Vote for the BlackBerry Z10 to win in the Smartphone Madness 2013 Finals!

Vote for the BlackBerry Z10 to knock out the Nokia Lumia 920 in the finals of LATOP's Smartphone Madness 2013 Event!


Smartphone Madness
By Kevin Michaluk on 6 Apr 2013 08:24 am EDT

For the past couple years and coinciding with the NCAA's March Madness, LAPTOP Mag has held their own online version of the event pitting smartphones against each other in head to head action and letting readers vote to determine who wins.

It's a pretty dumb event when you really look at it how little is involved in it, though you can't argue it's a smart one for LAPTOP as it obviously gets the attention of phone fans across the net. Our Mobile Nations editors, myself included, usually ignore it. Honestly, I hadn't even realized it was going on this year until I woke up this morning to a bunch of tweets saying going vote for the Z10 in the finals to beat out the Lumia 920.

Turns out the BlackBerry Z10 has been holding its own in 2013, knocking out the Sony Xperia Z, Samsung Galaxy Note II and Google Nexus 4 on the road to the finals against the Windows Phone 8 based Nokia Lumia 920.

Smartphone Madness

Dumb event aside, we're in the finals and I hate to lose, so jump over to LAPTOP mag at the link below and cast your vote for the BlackBerry Z10. The voting has been up since yesterday and I was slow at promoting it, so as I type this we have some catching up to do. The voting goes until Monday morning though, so we have the weekend to do it. Go vote, spread the word, and let's win this thing!

Update: CrackBerry Kevin and Windows Phone Dan talk about how stupid this contest is...

Vote for the BlackBerry Z10 in the Smartphone Madness Finals!

Reader comments

Vote for the BlackBerry Z10 to win in the Smartphone Madness 2013 Finals!



The best part is the iPhone 5 getting crushed by the ASUS FonePad....
Also, whats the Q10 doing in there? I must have missed the release date memo....

One can't take this seriously when a nearly unknown phone beats out the iPhone. 4S, easily. 5, no.

And, ya. A device that's not even on the market yet is in contention? What a farce!

I'm not a cheater but how much do you think Win Central wants to win this. It's all they have left for their dignity.

Poor them.

Go get a real OS. Hahahahahahahahaha

Posted via CB10

Three things:
(1) Kevin knew this, he's just a dumbass who forgot
(2) He forgot mostly because you can't shrink text, which what he wants. That setting only increases font size, but won't make it smaller. It's technically a valid criticism, albeit one that only he and Marcus claim, which makes it mostly irrelevant
(3) BlackBerry had a great run, but it's time we move on /troll ;)

I guess you can say it's a feature phone with about 150,000 native apps...what's that like 140,000 more native apps than on that BB10 OS?
Throwing stones in glass houses and all that...

Blahhh hahaha. Sorry but WP8 has less then 50,000 Apps!
It's wp7 & wp7.8 that make your total. But we all know they don't work on wp8......

WPCentral wants to win so much they haven't even posted about it. You folks are pathetic :)
EDIT: They finally posted about it. Sorry, we're going to crush all of your hopes and dreams now. :)

TBH, I was shocked we posted it as we never link to these contests. For one, they are totally dumb, and two, I truly don't care about "winning" (which is why you won't see me Tweet the story either). But the story got posted in my absence and yes, we only posted it because CB posted it.

So goes Maine...

this is the most retarded post yet. they want to win so badly they didn't tell their readers about it?? are you as smart as a burrito or are you just having a bad day?deuces rtard

seems to me we are always 4490 to 4517 behind in votes when check the status and do the math.
But we are all doing our best to cheat and win! :)

You don't have dignity. If youthink BB is better, why would you cheat?.Oh yeah, because it's unstable, boring, useless and without future.

