Vote for the BlackBerry Z10 to win in the Smartphone Madness 2013 Finals!

Vote for the BlackBerry Z10 to knock out the Nokia Lumia 920 in the finals of LATOP's Smartphone Madness 2013 Event!


Smartphone Madness
By Kevin Michaluk on 6 Apr 2013 08:24 am EDT

For the past couple years and coinciding with the NCAA's March Madness, LAPTOP Mag has held their own online version of the event pitting smartphones against each other in head to head action and letting readers vote to determine who wins.

It's a pretty dumb event when you really look at it how little is involved in it, though you can't argue it's a smart one for LAPTOP as it obviously gets the attention of phone fans across the net. Our Mobile Nations editors, myself included, usually ignore it. Honestly, I hadn't even realized it was going on this year until I woke up this morning to a bunch of tweets saying going vote for the Z10 in the finals to beat out the Lumia 920.

Turns out the BlackBerry Z10 has been holding its own in 2013, knocking out the Sony Xperia Z, Samsung Galaxy Note II and Google Nexus 4 on the road to the finals against the Windows Phone 8 based Nokia Lumia 920.

Smartphone Madness

Dumb event aside, we're in the finals and I hate to lose, so jump over to LAPTOP mag at the link below and cast your vote for the BlackBerry Z10. The voting has been up since yesterday and I was slow at promoting it, so as I type this we have some catching up to do. The voting goes until Monday morning though, so we have the weekend to do it. Go vote, spread the word, and let's win this thing!

Update: CrackBerry Kevin and Windows Phone Dan talk about how stupid this contest is...

Vote for the BlackBerry Z10 in the Smartphone Madness Finals!

Reader comments

Vote for the BlackBerry Z10 to win in the Smartphone Madness 2013 Finals!



Voted. This whole thing is really funny, but it's fun nonetheless. The Z10 is an amazing phone. Everyone I show it to is totally impressed. They should be imho . The Z10 is Ultra fast surfing , and the Keyboard is Pure Magic, just Sensational . In the end it doesn't matter which side wins the contest. We love our phones, and we know the reasons why. BlackBerry Z10 all the way.

Posted via CB10

Only time I ever see a really big rally from the CB community is when something is being given away for free from CB. It's like kicking an ant hill; you know they're there, but unless you kick the hill (offer a free gift) most won't surface.

Haha so true sometimes. When there is a contest Kevin puts on where you have to leave a comment it is in the tens of thousands.

I've never seen anyone with a lumia in Ontario...and have only seen one in rogers store... windows phone is nothing

Posted via CB10

how could they throw the Q10 in the mix... noone really knows what its like, of course its gonna lose!

Why is it that when I zoom in to the box to cast my vote and don't even touch the dot for the Lumia the Lumia's dot lights up? It must be rigged. It has happened at least a dozen times.

FYI- you don't need to clean cookies to cast multiple votes. ;-)

Posted via CB10

I hope we win, the last time I voted I thought we were going to lose. But we are actually in the finals.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry has all the crack users ever supporting for times to come. Nokia? Maybe not as lucky what's worse is it's forever married to MS. I'll vote for Nokia for the pain it's going through

Posted from BlackBerry 10

Posted via CB10

Crackberry Supporters, the spread now is 4,571 with Nokia ahead but Z10 is battling to lessen the spread, just a few minutes ago the spread was 4,599 for Nokia. Contact all your friends, bribe them with beer, anything to vote for Z10! Spread it on FaceBook, challenge even your iPhone cult friends to vote for Z10, now it is out of this race! Now is the time to push for all the votes on the table, err. 25 years in Politics coming out. Z10 to victory!

Z10 keeps gaining, just a few minutes on and now the spread is 4,554. 17 more votes than 5 minutes ago. Focus on the spread numbers and the percentage, need 50% + 1 in this race, no split votes or independents. Spend Sunday calling out the BB supporters, vote with every different device you have, put SIM cards in retired phones, fire up mothballed computers, anything (don't know if any of that will work but what the H..l! This is an honour battle now, regardless of what Kevin M. thinks of the poll. People will talk about who won, not the the poll or how it was won! Z10 deserves the bragging rights. VOTE NOW, VOTE OFTEN!

I have the Z10 and because I'm not addict like some of you guys I just voted for the Nokia to give them a chance since people re vote many times here when they should vote once only

you my good sir, are an idiot. Please go an attempt to use the phone you just voted for. WOW, to vote against your chosen hand set simply because others voted more than once.

you must have been a bus monitor in public school. It's not up to you to wright the supposed wrongs of others LOL. Vote for what you believe in or don't vote at all.

Posted via CB10

In 20 minutes Z10 has reduced the lead of Nokia by 100 votes, Momentum is with Z10. At this rate Z10 will win in about 20 hours. Slow and steady always wins but Sunday Z10 voters have to crank it up! It's all in the numbers.

