Vodafone UK bringing BlackBerry Bold 9780 in black and white with OS preloaded

Vodafone UK
By Bla1ze on 21 Oct 2010 03:52 pm EDT

The pricing for the BlackBerry Bold 9780 on Vodafone UK has been known for a while but, as a reminder for those who may have missed it. Vodafone UK will be giving away the BlackBerry Bold 9780 on tariffs starting at £35/pm (24 months) but if you want no contract pricing, you'll be looking at £400. One thing though that was only rumored, was that Vodafone may or may not be offering more than one color. We now know for sure that the device will come in white and black when it launches and that it will launch with OS as that was the OS officially approved by Vodafone UK. Who has their pre order trigger finger ready?

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Vodafone UK bringing BlackBerry Bold 9780 in black and white with OS preloaded


After quite a few Bold's I think I may actually ask for a White 9780 when my upgrade is due. though I do have question for any White 9700 owners, how easy are these to keep clean?

Well I have had it for a few months and I clean it once a week and its still white, if your a person that doesn't know how to maintain anything white then don't get it.

Buy it everyone will envy you!!!

This device is pretty pointless to anyone on a 9700 currently. If this phone sells well, Jim and Mike will be laughing it up considering they put 2 new parts in an old phone and it sold like wildfire. If OS6 is coming to the 9700 (if it ever will) there's no point to this phone.

Someone leak OS6 already.

it's up to the carrier to have an OS update, right? so if this same carrier is offering 9780, then why would this same carrier update an old 9700 to an OS6 when this carrier can sell 9780 with an OS6 marketing?

OS6 will NEVER come out on 9700 unless the carrier is not intending to sell 9780.

i totally see your logic, however the storm1 on vf got OS5 just before the Storm2 launch, so it doesnt always work like that, i guess its a balance of what your saying, mixed with having to look like your not abandoning your current userbase, but i wouldnt expect to see OS6 for 9700 before feburary at the earliest (offical not leak)

Yeah but that's not the reason why ppl bought the storm 2. It had common issues for example hardcore lag and hard time typing on the touchscreen keyboard.

1. Wifi
2. HW is so much better than Storm 1 in term of the SurePress. Storm 1 clicking screen is so much problem

So Storm 2 has a better HW compare with Storm 1 with addition of Wifi. 9780 vs 9700? Not so... only 5 vs 3 MP, and then OS6? If I have a 9700, i would NOT upgrade to 9780. I was gonna upgrade to Storm 2 from Storm 1 because of Wifi, but then when I heard the rumours about 9800, so I waited was the software platform number for OS v5.0.0.321 that the Vodafone 9700's released with back in October 2009

Yeah, just noticed it said Oct 2009 and not 2010. But then, why are all the other OS's normal, like, etc and that one only shows the platform?

Overpriced... I don't see how they have nerve to charge top prices for mid range hardware. I won't be upgrading my almost 2 year old 8900 for this, it's not a significant enough improvement, especially when you'll be stuck with it for another 2 years.

This is just a filler while RIM sort themselves and their next gen hardware out.

I'm one year into a two year Vodafone deal with my 9700 and there's no way I'd upgrade to a 9780 even if I could. The changes aren't significant enough to make it worthwile for me.

I have been running a Bold 9700 for a while and bought a Torch 9800 to see what all the fuss was about. My view - in a word - nothing. The home screen set-up is a complete pain in the ass - you can't easily configure the various screens to show the apps you want to see so you're for ever fiddling around in the "all" tray. The webkit browser is no big deal - it's slow to load and once you move it onto the small screen of a 9700/9780 there won't be a noticeable improvement in user terms, especially compared to Opera mini 5. Otherwise the only real difference betwee OS5 and OS6 is in the menus, which if you are used to OS5 is actually just another pain in the ass to learn. Summary - I've junked the 9800 and gone back to my 9700 and I won't be attempting to upgrade to OS6 on my 9700 even if it does become available. All I'd get is a really stupid home screen set-up and a massive reduction in my usable memory for applications. Sorry to burst your bubble friends but OS6 is a complete waste of all the massive amounts of column inches it has commanded in these forums, and that's a fact.

Don't agree with you at all here. You can re-arrange the all tab to have your most used 4 or 8 icons (depending if you use 1 or 2 rows showing). You can customize the favorites tab to have another 4 or 8. How many things do you use on a daily basis? Don't forget the frequent tab will hold your most used. And if you don't know where something is....it's called UNIVERSAL SEARCH. IMO the best part about OS6. And the browser is 10x better. The notifications taking you straight to email/sms etc right in the titlebar. OS6 is big improvement over os5.

Would rim and carriers let this one loose already. It's obviously not the best guarded secret out of the rim camp. There's people on here with unbranded BOLD 9780's since the end of August.

Seriously i can believe it... They have to realease it already!! What happened to yesterdays release date!?

I dont know when the 9780 is coming to telus (i cant wait for it) but this morning the 9700 disapeared from the list of smartphones on the website