Actually, I know a lot about BB10. Most of the apps in BBWorld are crap ported from Android. The OS is a collage of other OS.The specs are nothing to be impressed about as the only thing it has better is the 2gb of RAM and multitasking. The Lumia has a far superior camera, a better screen, wireless charging, Nokia exclusive apps, a great design and WP8 which is IMO the best OS available. Android comes second close, then iOS, Meego, Symbyan, .... , and lastly BB.

I didn't even realize Windows phone 8 was still a thing... I thought Microsoft moved onto Windows phone 9 and pretended like Windows phone 8 was all in our imaginations. P.S. I have a windows Phone 7 that likes to collect dust.

Actually you clearly don't know nothing about bb10, since only 20% of the 100,000+ apps are android ports, that's roughly 80,000+ native apps in less then half the time wp hs been on the market. How is the OS a collage of other OS, last I cracked bbos7, had icons an app grind, menus, and more, actually bbos7 had themes and multitasking before android even did. Z10 has, 356 ppi, NFC, bbm, multitasking, real securty, and I'm sorry the iPhone 5 was my phone before and the camera on here is decent, especially for one I barely ever use lol. Windows phone lay out is the worst ever, I thought an app grid was boring, a list of apps is is so messy and harder to get threw. I'm sorry but you don't know what your talking about.

I do know what I'm talking about. The screen has the same resolution thant the Lumia but it is smaller. You can't use it with gloves, it isn't as good for sunlight readibility and it is not as fast as the Lumia's screen. Most of BlackBerry native apps are also junk as they were made during BB Jams or they were rushed. Every "important" app that is not in WP is not in BB. The Lumia also has NFC and it also has wireless charging. If you didn't notice one of the most acclaimed features in Windows Phone is the Start Screen. The list can be filtered by letters and you can find the app you're looking for immediately. BB10 is a collage of other OS. It took the gestures from Meego. The icons from iPhone. Many apps from Android. And I suggest you to go back with your iPhone because it's much better than the Z10. And for me, the camera is a HUGE selling points as it is for lots of people. BB10 sales are modest as for example the Lumia made it to the top 10 in various colors for weeks. The z10 came out nearly a month ago and it's not doing that well.

Both Windows Phone and BB10 are good in their own ways. Most of what you are saying is biased and you are backing up your opinion with other opinions(not facts to prove a point like in a real essay or argument). Why would you even come on this site to troll. Your representing wp central in a bad way. So anyway please stop the mindless argument.

Simple Lumia for a simple minded man. Enjoy your child's letter block I mean Lumia 920. I will just laugh when you fall behind. Soon BlackBerry will pass you in everything including features performance apps and design. Enjoy the POS phone.

no, you know nothing because you claimed that BB 10 is not stable. Are you kidding? It is the most stable OS in the world, that's why it is used in nuclear power plants and the space station. Oh yeah, and people are buying Blackberry 10!

I own a Z10 and it has never froze or crashed. I also have never heard of any of the people I know with Z10s having these problems. Anyone can write things on the internet, like you. The QNX micro kernel design means that a program can crash but the OS remains stable and operating. You don't know what your talking about.

Do you know Windows Phone 8 runs on the NT kernel? It is the same kernel that the desktop Windows uses so it works great. It is much better and it makes making apps for it and desktop is really easy. The only flaw were some random reboots that some people were having. After the Portico update that is not the case anymore. Where did you find that BB is used in nuclear power plants and the space station?

Haha, Desktop windows? LOL...It is the worst OS which exists!

QNX which is behind the BB10 OS is used in automobiles, space staions and a lot of other places..

Please tell me when the use that kernel in cars and space stations.

"Houston, we have a problem. I believe windows has just crashed. And I can't seem to find help over the Internet since we forgot to install FireFox and delete IE"....."Tell my wife I love her, we're not going to make it"

I actually decided to search BlackBerry Z10 freezes, I got 4 websites... three were on crackberry and one of those 3 was just asking if it freezes someone on asking if it freezes the other was 1 person (out of the few hundred thousand who now have the phone) reporting a problem which was quickly fixed by getting a new phone....When I search Nokia Lumina freezes, I get an entire page of Google (cuz who ever goes to the second page...) which includes a youtube video of it frozen...Good sir, choose your arguments wisely.