We are 4k votes behind tell your family and friends, ain't no way we are losing to an nokia

Posted via CB10

For the record, it appears comments dispelling lies about the Z10 are being deleted, any Lumia 920 negativity is being deleted, and all Z10 "I used it for 5 seconds and it sucks" comments are allowed to stay.

Z10 decreased the lead by 210 votes in just one hour, still has Momentum!
Keep Moving!
If you are out at a restaurant or bar, get the guys or gals at the next
Table to vote, might cost you a pitcher, but have fun, make new friends,
Tell them about how Awesome BB Z10 is! May sway their vote, go get the VOTES!

Z10 is still eating into Nokia's lead! It's like a relenting drip, drip, drip of more votes for Z10!
Z10 is about 7 percent from 50.01! The goal!
Keep Moving!

EST zone out for tonight, west coast and further, Agitate and VOTE!

LAPTOP magazine is running this ridiculous contest? With all of the Windows faithful (probably not even wp owners) voting for the nokia, how could it loose? C' mon CB, you are better than posting this kind of junk!

Posted via my awesome Z10

Aww shxt look @ BlackBerry sneaking in to the chip as the cinderlla team! Go Team BlackBerry!

Posted via CB10

We are getting closer.. Please tell everyone too vote so the Z10 wins...

Posted via CB10

Is there a way to see the result without voting first? I voted 4 times just to see the result =)) =)) =))

Posted via CB10

Man those WP fanboys are pathetic. Look at their comments on both this article and theirs.

Posted via CB10

I think this poll is rigged.. the Lumia votes look fishy.. everytime z10 got closed, the Lumia votes jumped suspiciously.. maybe this poll is sponsored by Nokia... they are the one that afraid Z10 will hurt their WP product lines.

Posted via CB10

I voted with all my devices, pc, laptop...vpn.... hope we can beat this shitty windows phone^^
But I dont take this to much seriously because iPhone 5 isn't in the race anymore!?wtf
I hate Apple... but honestly.... iPhone 5 beaten by a f*ing Asus device... for real??!? (that must be a joke.)
I would rather buy an iPhone 5 than a Asus device.... I guess almost everybody would do same...

The poll is obviously a joke... If this is a real poll the final will be SIII/Note2 vs iPhone5. In a few months it should be SIV vs Lenovo K900.
I love my Z10. But I am a realistic person. OS 10 is new and there is so much room for improvement (bringing back old features+adding new ones) and still many bugs to fix..

Posted via CB10

You are wrong. If it was based on apps, then Z10 and Lumia 920 wouldn't have made it to the final

Posted via CB10 using my Gorgeous Z10

You are wrong. If it was based on apps, then Z10 and Lumia 920 wouldn't have made it to the final in the first place.

Posted via CB10 using my Gorgeous Z10

You are wrong. If it was based on apps, then Z10 and Lumia 920 wouldn't have made it to the final in the first place.

Posted via CB10 using my Gorgeous Z10


Keep voting guys, fresh your IP and vote again...
Show them Nokia guys that we are a bigger community!!!

Posted via CB for BlackBerry Z10

Voted but the 920 is winning loads against the Z10, don't know why though, can't take it apart and it weighs a tonne!

Posted via CB10

Im using the z10 but i don't see that it can be compared to sony experia Z... RIM spent a year and a half to create a mobile and all what they could come with is a phone with a lame camera that doesn't stand a chance with my S3 and HD screen while all the new generation phones have Full HD screen which have double the resolution... this is annoying... there r only two things that r nice in z10 which are thr typing and the idea of sliding through the screen...the only mobile that the z10 can beat is the old blackberry 9900...

Posted via CB10

If the camera is a deal breaker on a phone I have an idea! Buy a point and shoot for 100 that takes better photos than any phone. Phones are so much more money than cameras, it always makes me laugh when people complain about their phones camera. I have a camera that I use to take pictures. Kills the iphone and galaxy s3. Use your head man, phones are communication devices LOL.

Ps the camera on the Z10 is more than okay for someone who apparently cares so little about photography they don't use a dedicated device.

Posted via CB10

Amy wife and I had a Z10 from day one (pre order) and I consider myself as a medium to heavy user. One one of the things that impresses me the most (among many things) is the stability of this brand new OS. We own an iPad2, 2 Z10s and 1 Windows 8 pro tablet. The ONLY device that freezes regularily is the Windows tablet... The Lumia looks slick but if it shares the same OS kernel as my tablet I would be very relunctant to make the switch... the Z10 is still impressing me today by its responsiveness, stability and features (again, this brand new OS is very polished).

