Vodafone now rolling out OS

By Bla1ze on 14 Feb 2014 01:13 pm EST

While Vodafone UK has taken their sweet time rolling out BlackBerry 10.2.1, it appears as though they may have had a good reason for doing so. They've actually rolled out a later OS then everyone else. Folks on Vodafone UK and various other UK carriers are now seeing OS appearing on their devices as software version

As far as we can tell, this release has a few bug fixes but also and updated Android Runtime to go along with it. Like all updates, your mileage on when you get the update will vary but it's been confirmed for the Z10, Z30, Q10. This OS started appearing earlier today but we wanted to be sure it was actually rolling out before fully posting. If you hang tight, we might be able to get some autoloaders for it as well.

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Vodafone now rolling out OS


Yeah, that's awesome! Just need to have my Z10 repaired and then grab the autoloader. :)

Mmm...CB10! Just the tip though...

Gonna pick up my Q10 from my vodafone shop tomorrow, new keyboard!
Can't wait to be reunited, my business has really been affected without it!

Yup. Just received the notification. Finally. Lets see what I've been missing.

The shirt addict blueprint | BBM channel = C00122EC9

I got the update on a Vodafone locked z10..... but it has no sim card, how does that work?

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I don't care for WIFI calling but it may be the reason why Tmobile hasn't released 10.2.1 yet.

 CB10 

Good news for customers with this carrier. What about 3UK? No update for 10.2.1 from them?

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Es gibt eine Vodafone-Prepaid-Karte, die keine Grundgebühr kostet & keinen Mindestumsatz hat ... just sayin'.

Hab auch gerade den 32 MB update gezogen. Scheint aber nicht so flüssig zu laufen, vielleicht lebt es sich ein.

Download Sachesi from the forum, put in the country code and carrier id, download all the bar files and install all of them from the install tab.

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Vodafone the Netherlands has released the update as well :) 38 mb (coming from 1925) and 298mb for users with an earlier OS version. Happy :)

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Just for the Z10 not for the Z30, I updated the Z10 but the Z30 still no update pushed. Vodafone Netherlands Z30STA100-2/

Posted via CB10 for the BB-Z30

Yes autoloader please for us AT&T Customers who still haven't got the update!


Just picked up the phone and it had installed automatically. Checked the version and wow its 2102. I was on the leaked 1925 and the battery was lousy when not on wife so was hoping for an update from 1925. Great news woohoo

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Your battery is lousy when not on wife? ... So, when you are on your wife, battery is ok? Are you powered by love, body warmth or something? Sounds cool! :)

Get married. Been together with my one for twelve years, until we finally decided to do it. Much better, closer, and you have a mutual commitment.

When you pick, go for the heart, not the looks (primarily). Looks vanish, a nasty character lingers longers.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

I tried to get on my wife but she was breastfeeding our daughter at the time. The experience was in a word... awkward.

I will test again later and report back.

Posted via CB10 on a Z10STL100-3/

The ones on WEP are easier to crack open.

Some even do not have any authentication, do NOT go for those. No stable connection.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Yep got mine a few mins ago here in the UK and it's a higher build number which leads me to believe the one released a few weeks back wasn't playing nicely with the network.

Nice one Voda, always had faith in you.

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I'm not on Vodafone Ireland, but I would be very surprised if it enables 4G, that has to be done by Vodafone themselves.

Yeah you actually have to get a new sim, it's only central Dublin that's served but it's super fast! Faster than my adsl at home (also on vodafone Ireland).

Whoever these US carrier reps are they need to get smacked. Whoever is in charge of carrier relations at BlackBerry too. This is ridiculous. US carriers are doing this on purpose there is no way in hell it takes this long to test and release one of the 10.2/10.2.1 builds it's been available for testing for months now. All you US users should be complaining you pay a lot of money this is the least they can do. Instead they send you emails about iPhone sales. WTF.

Seems like BB10 is very fragmented. Giving people different perceptions of the OS depending on which one they are using. They need to clean this up so they can have a unified version that is available to everyone.

They don't want to upset the carriers. They are a minority right now if the market. I know that most people don't even know what these updates do.

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Shortly received the upgrade from Vodaphone UK :)

Anyone know what this release entails?

If like me you couldn't wait for Vodaphone to release the initial 10.2.1 update and used another Sim card, in my case, EE, the upgrade went smooth without any noticeable issues.

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I'm guessing US carriers were waiting for the fallout and would push an update that was patched. At least I'm hoping - on AT&T here.