Posted via CB10

thats a complete lie. in every review of the z10 I've seen, the phone suddenly stops responding, and then resumes. Cant be a coincidence.

I'm pretty sure that your the one lieing, even blackberrys most critical reviewers have reported how quick and smoothly the phone runs, I've had my Z10 for almost 2 months now and the only time it freezes is when I put it in my freezer to keep it cool while using my mobile hotspot

LucasLumia, obviously you have no clue what you're talking about. i owned a lumia 920 and i currently own a z10. the z10 clearly out performs the lumia. there was slight edge in the camera with the lumia (after the first bb10 upgrade). there was one category the lumia clearly outperformed the z10 that was a paper weight. if i could avoid using the lumia i would at all cost. windows phone 8 is the regect child of ios and androind that brought out only the bad features.

ps. the majority of wp8 apps are wp7 so basically ;ike android ports on bb10 so same difference has the buggiest most vulnrable and unstable platforms ever made. and that is fact

WP8 apps are appearing constantly. For example, even though the iPhone 5 is already out, the apps need to also work in the 4s and 4. The camera is hugely better. The processot is exactly the same. It's just better in multitasking. Which is not that relevant for me as the WP multitasking it's not excellent but it's acceptable. The OS is, for me, the biggest flaw of the z10. I dislike BB as it is. The playbook is one of the worst tablets ever and I don't expect less from the same broke company. WP kernel is the same that the one on Windows. Do you know WP7 was the most stable mobile OS ever. Windows isn't buggy nor unstable. Oh, really, you owned a 920? I wouldn't be that sure because I could easily lie and say that I've been using a Z10 for days and that I changed it for a 920. Stop being childish.

HAHA! Read the user reviews on the playbook Lucas, they are better than just about anything out there. As for WP 7, I have 2 Samsung Focus WP 7 phones I'm trying to sell on kijiji for my neighbor for 2 months now and I can't sell them. I am asking $190 OBO for the pair with micro SD cards and I can't even get a bite. Check it out if you don't believe me. Halifax, Nova Scotia ad on Kijiji. If the OS or the phones were any good I could see them cheap. I just sold my wifes Blackberry Curve for $110.

Don't even bring up the BB7 Series as they are pure crap. They can't do anything. The only reason I can see someone buying a Curve is for BB Message. You can't just compare a horrible device without a touchscreen with a not that horrible (I never liked the Focus, I prefer HTC and Nokia's design) device with a touchscreen. So, or your wifes (are you divorced? did you marry your z10?) were using BB or that story is complete BS. The Playbook is a cheap, small and not enough powerful device. Its apps are mostly mediocre and the screen is horrible. I held and tried one in person for 2 minutes. It was enough to HATE IT. Ask Yahoo what do they think about BB7.

Ask yahoo? Just that alone you lose all credibility on all your previous arguments. I might as well get my news from The National Enquirer.

Your just jealous that no one (besides you) would take a Windows phone as first choice, wp is only a backup plan. For example , i droped my BB in the toillet so my carrier sent me a WP as back up while my new BB was being shipped. If it wasn't for the windows name, this os would've been long gone...

Omg enjoy your phone go with it did someone shit in your food must like blackberry you keep talking about it can't you see blackberry blackberry

Posted via CB10

"Unstable, unless, boring and without a future".. what your X said to you before you got kicked out.

Posted via CB10

Nope. I'm highlighting how stupid the contest is because using polldaddy is not the way you would run this event properly. Polldaddy is good for casual basic polls. But if you're running an event event like this, you're kinda asking for cheating to begin with. So I just highligthed that fact to compromise the event completely. Look. The fact the Asus FonePad beat the iPhone 5 means the event is dumb. Period.

