Vodafone UK offering up a discount on the BlackBerry 9320

By James Richardson on 19 Dec 2012 08:36 am EST

Vodafone UK is offering up a £10 discount on a wide range of Pay-As-You-Go smartphones on the run up to Christmas and this includes the popular BlackBerry Curve 9320. Where Vodafone has a slight advantage over some of the other carriers is that they sell the budget BlackBerry in five different colors - black, white, classic blue, vivid violet and pink.

The device will set you back £120 with the discount, which is pretty reasonable. For consumers on a budget, the BlackBerry Curve 9320 will give you the whole BlackBerry experience without breaking the bank. With Christmas just over a week away this could be perfect for a gift? The 9320 comes packed with the latest version of the OS - BlackBerry 7.1 and obviously it is perfect for social media, email and BBM just to name a few features. And not forgetting the glorious hardware keyboard. 

If you like to stand out from the crowd with a funky coloured BlackBerry head on over to the Vodafone website.

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Vodafone UK offering up a discount on the BlackBerry 9320


Got my son a white 9320 from t-mobile on payg for £84.99 on upgrade with a free pair of headphones worth £90. Far better deal... He was also due "a treat van" from them for being with tmobile for over 3 months. They gave us a £5 voucher from amazon which we used to get him a case & screen protector.

Bold 9900 Tmobile UK. Crackberry owner since '04

Orange is selling now Curve 9360 for 99.99. Well it's 109.99 with obligatory 10 quid top up. Plus you get the headphones for free too.