Vodafone UK set to launch 4G on August 29th

Vodafone 4G
By James Richardson on 7 Aug 2013 02:26 pm EDT

We told you recently that O2 would be flicking the LTE switch at the end of August. The word on the street is that Vodafone will be doing the same - meaning current customers who are rocking a BlackBerry 10 device can upgrade to a 4G plan if they so wish.

Don't get too excited though. The Vodafone LTE launch is only going to start off in London - with other cities to follow (12 by the end of the year). This of course is a long way behind the likes of EE who have had their 4G network up and running for some time now and are doing very well with it in terms of subscribers.

Vodafone 4G price plans are are set to kick off at the £26 mark for SIM only. This will only get you 2GB of data but there will be options for 4GB and 8GB packages. But, customers will be able to use unlimited data for the first three months. This is not a new thing for Vodafone. It is however the perfect way for customers to monitor how much data they actually use, therefore making their data bundle choice after the three month period easier to decide on.

If you are reading this and thinking to yourself "what, they only just got 4G" you would be right. The UK is way behind in terms of LTE technology compared to some countries, so we are playing catch up.

Vodafone currently sell the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 but be sure to see other devices further down the line. If you are in the UK and considering the switch to a 4G contract, which network are you leaning towards? I know it costs more than 3G but I'm curious. Sound off in the comments if you would be so kind.

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Vodafone UK set to launch 4G on August 29th


Be interested to see how much an all you can eat package comes for - good reception around canary wharf!

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Not strictly true, they were simply the only one's who had available frequencies to use at first due to some being freed up with the merger.

Not really interested at that price, most of my data usage is covered by wi-fi and when I do need to use the network 3g is ok. You can get a very good free phone for a £26 a month tariff. Think I'll hold off until price comes down.

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Or wait for three. They said they aren't going to charge any extra over 3g for 4g. So all you can eat 4g data 2000 minutes and 5000 text for £15 a month.

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Go tell them Horne257!

I'm also with the 3G network and have the One plan which has unlimited Internet at 3.5 G (ultrafast) and you're not charged any extra when upgraded to 4G .

Can you match that Vodafone etc.?

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You can send that to Orange too! No signal in most of my village, yet I still get 1 call a week about the wonders of 4g!!

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There are many areas in the USA that don't have 4G, so the UK isn't that far behind. If bored & need a chuckle go & read Sprint's facebook page comments.

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It would be good to experience these 4G speeds soon. I don't think I'll keep it on all the time due to battery consumption stories.

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Thats the same date as the O2 launch.O2 and Vodafone are going to share masts rather like Orange and T Mobile do now.I don't think i will need 4G as at the mo Edge 3g and H+suit me at present.Ok for people who download large files etc.

i just find it funny while ee offers next to no data on its cheapest tariff, its still cheaper then both 02 and vodafone when they release lol £23 vs £26 need more companys operating as it will drive prices down i guess that will only happen when 3 goes 4G but 3 offering 4g sounds silly to me .

So the deal is a free spotify subscription or sky sports neither of which are blackberry compatible.

How will blackberry win customers with that, if the carriers offer incentives for other platforms then the only people really who will buy a bb will be those who actually want one.

As far as can remember they are in close 'co-operation' with O2 in relation to LTE. Will it be not surprising in a year or two we're going to have only two mainstream operators in the UK: EE and VO2. Others, including 3UK, would have to look for very specific niches...

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Sticking with EE. It's taking them long enough to roll out 4G in Swindon but with other networks being behind it's likely to take even longer if I changed network.

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4g has been in Jamaica for years. I live in UK and 3g is perfectly fine for me along with wifi. Not bothered about 4g

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3G coverage in the cities is plenty fast enough. Outside of the cities I can't even get 2G half the time so there's no way in hell I'm paying more for 4G.

I'm with Vodafone at the moment but only because the shop assistant did a "two lines" trick where he sold me two contracts, one at £9 a month and the other at £22 a month, with a free Q10, and then you just cancel the £9 one after the first month. Unlimited text and calls, 1GB data. Very happy with that.

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Vodafone do a postcode check to see if you have 3G and check your signal try b4 u start moaning it is FREE most other networks do it aswell

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Nobody does 3G where I am. Vodafone has the best overall 2G coverage. I agree, it's good to check before you buy.

The O2 Vodafone mast sharing is just that, not network sharing as with Orange & T-Mobile. So a good O2 signal will be no guarantee of a Vodafone signal and vice versa.
Waiting to see what happens with the MVNOs.

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@Alastair22 Haha too right!! And sure signal cost £100! We shouldn't even need that in the first place...

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