Said the same thing about the Asus in the forums. It is kinda dumb and Nokia has an army of followers following this plus all the WP fans. I'm happy we are in the finals but following this for the past 2 days I realize that the Lumia's consistent rising numbers and the fact that it's a pc mag website, means the best windows phone you can get was probably going to win from the beginning. Good job though everyone.

+1 don't listen to the wp fan boys, they got nothing better to do then try and defend there brand lol, they seem to travel in a pack like wolf's as well.

Posted via CB10

I agree Kev, these two devices on the final though may be superior on some things but as a whole (features, hardware specs, ecosystem etc) we know that either iPhone or Samsung rules the world in terms of consumer adoption. On the z10 the best thing I like about it is the keyboard and gesture to wake it up from sleep, on the lumia 920 the best thing I like about it is the camera and apparently they're developing some gesture feature that will be like the Z to wake it up from sleep.

Anyways I'm sure it's all in good fun, not to be taken seriously at all.

I also think it's dumb that the Q10, the S4 and a few others were on the list and they haven't even been released yet. How is the Q10 going to get votes if no one has ever used it?

True...this isn't which phone is the best but which Phone forum has the highest number of users. Z10 should win this one as everyone knows Crackberry has the highest number of members. That's why I'm confused that the Lumia 920 is winning the forum wars....

I thought the ASUS phone pad was going to be the greatest device ever. Then I realized that I had no idea what the device was. :p

Posted via CB10

With your cookies disabled, you can't vote more than once every six seconds or your vote gets flagged as suspect and your whole block of votes might not count.

Eventually, it stops accepting any votes from your ip address for a set period of time. So if you're going to vote multiple times, make sure to wait 10 seconds between votes to not get flagged.

[url= Polldaddy - Faking the Votes of the Contest Poll[/url]

Did my share but whoa, lumia 68% to our 32%

And anyone else laugh at the fact it's a bb10 device vs a wp8 device in the final?
I was like - whoa

Posted via CB10

Hit return to poll and you can vote again and again

*Edit: disregard, it's still early here and i wasn't fully awake.

Since I have both the z10 and Lumia 920... I stopped using my Lumia. There is no comparison between the two.

Posted via CB10

Opposite here. I too have both phones, and repeatedly tried to give the Z10 a chance, as I'm an old BB user/lover, and want them to survive and succeed. However, I'm always regretfully returning to the 920, as it is much less cumbersome in many areas than the Z10 - at least for me. Sorry guys, but there are real people out there who really prefer the 920, based upon personal experiences, not fanboyism, not trolling.
I could be much more specific on why I prefer the WP, but here is not the right place, I guess.
Missing the red LED though.....

This poll seems really suspicious. I have been watching it and every time z10 votes increase, lumia votes increase as well, almost like clockwork. I don't even know one person that has wp. Who is voting for this thing??

Posted via CB10

This poll can be cheated. WP and the Lumias 920 in particular have some extremly dedicated fan boys defending it with all means possible. Usually you stand no chance against them in such contests.

IF we lose this, we would have lost it against a microwave oven OS. Hahahahahaha

Posted via CB10

I tried clearing the cookies and cache but no go. I think it must work off your IP, and I'm too lazy to try and release and renew my address.

What I laughed at is the fact that the I Phone 5 lost in the first round to an ASUS FonePad lololololol

posted via the CB app on my Z10

Voted for the Z10 from my Z10!! You can also vote on your computer or another smartphone. It tracks your IP address so u can only vote once.

Posted via CB10

FYI. I first voted on my Z10 and then turned on private mode and voted again and it was counted both times . So go on chrome incognito to vote multiple times

Posted via CB10

I voted at least 50 times. I bet microsoft is paying it's employees to vote. As long as we gave it a shot I guess.

I commented on this thread from my Bold 9930 but the comment is not here. Kevin you might want to check into that. Thanks for posting this poll.

Oh yeah before I forget DJ Reyes employee of the month poll perhaps.

39% Z10.. other % is nokia lumina lol we need more voters cm on guys!!