Posted via CB10

Does anyone have an app they can make that will vote over and over? I know both platforms are cheating but it seems that we can't break the five K deficit

Posted via CB10

I Voted - Z10 All The Way Baby! Yet, believe it or not, the Nokia 920 was my 2nd choice for upgrading to an LTE capable smartphone. There are a lot of things to like about the Nokia 920,...but, imho, there are more things to like about the Z10.

Eastern back in. Gap to 50.01 percent is now only 6.46 percent.
Z10 is still chipping away at the gap!
Grab your Java, get your whole church to vote!
Keep Moving!
Less than 24 hours to Victory!

don't be fooled by the percentage, it is increasing but the 4000 votes difference didn't change in two days! I'm pretty sure that there is something wrong with this poll..

Hey guys, we need 5000 votes so keep voting, then refresh your browser. Also vote on every device you have!! We can beat this dumb event

Must be British Bookies having laid down bets against the Natural Winner, the Z10?!
So they are having their saps bet for the Nokia, they will bet on anything over the pond!
Keep Moving!

Voted for z10 the only thing that I like about w8 is that I have multiple selections on tablets, laptops desktops and cels,
The only thing I don't like about the z 10 is that I don't have a option to see a preview text like iPhone

Posted via CB10

I've use a windows phone... after two days...i returned it......did not like it at all
Hate the UI.

Posted via CB10

The strange thing is that while a lot of votes for the Z10 were cast in the last 24 hours and the percentages are getting closer the Lumia 920 stays always ahead by about the same number of 5000 votes.

If it ends in 50.1 / 49.9 win for the Lumia 920 but with "just" 5000 votes more for the Lumia you know that the poll was doctored.

Facepalm!!! Did you guys miss math class in grade 6?

If you think it is rigged simple add the votes for both then take BlackBerry and divide by the result X 100 voila percent votes for BlackBerry. There can still be 5000 votes different and the percentage getting bigger for BlackBerry just by simple number of votes cast if lumia get 1000000 and BlackBerry gets 995000, there is still a difference of 5000 but the percentages will be almost identical

It's not rigged its just not very scientific


I voted by the way :)

From the Zed of Rockivy

??? I think you just didn't get why it looks rigged. Of course the percentages are getting closer when more people vote for the Z10 than for the Lumia 920. That is not the point. The point is that by some strange coincidence that no matter how many votes the Z10 gets per hour the Lumia 920 always gets enough votes to stay ahead by just about 5000 votes. Almost as if some algorithm adds the needed votes for the Lumia 920 automatically.

This is going on for at least the last 24 hours and it is still going on. Check out the current results. The Lumia 920 is still ahead by about 5000 votes since yesterday. I predict that the Lumia 920 will win by about 5000 votes. Mark my words.

I voted 10 times with all my different computers and devices. I'm pretty sure I voted 5 times on my z10 and they all counted. I could be wrong though...

Posted via CB10

When you vote look in the Window to see if it counted or if it says you have already been counted

From the Zed of Rockivy

It's an honor to compete neck to neck with two of the most important companies in the history of technology(nokia+microsoft). Z10 should be wining because has the most powerful OS(still young though ) ( the single real time os in mobile market now ) and because excepting Apple, Blackberry are the only ones in this ( stupid ) contest doing both hardware an software in their smartphones ! Go Z10 !!

Are we sure we have over 3 mil users on this site? Where are they when we need them? VOTE!

I have voted multiple times from my Z10 and had no problem going back and forth from the link at the bottom of this post to the vote screen and back, over and over. Come on Z10!

Posted via CB10

It has been mentioned a few times and yes it does seem odd. Either side should have moved ahead or behind by more than 5000 at some point. Seems broken

Such consistency in voting through out. For every vote the Z10 get, Nokia get the same. Regardless of the end results. Z10 will always be 5000 vote behind.

even if the Z doesn't win but i still have the faith that the Z is the WINNER! in fact for a new product with the first version of the OS, it has conquered its rivals and now is sitting as a finalist, that's a RECORD!

Well, since the poll ended, I'll play nice. I was hoping to create some sort of trollicious fun, but alas, no bites, except for you.
The only other thing I will say about this poll, is that it can signify the death of the winning device/OS.
WebOS won 2 or 3 years ago. Look where it is now, as I type this from my nearly 2 year old Pre2 :P
Been waiting for a new phone that can finally defeat my Pre2's multitasking ability and has a physical keyboard. The Q10 is my savior device :)
I'd tell Windows Phone to crawl into a hole and die, but that's already what Microsoft is doing with it, so it'd just be redundant...


Whatever we do to win with Z10, the Nokia/Microsoft beast seems to stay 5,000 votes ahead!
I would humbly suggest that MS with there coding trolls have developed an algorithm to maintain
This spread! It is uncanny that the spread has been so consistent. In all my years in politics, polls
Never track so consistently. This is a fix in here, and I should know, being from the Right side of
The political spectrum!!! I am not Pierre Poutine, but I have some thoughts on the subject!!!

