Vodafone Website BlackBerry Storm Tour!

The New BlackBerry Storm - Feel The Power!
By Kevin Michaluk on 7 Oct 2008 06:23 pm EDT

If you haven't seen the BlackBerry Storm tour up on Vodafone's website yet, check it out now!!! Warning: like all of the Storm coverage, this will make you drool. The 360 degree view let's you see the Storm from every angle and you can view a detailed Spec sheet (no WiFi mentioned... we can keep our hopes up and wait and see what the final word is come tomorrow's press release before we feel too let down, but it's looking like Definitely No WiFi. Ahh well.. they need to save something for the Storm 2 don't they?!).

The walk throughs don't dive into very much detail, but do give a good overall impression of the device and build up the hype. I can't wait to try typing on the touchscreen keyboard... if it works half as well as it looks it is going to be awesome. And I love that they used a Formula 1 clip to show off the high-resolution display. Thanks to everyone who sent this in. I... can't... wait... any... LONGER... I wants it... I needs it!!

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Vodafone Website BlackBerry Storm Tour!


LOL...everytime I check this page there is something new about the Storm. Crazy how all this info is getting released. Keep it coming !!!!

That is a very interesting observation. Maybe it's when both Vodafone and Verizon will release the phone, hopefully. It stands up to the information that I got from the Verizon rep., that it'll come within 30 days. I'm so mad that they have a release date set but aren't letting us know!! I can't wait for this phone any longer, it's killing me!!!

Fellow Storm Chasers.......

Verizon better be prepared and have enough of these phones in stock. Don't wanna have to wait cause they sell out!!!

If you read the terms and conditions for the Storm giveaway, it reveals a time line. Basically, one has to enter the giveaway by 10/25/2008 and then the actual draw will take place on 10/27/2008. So I am thinking that the phone will be released around that time. I may be wrong.


You are on point man! I was just posting this in the forum, after seeing Toastyz71 thread!!!!

Isn't it just beautiful????

i am friends with people at a local verizon store and i will have this phone at 9am the morning it is launched. I CAN NOT WAIT!!! i got the 7130e the day it came out, pearl the day it came out, the curve the day it came out, and will have the storm the day it comes out. i am a blackberry addict!! come on verizon! drop the ball already!!

Kevin, you are so crazy for your comment...
"I ... can't... wait... any... LONGER... I wants it... I needs it!!"
I look forward to your BB Storm review.

I currently have an iPhone, no luck with it. Apple even agrees that I will never be happy with it. After going through so many iPhones and getting Mr.Jobs involved... This is what I need... a Blackberry Storm touch device. It looks sweet... I bet it wont have light leaks, loose buttons, rough edges and dust under the LCD like I have been having with all my defective iPhones...

Any word if this beauty is coming to Canada?

I have the same question too. I want it so baadd!!! I went to http://blackberrysync.com/2008/09/who-will-get-storm-in-canada-bell-or-t... and it says

Glebbery Says:
September 27th, 2008 at 2:38 pm
Telus is getting the blackberry storm, not bell. I just went to a Telus store to check this rumor out and Gleb told and me that it is releasing in November of 2008 and it is already on their computer system.

I hope its true. I'm thinking of dropping by at Telus tomorrow if its all true.

I think it's interesting to see the difference in the comments from this site vs BGR. I saw it on BGR first and the comments ripped the site apart from its slow loading times to the bare bones spec sheet and information presented throughout. I guess this lends a bit to people saying they are iphone fan boys over there and completely retarded for blackberrys on this site... just an interesting observation. i also loved the fact they have lewis hamilton in the promo video to show the "high resolution screen." go team mclaren! i'm pumped to use my upgrade from vzw on this bad boy to test out. any thoughts on rim giving corporate customers any kind of preference here over the masses?

When are you going to post the "first review of the unreleased Storm"? You had one for the Bold and the Kickstart...where is the Storm!!?!?!?

I love the 3.2.0 MP Camera on the spec sheet. Obviously someone though Mega Pixels have version numbers related to them.

I now have a chub......please please release.....

When is the storm going to be posted on the RIM site. I do find that kind of weird...

I hope i dont quit my job before they release this, but not sure what will make me happier, the phone or putting my foot somewhere!5Z

I work for VZW and recently spoke with someone who had hands on time with the Storm this morning. He's not a fan of touch screens so he didn't have high expectations. He came away from the experience saying that the OS, Camera, and resolution were all amazing. As far as the touch screen he said it was just as responsive as the iphone. He did mention that it may take a while to get used to the typing since it's a slightly different feel. he followed-up with saying the typing was very accurate. Overall he was extremely impressed. Sounds like the release date may be a little later then Nov 2nd. Although it sounds like it will still be November.

I think I am the only one who realized you reference to golum from Lord of the Rings. Haha ... it was very nicely put. as to the storm itself.. I cannot wait for this phoe to come out. Plan renues in 20 days so id love the october 25-27 release date. A rep told me i would have no problem getting this phone in time for my upgrade. So keep your heads up! I cant wait for tomorrows news!

Sorry guys, there is definitely no WiFi... Quote from the Wall St Journal Site Re the Storm today:

"But it doesn't have Wi-Fi Internet access, which RIM co-CEO Mike Lazaridis said would drain battery life unnecessarily"

It sounds like a cop out to me - if you can Toggle it like you can with Bluetooth there would be no problems. Lets face it, battery life can't be as bad as the iPhone no matter what they do (and if it DOES become an issue at least you can carry a spare battery unlike the iPhone).

The full article can be read here:

PS. I'm not hating on the iPhone, time will tell whether the Storm can capture people's imagination like the iPhone has. But even with WiFi, Battery life shouldn't be an issue for the Storm vs its direct competitor!