Vorino Carbon Sight Theme Review

By James Falconer on 26 Apr 2007 12:35 pm EDT

Just this morning I installed a new theme on my 8700. The Vorino Carbon Sight Theme Vorino Carbon Sight Theme for the BlackBerry 8700... Picked it up in our store, installed it, and I must say it looks great.

The system icons are done very tastefully (I especially like the alarm clock icon), and the background is a nice carbon fibre pattern... You race fans out there will enjoy this one.

The default font within the menu system seems to be smaller as well. I like this... have always been a fan of smaller, crisp fonts. For those of you that like bigger text, you might want to adjust the font size. 

Overall I'd give this theme an 8.5 out of 10. Nice and crisp and clean... It's a nice alternative if you want a new look on your berry. And it's cheap too (only $3.95).

Details and Purchase Options for The Vorino Carbon Sight Theme

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Vorino Carbon Sight Theme Review

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...am a Zen lover! But, even I have to take my hat off to this theme. It's nice, I like it's 'darkness'...

If I ever sway from Zen, this will be mine...