Vodafone UK delays the release of BlackBerry Torch as well

Vodafone UK
By Bla1ze on 24 Sep 2010 02:16 pm EDT

At this point it seems if you're on any carrier other then AT&T chances are your purchase of the BlackBerry Torch is going to be delayed. While we can't say exactly for certain the reasoning for it, it's certainly no longer just bound to Canadian carriers any more. Vodafone UK, which was set to release the BlackBerry Torch 9800 on September 27th has now updated their website to show that orders will not ship until October 1st. I'm inclined to believe it's so that the OS' can be updated on the devices but, that of course hasn't been proven as of yet. In any event, you can still pre order the BlackBerry Torch on Vodafone UK. Hit the link below to get started.

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Vodafone UK delays the release of BlackBerry Torch as well


They certainly need to make sure the devices ship with .225 or .246 - .141 probably made a lot of potential buyers return their Torch and never look back.

While I'm tempted by the Torch on Vodafone a couple of things turn me off

I think Vodafone are overcharging for the handset and call plan. To get it free you need to spend £40 per month for 24months! £960 in total. When you compare the new flagship Blackberry to other top of the range smartphones the hardware is clearly a bit behind so why is Vodafone asking so much! They're pricing the Torch out of the market.

I think I'm going to wait until RIM does a proper hardware refresh, a smartphone is a big investment these days and I don't want to buy something that is 'fast enough' today, because it won't be fast enough in 2 years time when websites are even heavier and apps have become even more advanced.

I totally agree with Rob.Elliot sentiments! VF has really screwed up with the pricing on the Torch. They have put off a lot of potential buyers with the high prices.

I am a BlackBerry fan and would like to upgrade to a 9800, but I'm not going to at the ridiculous pricing VF have set. As much as I like and want the Torch, I have to admit that the Hardware spec while it is respectable and does what is necessary, it is not up there with the newer devices from other manufacturers.

So 1 year from now let alone 2 years, the hardware of the 9800 will be considered very old tech! I don't want to pay a whopping £960 for something that would be considered old tech.
Come of VF get real! A realistic tariff for me would £35 per month and get the 9800 free.

It sounds ridiculous for you to complain about prices like that for us. Here in the U.S. regardless of what you pay monthly.. when you get a phone, for instance the phone of subject here, the Torch.. its $200 only if you stay with them for 2 years, upwards of $550 off of a contract. Then you're still paying the monthly balance on AT&T for minutes/messaging/data.. which doesn't change, contract or not.

I've never understood people complaining about being locked into a carrier when they could 'get it cheaper' by buying it off contract, you're going to spend more money up front, likely have activation fees, and then what, are you just going to use a phone without a carrier?

So yes, you complaining about free pricing with a 2 year contract on a brand new, highly sought after blackberry, is kind of ridiculous, regardless of which international wireless market you're looking at.

But if you was in the UK looking for a new smartphone there are many options, now I like BLACKBERRY lot and would like to purchase 9800 but I would have to admit the hardware spec is not exactly tomorrows tech, it's basically the same tech which rim has used for the past 18 to 24 same screen resolution for the storm and the processor speed is the same as the 9700. Even with this spec I would like to have the 9800 but not at the price level set, so given the choice in the UK on of Vodafone, don't you agree the 9800 is a little overpriced?:

9800 @ £40 per month (free phone) x 24 months = £960 or
Samsung Galaxy S £30 per month (free phone) x 24 months = £720 or
Iphone 4 £40 x 24 months = £960 + £89 upfront cost for phone = £1049 (but includes wifi bundle and roaming data which 9800 does not include)
HTC Desire same as the samsung cost

So based on Hardware spec, the 9800 should be near the samsung/htc Desire range.

that I understand where you're coming from, however, you complaining about specs of the 9800 compared to the price is pretty irrelevant to what you were getting at. Of course its subpar technology, you're paying for the Blackberry side of things, the email, BIS, BBM..

This is the main reason so many are jumping ship for Android. So of course the Galaxy S or the Desire are much better devices in regard to gadgets and apps. They cost the same, but your point about geting the 9800 free is still a little insane, if you want the top of the line BB, even if its subpar compared to other phones.. Free is a good price, regardless. There is almost an unwritten rule here in the states.. every big wireless carrier does 12-24 month agreements, and the standard price for a high end smartphone on a 24 month contract is $199 USD. Whether it be Blackberry, Android (HTC, Samsung, Motorola) and even the WinMobile phones are at that price point. The kind of phones we get free are junk flip phones, and media phones that probably don't surf the web, and are likely cheap and plasticky. So it is still very silly of you to be complaining about a £40 = $65 plan for a phone like a 9800, when here in America.. $30 of that would be just the data for the blackberry, so if you can get Minutes/Features/Messaging for that other $35.. you're well ahead of the game. On a larger carrier.. the going price for one smartphone, on a single line plan is over that. Unlimited plans that include data and messaging usually only have 400 minutes or so.. and they're right around $70 plus fees and overages/activation.

You're just being a bit whiney, and if you feel the pricepoint on BB phones is too high for the tech.. jump ship to Android, I did and I haven't looked back.

Hahaha are u guys f***ing kidding me?? We pay $70+ on a 24 or 36(Canada) and u guys complain about $40 + 900 w.e minutes and including the data plan? I myself pay $85 for the same plan except 350 minutes and 6GB (special offer for $5 more from the 500MB $25 option) on a 36 month contract here in Canada. God I wish u guys would move to North America and see how we would feel to pay $40/month instead of $70+ lol. Suck it up and be fortunate to have that kind of price where we dream of such an offer here.

In the UK we have a very competitive mobile market, for example you can get a Samsung Galaxy S for free on a £30 per month tariff. I have been to the US many times and I am surprised about the raw deals you get, but if you look at what sort of deals we can get over here in the UK, then you can see our point.

The HTC Desire & Samsung Galaxy S is free on a £30 per month contract, Google Nexus One is free on £35 per month contract. So the 9800 at £40 per month in my opinion is overcharging. But at this rate I can see the UK heading in the same direction as the US if we continue to sign up at these silly prices!

So we are comparing prices within the UK not vs US prices.

Check out the pricing on the UK mobile websites:

Just wait until christmas ... They'll probably sell it for a reasonable price then! It's always more expensive to have the newest tech out there and so it is with the torch. But in three month+holiday discounts it may be a device to think about.

I have a Torch on pre order from vodafone as a free phone only up grade on my £25/m contract. so if your already on vodafone be sure to check the upgrades.
I just wish they'd get on with in and release.


You must have pre-ordered before VF jacked up the prices, if you head over to the Vodafone website forums, a few BlackBerry owners checked the upgrade offers on the VF site and some was offered a free torch on £35/month 18 month contract. Then on the following day they went to pre-order, VF was now asking an upfront charge of £199 for the 18 month £35 upgrade! That is piss taking!

I don't get why you guys waited for it to be released over here. I knew it was gonna be this expensive. So I had my friend who works for AT&T to ship me one over for $400. Had it for about a month now, working nicely with my cheap SIMO. Prices over here are too ridiculous

They're not even offering favourable retention deals to existing customers. It's a case of take it or leave it and they're quite happy for you to leave.

Most phones being offered by them just now can be found for £10 - £15 a month cheaper just using Google.