Vote now for the 'CrackBerry Best of 2013' awards!

By Adam Zeis on 16 Dec 2013 02:54 pm

Over the last two weeks we took in nominations for all of the categories that span our Best of 2013 awards. We received a great response and have compiled a list of finalists based on your nominations. Now we need your help once again as we're in the final stages of crowning CrackBerry's Best of 2013 -- we've now opened the voting with our list of finalists.

Head over to the link below to get your vote in for the best of the year. You'll be voting for best apps across a number of categories, best device and best accessories for all of 2013. You may not see some of your favorites on the ballot, but unfortunately that just means others beat them out with more nominations.

It should only take you five minutes or so to complete the voting, so swing by and knock it out when you have a chance. The polls will remain open until next Friday, December 27th. After that we'll tally the votes and crown the winners!

Vote now for CrackBerry's Best of 2013




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Second time I've taken part :)

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Just voted

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Here we go...

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Much too difficult to participate on a Z.

Tiny letters, tiny check boxes and no zoom.

Also, cant skip over questions like the best games. Each needs a not applicable option for people like me, who don't 'game' on my communication tool.

BB until it is not CDN


My bad.. can zoom. Still cant complete, I wont vote for games I haven't used.

BB until it is not CDN


You can always just not answer the ones that do not apply to you

Single finger flickin fun from the best Damn virtual keyboard in existence...the BlackBerry Z30 Everybody!


Will not let me proceed without an answer.

BB until it is not CDN


I had the same issue. It sucks because I'd see things in more specific categories, like best shooter, but the best overall categories are mandatory, and those were often the ones full of apps I've never used and don't plan on using.

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Oohhh... ClipMan and BaSA is missing... how should I vote now if the best apps are missing?!

Only 5 Apps to select from are anyway extremely few. Hmm... :-(

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What is BlackBerry Express? I don't even see it in BBW.


Should have not on the list option

BlackBerry Z10


Voted. Would have been nice if there was a skip option.

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Cant take vote results serious without one.
Some ppl will just random mash answers to get past or skip over the n/a

BB until it is not CDN


Should put more apps on it not just select but CB. Photo effect by effectica is the best apps for photography.

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A bit rubbish really

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Just voted, but there is some app I never tried


Just voted

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Good work Blaq!

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Actually got my fingers on those micro dots

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Crappy choices. I purchased ARKick but deleted it a while back. Documents To Go sucks compared to legacy device (10.1).

Poor app choices.
No Best maps?
Re-do the runner-ups please.
Waste of my time!

Keep The Faith


How come the NHL app isn't an option? A Canadian company after all...I live in the US and think the NHL app is one of the best apps out there period!

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Pilot Prop

CB10 got quite a few votes from me.

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...And to be fair, should have been excluded from the voting.

George Bratsos

Go College Notes Go !!! :)


Did Night Ports get any votes Crackberry? Did it almost make the top list?

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Some of the questions I couldn't answer and ya....all I have to say is BlackBerry is the best devise in the world but...... people go with fads not quality....and my z10 is the sh*t but we really need the Android apps to make this device .......

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When do we get the results

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Done !

Just sad :( I haven't seen PlayCloud or PhotoWall 3D...

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On A Z30 here and I voted for this app although some letters are missing on the far right in your posts... on my phone at least... would have liked a "none" or "other" option.

Great stuff, keep up the good work... really like this app despite the issue above.

DISCLAIMER: New convert from iOS hell, Really needed this glass of ice water... to quote Steve.;-)

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