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Vodafone UK demos the BlackBerry Curve 9360 for us all in a sneak peek video

By Bla1ze on 23 Aug 2011 03:16 am EDT

With the devices now uncovered, Vodafone UK has also taken the wraps off their sneak peek videos much like we've seen in the past with the BlackBerry Bold 9900 and BlackBerry Torch 9860. The above video gives a pretty cool, albeit basic walkthrough of the device and shows off some of the features of course. Any Curve fans going to be keeping tradition and picking one fo these up?



Thanks for the review. Tough choice on which BB to purchase next. This is a good thing!


Bold 9930 or Curve 9370? hmm...for a new sprint customer, going for the bold is an easy decision, but for someone who is looking at an early upgrade and having to pay more $$$ out of pocket, the curve is nice..


What about the all touch Torch? That seems like a better phone than the Bold.


Hi @Wolf35Nine,

Alex from RIM here. Our latest line of smartphones all bring something different to the table. That said, since they all rock the new BlackBerry 7 OS, you’ll receive significantly faster and more fluid browsing, and an enhanced user experience regardless of which device you choose.

If you’re interested in taking a closer look at the new Curves, check out this “three things you should know” post on our Inside BlackBerry Blog:

Alex, RIM Social Media Team


Ha Ha Future proofed lol


@Bla1ze - I heard her say it has an "EDOF" camera!
So another BB without auto-focus???


Noo..! i was positive that it was AF..!


Did you hear her say "EDOF" too? Or am I crazy???


I sure did!, funny how the EDOF (if true) will be only with the Curve and Bold line. I think NFC will only also be on both devices (93xx & 99xx) for now. Doesn't sound logical but, hopefully they know what they're doing :o)


All the BBs in these vodafone videos look HUGE haha


Maybe she just has small hands lol


Got this from the 9350/9360 specs page.

Picture perfect

5 MP camera
VGA video recording (640x480)
Face detection
Image stabilization
Scene modes
4X digital zoom


I'm so much more excited for this than the Bold!


It's pretty much the same (besides the screen and memory) as the bold, yet, it will probably cost $200 less (full price) than the bold. Plus it appears really thin, slick, it's got the best Curve keyboard.




The cheap EDOF camera makes sense on the Curve lineup. Unless I'm mistaken, they've never had AF. Nice to see that the camera flash has made a comeback though.

Now did RIM intentionally gimp the video recording to VGA, or is there a real chipset limitation?


I thought the curve would get an AF camera unlike the bold 9900/30

Fabien Barel

my curve 8900 has an AF. So you're mistaken=) It even has the same camera as in the bold 9700


It seems the slim designs of the new Bolds and Curves sacrificed the auto-focus capability. Hence, still in the Torches. And VGA video only because there appears to be no dedicated GPU (or Liquid Graphics) in this chipset.

Edit - okay, the website does say Liquid Graphics.


what happened to Heidi? in the previous vodafone vid she looked kinda hot but in this one she looks like a munchkin. bummer. Still turns me on with how she says "twitter" though, lol


"Freshen your drink gov-nor?"


This curve is looking very hot ! I love the design factor and how sleek and sexy it is. I'm very impressed.


IF (and still not decided) I stay with BB, chances are good I'll grab a Curve. The 9900 and 9810 (available at my carrier) are nice, but honestly I don't NEED the additional features they offer. If I'm gonna spend the extra $$ for "fun" stuff, I'll likely go Android.

But it is nice to see the Curve get a bump in specs. I've always wondered why they bumped the screen specs for one model and then dropped it back down (Jav/8900 I think? Its way to early to remember right now)


Just ordered the Bold 9930 from Sprint... I might even like this better, when is it available?


Why does it say 3G in the top corner, I thought it was EDGE only?

Fabien Barel

The curve 9300 also has 3G so every phone from this generation of BB smartphone has 3G