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I have checked via Sachesi 1.2 on diverse European Vodafone (UK, Germany, Switzerland) but none show the as available in the system. Am I doing something wrong?

Tesco mobile in UK released today I'm up to date at last!

Posted via CB10 on my Z10(& i am luvin it!)

To znaczy, że u Ciebie nie działa? Swoją drogą już jakiś czas temu zastanawiałem się dlatego dostępność aktualizacji miałaby być uzależniona od danej sieci komórkowej. Gdy kupielm moje Q10 (na allegro, bez umowy) pierwsze uruchomienie wykonałem bez karty sim, podlaczylem się do WiFi i aktualizacja wykonała się automatycznie.

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Ostatnia aktualizacja odbyła się bez problemu, dzisiejsza jeszcze nie jest chyba osiagalna w UK...

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Na razie w samym interfejsie nie widzę żadnych zmian, pozatym ze w chwile po aktualizacji pokazał się update do BBM.

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rozumiem obie strony. byłoby łatwiej, jeśli BlackBerry pchnął wszystkie te aktualizacje bezpośrednio do nas, ale czasami przewoźnik wie najlepiej!

I understand both sides. it would be easier if BlackBerry pushed all these updates directly to us, but sometimes the carrier knows best!

Unexpected! *button mashing check for updates*
Wonder if this will come through for other carriers (ahem Rogers Ontario)

Posted from my Z10 via CB10

I am on a German carrier and got the official release Is this an even more advanced update? Can someone explain it to me? Thanks

Posted via CB10 is the Software Release Number for OS Version These are the two different numbers that accompany every BB10 OS release and they mean different things. You can check the OS drop-down menu in your Settings/About phone options to confirm this.
The new OS Version is (which will have a higher OS Release Number than what you have currently) and it is higher than the you most likely have and is therefore an update.

At last... been waiting a while... if the android runtime works as well as I hoped then it's another Z30 on the way and ditch the note3... downloading now!

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Just in on Vodafone Greece; Size 288MB :-))) can't wait to get to a wi-fi for this special valentine gift

Signature post from my q10

Not sure if I should update to official, happy with 1925/1926 Radio on Vodafone. I wait for all the Bugs ( some reporting slow browser) then decide :)

Z10_STL100-2_10.2.1.1925/1926 Vodafone DE

I've noticed a significant browser performance increase and the OS in general feels snappier.

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Which device? Still no update showing on my Z30, got the previous update trough sachesi but this is a newer version so it should be popping up right?

Posted via CB10 for my beloved Z30 running

What does vodafone provide for the extra 44mb, as I downloaded the update from EE orange, can't see any different

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Great Valentines surprise from Vodafone. Downloaded and now installing. I can't wait to have a play later.

Just downloading now. Vodafone UK finally gets something right for BlackBerry users. My faith in them may yet be restored.

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Cool, had a prepaid Vodafone sim from when I went to Germany last year, popes it in and got the update right away! :). Nice, everyone here where I live is going to be awfully jealous haha

Z30 Pooooooooower!!!

Nothing on my Z30 ( running, sachesi updated ).. it should pop up right? Since its a newer version... ? In the meantime any deference in compensation to

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Seems really laggy, might just be the pho e indexing. Came from. 1925, so should it really have to index files again?

Posted via CB10 on my sexy white Z30 rocking

Yh, I have Vodafone UK and earlier today I got a notification that OS 10.2
1.2141 is available. What OS versions have you guys got?

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Downloaded, installed and once more the same issue than with 10.2 version with Android Runtime. What a shame....

Please fix the following grammatical error: "They've actually rolled out a later OS then everyone else."

Also on my BlackBerry Z10, when I go on Options-About-OS, it says "Software Release:", however underneath that it says "OS Version:". I don't get it, which OS am I running? What does the software release mean? Someone please help me. I got a notification Vodafone UK today saying that OS version, just so you know.


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Since i downloaded the Vodafone update and upgraded from the EE 10.2.1 , I got my BT smart talk android app to work on my mobile, it never worked before

Vodafone Ireland has also now released, just got the notification 10 min ago and downloading now. Z10

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If you are roaming, will the update still become available when your home carrier releases it, or will you get it when the carrier you are roaming on releases it?

