Vodafone UK reduce the price of the BlackBerry Q10 on contract

Vodafone Q10
By James Richardson on 17 Jan 2014 03:53 am EST

If you are in the UK and in the market for a BlackBerry 10 device you may want to consider Vodafone as they have dropped the monthly price of the Q10 on one of their 3G plans. Previously £27.50 per month, you can now get the Q10 for just £24.17 - not a huge saving but a nice gesture by them either way. 

For your money you'll get the following on the 24 month contract:

  • Unlimited calls
  • Unlimited SMS
  • 1GB of data
  • 500mb of UK Wi-Fi 
  • 5 Star Care

The 5 Star Care package doesn't come with every Vodafone deal but it's certainly a good sales tool for them as well as giving reassurance to the consumer. The pack contains: 

  • Perfect start - Transfer your stuff from your old phone to your new one hassle free with Vodafone Red Box
  • Protected - Don't worry about a thing. Back up your important content on Vodafone Cloud. If your phone's lost or stolen, instantly find, lock and wipe it via our Vodafone Protect online portal. And there's even virus protection, built-in. Plus, we've got advisers on-call to help with your lost phone, 24/7.
  • Helping hand - If the unthinkable happens and your phone starts playing up, we've got an army of Techies on-hand and ready to help. Chat to them in-store or on the phone and they'll be sure to get things running smoothly again. They can even take temporary control of your phone to help you remotely wherever you are.
  • Always working - If your phone suddenly goes mad, at least you won't. If you bought your phone from us, we'll lend you a smartphone while yours is being repaired so you can carry on as normal.
  • Early upgrade - Sometimes you just can't wait to get your hands on a new phone. That's why we make sure you can upgrade at least 60 days before your contract ends.

Just to clarify that this offer is only only available on the 3G plan. If you want to take advantage of Vodafone 4G you'll have to fork out a little more cash. 

Tempted? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. 

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Vodafone UK reduce the price of the BlackBerry Q10 on contract


No, that's quite good deal. There's no way, Operators will have to move their present Customers to 4G plans. 4G was overrated by them and they still keep it overpriced. But it will last not long. It looks very strange for Investors when somebody in the UK talks about only 2 millions 4G Customers during 2 years. So, if you already got this Q10, you are much closer to receive soon another good offer to move from 3G to 4G without added cost (if you are in 4G range).

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Yep. I'm a bit miffed by that one. Can crackberry shed any light on what that tariff actually means?

Posted via CB10

Hmm what in the world is UK WIFI? Does it actually cost money to use WIFI when it exceeds a limit?

Posted via CB10

'Chat to them in-store or on the phone and they'll be sure to get things running smoothly again' .... now there's an interesting statement in their pitch!! It would be a first .... easy to say but sceptically question if it would be delivered if history is anything to go by!!!!

The wifi thing is a mystery. I've got 2gb wifi and use it all the time without ever going over. I've never been charged a thing for wifi. I really have no clue what the wifi limit means, but it is basically free, yes.

Posted via CB10

and Vodafone don't do decent customer service so won't offer 4G to those currently paying £29 for 3G, less data and fewer minutes

Posted via CB10

The price drop is probably a sign that sales of BlackBerry handsets are poor, and they are simply trying to offload superfluous stock. I'm on Vodafone in the UK and the willingness to promote any BlackBerry product is woeful. One store I went into to ask for a demo of the Z30 didn't even know what phone I was talking about... and that was mid-December 2013!!!!

Posted via CB10 on my Z10.2.0

Most tariffs on devices start to fall after 6 months. Its no surprise really. In saying that.... the more popular a phone is, the higher the tariff on it stays. looking at you iphone!

Posted via CB10

The price information isn't quite correct. The 24.17GBP price quoted in the article refers to the business price i.e. without the VAT.

The correct consumer price is 29.00GBP (i.e. 24.17 plus the 20% VAT of 4.83GBP).

Posted via CB10

Steal of the century that is. Might buy one as a backup phone to my Q10 just incase anything happens to it

Posted via CB10

The "UK WiFi" feature will allow access, up to a set amount of data, to nationwide public WiFi such as TheCloud or BT Openzone. Obviously if you connect to your own/friends/works WiFi then that's totally free, regardless of how much data your phone consumes.