Also I think just about everyone knows that the Z10 really is much better than the nokia lmao... to even have such a comparison in the final 2 is rather funny.

Posted via CB10

Go CB community share this link to your BBM contacts or friends over messages Facebook and Twitter... we can win this!!!!

Keep voting guys

Posted via CB for BlackBerry Z10

I voted, told my BBM buddies to vote and then told my Twitter friends to vote. The Z10 was at 24% when I voted yesterday and it's almost at 39% now! Keep going blackberry nation

Posted via CB10

Voted. Let my other Z10 friends know as well. Will hit from all other devices shortly too ;)

Posted via CB10

This is a fight of Mobile Nations' two nasty children. Do you really think that z10 or lumia 920 is better than Galaxy S4 and Htc ONE?

To be honest, I believe the Lumia 920 is far superior to the Z10 in terms of aesthetics, while the camera is at least a little bit better.

But when it comes to the operating system, BB10 hands down! If only the 920 and the Z10 could swap OS's.

Voted for my beloved z10. But the L920 is ahead atm.

But it's good to see that it's down to the L920 and the Z10, for me both are winners.

Posted via CB10

Hmm there must be some cheating going on, there's no way the windows phone should of even made it this far, let alone be that far ahead of the Z10 I smell something fishy.

None the less let's go guys haha the Z10 is the better phone having used windows phone before, it's not for me that's for sure

Posted via CB10

And the Z10 *should* have made it this far??? Lol!

The Z10 making it to the finals is the fish you're smelling.

Ive en playing around with an s4 the last few days, it's a solid device with a premium feel to it, it's everything the s3 wasn't, but to an every day user its really just an improve hardware feel, and a suped up camera, rest of the features ppl will never really use unless they are techy

Posted via CB10

All I know is that I am extreamly happy with my Z10. I continue to learn more about it even after owning it for 2 months. Voted

Its kinda funny that these two beat out the s3, nexus 4 and iPhone 5. It's must be rigged. They maybe superior compare to other phones but sales of both devices is not exactly what consumers are lining up for and buying in droves.

just saying...

This is all about fans of devices supporting their particular device and voting out the ones they don't want. Other than that I'm not sure how this contest is rigged.

First ya'll cheat by using the Android market now this. I guess desperate times calls for desperate measures. Lol. Win or loose it will mean nothing.

Finally I Just voted for z10... omg... I thought it would be ahead of the nokia 920... its so so behind... need more voters as we cannot loose out to windows...

Posted via CB10

This is the most pathetic thing I've ever seen. And I thought WP fans were bad. If the device was as good as you say it is, it would at least do as good as WP. You guys are scrambling here for a token award that doesn't even mean anything like your lives depended on it. Even the Admin!! One of you guys just read the entire list of comments. This is so sad. Most pathetic thing I've seen in a long time.

DUDE. Read my blog post above. This is a stupid contest. What I'm trying to point by even blogging it is just how meaningless it is. It's just about having some fun. Getting a community of users engaged is never a bad thing.

The fact you joined to leave this as your first comment shows how much you *do care* about it though. It's ok though. I won't hold it against you. Passion is good. :)

My point of all this is that if you are going to have a cross platform mobile discussion, there's a wrong way to do it. And a right away. And I'm highlighting how wrong this way is.  Stay tuned though... as Mobile Nations is cooking up something real good that does it right. :)

love me some classic mobile nations round robbin, I would also like to add that I for one love token awards (as if there is any other kind).

We should know that a lot of people who leave a message don't bother to read what comes before. I used to be amazed by those people, but I've come to realize they're not going to change. It's a shame, really. Common sense isn't that common.

I would be bitter and mad too if I were stuck under contract with a Windows Phone or a iPhone as well :p

What's more pathetic is the fact that you became a member of CrackBerry just to put down the phone, troll. All you're past comments have been bashing the phone. If you don't like it, gtfo.