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Anyone noticed issues with text msgs not being able to read on the new update I have unread txts I can't open Gggggggrrrrrr annoying

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Hey first i downloaded with Sachesi (NetCom) it are almost the same bands but it works wel. And a couple of hours back i had the Software update message (Vodafone-NL) 37 MB downloaded and it works fine

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But there are 2 things I don't like about the alarm.
First of all it doesn't show the hrs and minutes the next time the alarm goes off.
I really loved that one.
Working a lot sometimes it helps me to remember how long I can sleep the night.
It be great to have it back or even see how long I have slept.

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Updated in the UK last night and the android run time doesn't work.....pointless update why release something that doesn't work properly!!

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Finally a fix... had to sideload two files from Crackberry forum (29.01.14) you can find them on Internet. Did it twice + reboot and went to update phone that it's update only android runtime part (82mb).... and it works.

Hi Guys,

I recently downloaded the latest update from Vodafone NL. Looks great BUT I can not open my Parkline, Shazam, Google Maps, and more since the update. Any advice or similar problems and if so, please let me know.

I installed and also have this issue with google maps. It's not possible to install new maps using snap or use previous version prior to upgrade. :( No joy so far.

Anyone know whether I can use a Vodafone SIM to update my Z10 STL-2 on Three uk (unlocked) to this OS or is the newer OS version Vodafone-specific?

Three are still dragging their feet :(

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Why not download Sachesi,
use Country code 234
Carrier 015(VF)
Device Z10
Variant STL 100-2
Download all and when your phone is coupled to PC via usb cable click install
I used this to download the previous O2 version to my Q10 because VF were dragging their feet. Easy peasy

Hi, thanks for the suggestion. I already have both Vodafone and O2 SIMs so it's not a downloading issue but rather I just wanted to make sure that this latest OS version is not different due to Vodafone specific radios etc. If it is I'll use the O2 one instead as that has been reported to work with Three's network.

But I appreciate the instructions re the alternative route. I've saved them in Remember in case I decide to do a sachesi install someday. :)

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I decided to wing it! Went with the Vodafone SIM and all's well (did a backup first of course)

Post-update I had to switch the network type off 3G & 2G to just 3G and back again to get 3G working.

Now also getting H+ instead of just H speeds too. Seems like Three had locked that down but the Vodafone update freed it. Bonus.

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For those unsure about the difference between Software Release and OS version, here's my take on it.

Software Release - relates to Hardware Firmware, updates may come in the form of patches/fixes/performance improvements for the various chips on the phones motherboard - in particular the various phone modems for voice & data e.g. 3G and LTE 4G chips and more importantly switches ON your phone, passes control to OS. Think of it as equivalent to a computers BIOS.

OS Version - is the equivalent of Windows on your computer and consists of a kernel (system files) that detects & harnesses the phones hardware (cpu, memory, gpu, Ram etc.) through memory management, power management , application management etc and importantly how we interact with the mobiles interface.

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My first impresdion is very good that far with the new version, as I am always curious to explore new functions. But what I have noticed is, that the loading takes very long. Once 100% reached it takes a long time, till switch to desktop. Any one noticed the same that far?

Posted via CB10 on Z30

Everything runs smoothly with this update, so far no android runtime problems (runs even better). No issues with text messages or lagging

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Android runtime doesn't work on my update and says it not compatible with this device yet other people are having no issues can anyone help??

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Hello there, I've been waiting patiently but still nothing! Unlocked Z10 SLT100-1 on Vodafone UK :( Getting fed up now... Is there any way I can update this 100-1 on UK Vodafone combo via Sachesi? Apologies for the beginners question!

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Updated Z10 to 10.2.1 using Sachesi 1.1.2. to complete back on Jan 28th

And yesterday the carrier I use, Vodafone Portugal, pushed over wifi a 14MG update to I was a little surprised as I am visiting the UK and do not have the phone connected at all to the vodafone network as I do not wish to have any roaming charges.

I accepted the update and it seems to be working fine..

But is there any addition thing to look up to in dis update? Have not received mind though, still on d 1925 from Nigeria i'm using Z30 Etisalat carrier

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Thank goodness. I've been waiting!
I'm not in the UK but my z10 is a UK one. Everyone else I know already got the update a week or two ago!!

C00121953 channel for car freaks!!

Just updated my Q10 (Vodafone, Germany) to

Installing Androidapps runs fine.

Only thing that bugs me, is that it takes up to 5 minutes, when I restart the device.

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BlackBerry maps can now me deleted. Battery life in device monitor appears to be longer. Not sure how true is that. Everything is the same otherwise to me.

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Just updated in Vodafone Greece.
All over the world, Vodafone releases the and the guys here in Greece gave us the!!!!!!!

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