Get lost you grumpy grandpa, the difference went down to 4,000 once but Nokia fans have bounced back, so stop posting butthurt comments and your bullshit political reasoning and get this fact Nokia sells much more than Blackberry and hence has way more fans which tilt the numbers in the favor of Nokia Lumia 920.

The etios is the ugliest car Toyota ever made so I applaud your choice of names, I'm sure it suits. And if your a beauty the name still suits as the etios is a baseline model intended for markets that can't afford the lexus. Keep your 920, it suits you

Posted via CB10

Id like to thank you mobile nation, i read all of your sites on a daily basis. Its good to see you can discuss the mobile market together with a level head. Every platform has its pros and cons, mobile nations is where i go to weigh these. Maybe i don't always rock the latest and greatest, but when i make a purchase, usually yearly, i feel very confident and informed, thanks to you guys. Keep it up, ill keep directing people to your sites.

Hey! Etios!
I am not a Grandpa yet! Actually about to walk the 800 kms El Camino across
Spain with my 18 year old daughter! Are you that old, and do you the Stuff to even
Try such an Awesome adventure! No you are nothing but a MS Gates lapdog!
Z10 will win in the long run because We Are Canadian! Enough said! Nokia!

What?? Z10 will win because of canadian origin? Everyone knows that Canada is the unofficial 51st state of USA, so just relax and support your masters- Apple, Google and Microsoft.

Since you are clearly American, your comment about "Masters" would suit yourself much better. Google and the rest of the corporate world run the show in that cesspit of a country more than in any other. The 51st state will be sitting up here shaking its head as your trillion dollar debt slowly crushes the life out of what is left of your ruined country.

Posted via CB10

Please do not insult your fellow American citizens by making any more "opinions" . I think you need to finish your homework and actually learn something from doing so. Now go to school! It's Monday morning.

Young, naive one! You are definitely too young to remember which company,
And which device formed this Market sector! RIM and BlackBerry!
All the others had to play catch up!
Sure, BB stumbled but under THOR'S HAMMER, it will recover!
We Canadians never give up! Ever!!!

Hey David, it's obvious Etios has the iq of a slug. I wouldn't waste your time conversing with a complete A$$. Anyway, enjoy your trip with your daughter. From a fellow Canadian.

51st State, too funny

Posted via CB10

I think its funny that we both have got caught up in this fanboy sh*t storm, literally no-one cares about this poll, Ive tried the Z10 not my cup of tea, but have pre-ordered the Q10 (all about that keyboard). Im a L920 man myself but have always had a soft spot for BB (probably because we are both in a corner at the moment!)

Less than 6% more and BlackBerry wins. Lez go! Although I'm sure anyone who is an adult or businessman knows the Z10 is far better than the lumia anyway lol... silly competition really, 10 year olds voting.

Posted via CB10

For The First one, I agreed with you I had vote for z10 but something that makes me amazed at the results that are now in this topic on the percentage of votes to convince me there are seems not much businessman and an adult people going to votes in these vote's topic. why I said that because the result pointing Percentage: Nokia lumia 920: 55.78% and Blackberry z10: 44.22% ... "logic and reality comparison devices make a reason to be horrible when I saw this vote as no actual becoming reality" Omg

Although the percentage gap between the two is decreasing, the number of votes that the Lumia is ahead by appears to be holding fairly steady at around 5,500.

LUCASLUMIA) man you are dumb hey every one you could tell he is a Windows Phone user! He's dumb !knows nothing about BB10 QNX made the OS from scratch! QNX is used in many systems (international space station! Cars, nuclear plants! Get some facts douchbag! Go back and play with your toy phone! We should win hands down! :)

Posted via CB10

Z10 has the best OS no matter what these fools say! In order for the these windows fan boys to win! They will cheat by all means!its a new OS it will have some kinks! Even some of the BlackBerry user that are becoming traders! All they do is whine and cry boo hoo the OS crashes! Ok so these Window phones are perfect they don't crash or get hacked! So you still believe in unicorns, you douchbags! Z10 all the way!

Posted via CB10

Notice the iphone 5 not competing for top spot! Because it's one of the worst phone! Then you have windows phone,Even worse! Some people can stand the fact the BlackBerry is a way better phone! Poor douchbags!

Posted via CB10

I had already voted for BlackBerry Z10 before reading Kevin's article. I voted multiple times. ;)

Posted via CB10 from the BlackBerry Z10

I actually prefer the iPhone 4 better than the 5. Also, My friend has the nokia, and I use it quite often, and I can honestly say that I prefer the z19 far better. It's much better visually and basically in every way. BB10 > Nokia

Posted via CB10