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The vote is in: QWERTY input still reigns supreme

By Adam Zeis on 15 Aug 2012 10:11 am EDT

Nokia QWERTY Survey

We know that BlackBerry users love their QWERTY keyboards -- it's one of the main reasons we stand by our faithful BlackBerry and are able to crank out quick emails and messages all day long. At the announcement of BlackBerry 10 we were left wondering if we'd ever see a full-QWERTY BlackBerry again, however it wasn't too long before Thorsten Heins cleared it up and told us not to worry. So the faithful QWERTY lovers can rest assured that another great physical keyboard BlackBerry is still on the way.

Nokie recenlty conducted a poll asking users what input method they preferred. The winner? QWERTY keyboard of course (in Europe at least). Out of all the available input methods for devices, the physical keyboard still stands on top. Over 48% of users say they prefer a full QWERTY keyboard as their favorite input method on a device over touchscreen (34.69%) number keypad (8.91%) and voice command (7.75%).

In the US the overall numbers break down with the touchscreen winning out at a bit more than 47%, 33.33% opting for a QWERTY keyboard, 12.5% in favor of voice command and 6.94% for a number keypad. So while more users in the US are opting for the touchscreen, the QWERTY lovers aren't far behind.

Overall this gives us a pretty good look at just how many users still prefer a full QWERTY keyboard over other methods. Personally, I can't wait to see what BlackBerry 10 brings. While I'm super pumped to use the new touchscreen keyboard, I'm also excited to get a look at a BlackBerry 10 device with a physical keyboard.

Source: IntoMobile Via: Nokia 



Correlates with RIM faring better in Europe than in USA as of late. BB is the undisputed king of QWERTY.


The survey seems a bit off . . .how many people were in each survey????


"In the US the overall numbers break down with the touchscreen winning out at a bit more than 47%, 33.33% opting for a QWERTY keyboard, 12.5% in favor of voice command and 6.94% for a number keypad. So while more users in the US are opting for the touchscreen, the QWERTY lovers aren't far behind."


I still want a slider to enjoy both worlds. Have PlayBook withe awesome bluetooth keyboard and use keyboard and touch screen depending on the task. That's the best to have both.


I posted a link of this chart & an article a week ago ;)



BB10 put into the 9810 form factor with boosted screen please!


Although, to be honest, how many have had opportunity to real-world interact with a top of the line QWERTY? It's like the commercials for Pepsi, where the 'never had anything but Coke' people inadvertently taste the competition, and of course it is superior by contrast. Since we are all driven by graphical interaction and peer pressure, of course touchscreen will win based on the established norm in North America.
And as much as we trumpet physical keyboard efficiency, most of the hype for BB10 is over how compelling the touch interface will be, including the proposed virtual keyboard.
And in disclosure, I am a QWERTY elitist as far as my handset goes.

Curve 8330 CDMA (eww, I know, u/g to BB10 soon!)
Winner of EA Mobile SE Playbook - rockin' it!


BlackBerry physical keyboards are by far the best & have been for ages but that's where the original problem lies. While RIM have continued to perfect the keyboard & continually improve it they have missed the the point that other company's haven't so much as give up on the physical keyboard, they just realised that the future Clearly is in touchscreen technology & as apple, Samsung, HTC etc have shown & as most top 10 smart phone lists clearly show perfecting the Touchscreen typing experience & display quality is one of the main priorities & RIM badly missed this point & that's why the Torch was about 3 years late. Men lie, women lie, numbers don't I'm afraid.


I have been using my 9860 lately and its honestly hard to type in portrait and I love typing in portrait just to see what your typing compared to landscape where you can barely read what your typing.


I have a QWERTY on my iPhone too.


I was thinking it was an evidence


I prefer QWERTY keypad first and foremost, but I'm not ruling out a touch keypad. Who knows what the future might bring. Not to long ago I saw a touch screen keypad that actually raises up to type....hummm


Adam...can someone put a poll up on the best form factor QWERTY keyboard for BB. I would really like to see the Torch style win. More screen real estate and sturdy.

Also a proud owner of a Blackberry Playbook