Vodafone's latest price hike could see UK bills increased by 10 percent

By Rich Edmonds on 23 May 2014 07:28 am EDT

Vodafone has announced price rises for the UK market, which could see monthly bills go up by as much as 10 percent. While contracts themselves will not be altered, the mobile operator will be increasing the amount charged on use above customer allowances. The company will calculate how much bills will be increased using a three month profile of each customer's bill. Should consumers be disappointed with the increase, they can leave the operator without charge.

Should Vodafone detect that a bill will rise beyond 10 percent, the operator will provide that customer with the right to cancel his (or her) contract without any fees. It's noted that should subscribers wish to leave Vodafone, they must write to to company before prices are raised on June 28. A standard UK call placed outside a contract allowance will be increased by 5p to 45p per minute.

Contacting certain 118 directory services will be bumped to £5 from £2.25 - £3.75 (affected numbers: 118 500, 118 404, 118 247, and 118 212). Vodafone does state that the "vast majority" of its customer base on unlimited call and SMS plans will stay within their agreed bundles and won't experience any increases.

This move comes after the company unveiled a partnership with Netflix. Vodafone has also announced reductions in European roaming chargers, however. A call connecting to a EU country will drop by 6p to 18.7p per minute.

Should customers happen to regularly go over their allowances, there are a number of extra bundles available to add to a plan to prevent surcharges. Research carried out by price comparison website Uswitch has shown that "almost a quarter of Brits regularly exceed their data allowances, paying an extra £91.20 per year on extra mobile data alone."

Thankfully, if you do happen to go beyond your limits and are with Vodafone, the company will be providing you a way to cancel the contract without charge, should you wish to do so.

Source: BBC

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Vodafone's latest price hike could see UK bills increased by 10 percent


I was wondering if this applies to Vodafone Ireland also, if this happens I hope my bill Isn't affected but if it is I hope that if I cancel my contract that I can keep my Q10, the last time I had to cancel a contract I had to send my phone back.

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This is because of the EU ruling on price of calls abroad.

The Great Roaming Clawback .

How long before other carriers follow suit.

Now is the time to use BBM voice.

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I don’t think it necessarily has to do with the roaming charges. If at all, it prevents Vodafone from doing the same for European calls. With a quarter of people exceeding their allowance, there is a lot of money to be made. This is Vodafone's attempt to coerce people to opt for more expensive plans, given that the penalty for exceeding the allowance now is much more significant. It also demonstrates how poor the competition is in this sector. The EU roaming bill will make it easy for other European carriers to enter the UK telecoms market.

I stick with Three.
4g no additional cost
2000 minutes to all networks
3000 three-to-three minutes
5000 texts
All you can eat data.

15 pounds....

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Hello CrackBerry know that VodafoneES does not have any BlackBerry device for sale, and they says users that they will not sell more BlackBerry and want to force change to others platform (iOS or Android) ... if you can say to BlackBerry that for BlackBerry to take actions ... I'm user BlackBerry lifetime I want a BlackBerry and not an iPhone or an S5

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Vodafone UK is one of the few carriers here that still offer Blackberry phones. A few offer Q5 but that's it. I too will probably go sim only when my contracts up - no way would I want an overpriced iPhone!

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It's time to go Vodafone! I'll be going Sim only at the end of this contract. Fed up with mostly 1g or when you find 3g it can't handle the job

Z10 from Day One

Am I kissing something or are calls on Vodafone to UK numbers over double the price of calls to the EU?

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I'm with Vodafone UK. They're crap! They used to have great customer service but that's gone downhill, they are probably the most expensive carrier in the UK and the signal is appalling! I never even get 3G, not even in the city nearest my town... I hope I can opt out now, and keep my zedders free of charge, or at least buy it off them for a low price (I'm talking about 50 quid?). Their charges are already ridiculous when I go over my allowances!

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Phoned Vodafone today and spoke to retentions / leaving department to find out more; they advised that they will be writing to all customers shortly explaining how these changes will impact them.

Have put reminder on calendar for a week's time and if I haven't received my letter will be giving them another call.

Has anyone else had the same experience?

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When I called for my Vodafone PAC - they didn't even bother trying to persuade me to go. Not even a question as to why, or the smallest effort to attempt to price-match.

They clearly don't care that punters are walking out the door en mass. Touch of the BlackBerry's about them in terms of their perception of marketshare? They used to be No. 1 too....

I too have moved from Vodafone, that I had been on since 2007. They used to be competitive, and used to have excellent customer service back in the day...

Not anymore. Sim only deal with Virgin VIP running across the EE network. £15 / month for unlimited everything - (just don't tell them that you tether or mobile hotspot from time to time!) - I think I'll just buy my own handsets in future for myself and family.

Virgin UK on a £15 unlimited data text and calls sim only monthly contract. Don't see why you'd do anything else than these 15 a month deals if you own your phone. Virgin charge a fortune for international roaming though. But their Smartcall app means I can use wifi calling abroad on my land line tariff. Loving my Z30

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Details about the facility to cancel one's contract are not exactly prominently placed on the Vodafone website. Funny, that.

I don't even get a signal where I live anymore and end up using the house phone all the time! They refuse to do anything about it and won't even five me a discounted booster for the house. Customer service is a joke and although I have nothing against foreign workers I don't want to discuss my contract with an Egyptian as it always takes forever and we don't understand each other!
I allowed the ex to keep her phone on my contract as we have a child together and she regularly goes over her limits, im glad I can now cancel and will be going with "3" as everyone who visits my house on "3" always has a full signal. So it's sim only and keeping my z10 unless they request it back. Fed up of vodafone and have been a customer for about 14 years, I won't ever use them again

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I'm in more or less the same position as you. I've been with Vodafone for 18 years, but it's time for a new network. My wife has "3" and her service is infinitely better. And yet for a more competitive deal, she can get 4G, whilst I pay more and barely scrape 3G coverage at times. And of course reception appears to be better on "3" for her than it is for me in the same house--how is that possible? The networks have got to be using the same local antennae in our area, we can see it from our front room! There's only one. There must be differences in optimisation; if there's a cheaper [read--crapper!] way of doing it, you can guess which method Vodafone would probably choose.

I think there is a reason why most no.1 operators in most countries are also the most expensive. Its part marketing and part perception that you are getting good service. People tend to stay on much after the service has gone down to the dogs and prices no more make sense. Ppl only evaluate this decision at the beginning and change it only if it starts becoming a problem.

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