Vonage Mobile for BlackBerry Now Available

Vonage Mobile
By Adam Zeis on 5 Oct 2009 10:34 am EDT

CrackBerry member jeginger127 let us know that Vonage Mobile for BlackBerry is now available.  The app allows you to easily make low-cost international calls using the Vonage service. You simply install the application, and any time you dial a long-distance number from your device, it will automatically run it through the Vonage service. It works on a pay as you go plan, so you just set up your refill amount and your account will automatically replenish when it runs low. The international rates vary, but seem to be fairly priced in comparison with other services.Check out more at vonagemobile.com.

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Vonage Mobile for BlackBerry Now Available


I was pretty excited when I read this news, but I am running .230 and getting error "Sorry, you must have version 4.2.1 firmware..." Does any one know a way around this?

Until I realised it wouldn't use my existing service with Vonage. I am afraid its more expensive than Google Voice for cell to cell in the UK I use Vonage at home becasue I have the unlimited free calls to landlines and Google to cells as they are cheaper. Fix it up Vonage let me use my service I pay for from my cell and then maybe I would use it for the cell calls but now its pointless cos google got you beat

Vonage appears to have joined the ranks of those companies that offer to send you a SMS if you give them your number...and then never do.

I have entered my cell number a dozen times. No response

It has nothing to do with the USA. Its the cell phone carriers in your country who dont allow access.....

While this seems to be easier to use, Talki still gives me a cheaper rate to call my girlfriend in Israel. Of course, that goes through a (718) number, which means it eats into my minutes as well. I wonder whether Vonage similarly eats into voice minutes or if works solely through data. And if it works through data, is my 8330 Curve (Rev. 0) capable of that, or only the Storm or Tour will work?

I speak with family in Europe and Africa EVERY DAY, and was hoping to save some cash by using Vonage Mobile.

However, trying to set it up seemed overly complicated, and it doesn't appear like I would be saving anything compared to what I use now.

I think I'll stick with Voxofon.

Yup - it uses your local cell minutes and then their international rates as well. I too was initially excited by this till I realized it was over and above my existing Vonage service! No dice Vonage!

The news looks great untill you find out that it's NOT A VoIP solution but another Cellular line user. Why no VoIP for blackberry - I can't get it.

even for iphone they have a true VoIP solution but not for best mobile devices (it's about BB, not Nokia :) )

I am very eager to try using this app as I have lots of family internationally that I would love to be able to speak to for a lower cost than I can currently get. Does anyone know how I can find out what firmware I have and how do I get the 4.2.1 that it is asking me to have before I can get the app.

I really liked having Vonage Mobile on my Curve 8310, but just got a Storm 2 (now on my second unit, BTW - the keyboard on the first one crapped out) and get the message about needing OS 4.2.

Any word on whether there is an OS 5 version now, or one planned?


If one is already subscribed to Vonage World, it can easily be extended to any cell phone (regular and smart phones) without subscribing to Vonage Mobile or Vonage World Mobile, thus saving $14.99 each month. Cellular minutes are not used if one’s cell phone carrier is AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile (free unlimited calls to and from favorite numbers) or Sprint/Nextel (free incoming calls). Just install a Call Bridge/Call Back switch on the Vonage World line and place unlimited air time and long distance calls to 60 countries and even share with family, friends, associates, etc. Also the use of the Vonage World line is not restricted to USA residents only. Land lines and some cell phones in the 60 countries can also place the same unlimited calls, without a broadband connection.

Can you expand on this post? I am very interested to know more about this solution since I have Vonage World subscription on my home line in the USA. What equipment (S) do I need to set up this solution? Please help!