Voted for the Z10 quite a few times :) Although in any case, I'm glad that it's BlackBerry versus Windows Phone. I prefer BlackBerry over Windows, Windows over iOS, and iOS over Android.

I really don't like Android.

No cheating guys.
If you think this whole thing is dumb, then don't vote.
If you think it's fun, then vote once.
I voted for fun.

Post via CB10

If you are in an area where there are a lot of free wifi spots just turn off the mobile service on your phone and make sure wifi is the only service you have running. Now the IP will be different for every location. Then vote!

The system is jinxed. You can return to the poll and keep voting again and again.
Wanna win? Go give more than one vote!

That said, I did vote for BB10. :)

CB10 is a fantastic experience!

Voted - but we are still behind by about 5000 votes! Let's go we could win this!

Posted via CB10

Lol, I love it when people go to other sites to post negatively and yet state that they don't care about some stupid poll.

It's a stupid poll, use the effort that you put into being negative and do something good with it.

Posted via CB10

I like both but i just bought the Z10 over de Lumia 920.

Love the keyboard and the Camera is much beter. Apps i don't care as long my HUB is still pinging.

Z10 is some beter. But there are at least more windows 7/8 users dan OS 10 users so i think we must be pleased with 20% and 30% will be awsome.

how can you say the camera on the z10 is better - everyone in the tech world knows that the camera on the lumia 920 is the best even iPhone or any samsung can't beat it. The z10 is a good device I just found your comment laughable that the camera on the z10 is better.

While I agree that this poll is rather pointless, I think that it does show one of two things:
1. Fanboys/girls are out in full force; or
2. Consumers are actively searching for an alternative to iOS and Android.
While this poll is probably a great example of the former, I like to think the latter to be true.

Posted via CB10

Voted of course do the Z10. But at the moment 60% for the Lumia and only 40% for the BlackBerry! Help, that the Z10 wins!

Posted via CB10

Up to 40% from 32% in just a couple hours. We can do this guys. Just another couple hours should be tied if history is any judge...

Posted via CB10

I own a Z10 and before I bought it I tried the Luma 920. The Luma 920 is a nice phone, no doubt about it but it is not in the same league as the Z10. Perhaps later this year Blackberry will release a cheaper version of the Z10 and then we can compare the two phones. There are some phones that should be in the final with the Z10 but the Luma is not one of them. I mean come on, the Q10 and S4 are not even released yet. Kind of a silly poll.

omg counter-trolling. the WP fans spam their way to victory year after year... do we even have a shot??

Kevin, we're going to eat your breakfast then I'm going to get your Z10 so I can BBM using my T-Mobile SIM. Oh, and where's Skype for BlackBerry?

tell me again how to check all my notifications at once on a Windows phone. oh you can't?

oh and the worst part about being a windows phone fan is knowing that if Blackberry had as much money as Microsoft it would already be gaining marketshare in the double digits. ouch did that sting?

Pls can you tell me how is the battery life of Z10 as compared to 9850 ?
2ndly,does anyone have a z10 @ Monterey area,California with verizon.Im due for an upgrade next month and dont know whether to continue with the Big red.My wifes iPhone with att has FULL BARS and i have to literally keep adjusting my phone to get maximum bars.
I will be grateful to anyone and everyone who can advise me as whether continuing with Verizon (z10) will be just fine or its going to be the same like 9850 reception OR i should switch to ATT since @iphone it has a great connection.
Sorry and thanks


Keep voting with more devices CB and share the link in FB twitter and every other social networks you have

Posted via CB for BlackBerry Z10

I work for AT&T doing tech support, and I get more issues with Nokia Lumia 920 than any other phone. The Lumia is a terrible device! I can't believe it's ahead.

Be sure to like the post and tell all your Facebook friends to vote.. go BlackBerry..

Posted via CB10

As I see this poll will start many arguments between us and WPCentral Users, hows about we all get together, hug it out, and go to Android Central and IOS Nation and RUUUUBBB ITTTT INN THEIIRR FAACCCEESSSS!!!!!!