Vodafone UK BlackBerry Storm Unboxing - Hilarious!

By Kevin Michaluk on 17 Nov 2008 09:19 am EST

I don't think editors of tech sites should be allowed to do unboxing videos anymore... from now on they should be personal homemade vids like the one above. Hilarious!

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Vodafone UK BlackBerry Storm Unboxing - Hilarious!


You think the woman in the room could have held the camera. She probably thought it was funny watching him struggle too.

Funny video, but as sna2760 said, it's been around for about a week now.

Enough with the funny videos though. Can a Vodafone customer please put together an actual unboxing video so we in the US can see what to look forward to on the 21st?

"Here hold this" - him
"NO!! I'm not holding anything!" -her
"START OVER!!" - her

Gotta love the way she was not having any part of the unboxing and in no way wanted to help him out whatsoever. Man, if that's not grounds for dismissal, I don't know what is....hahahah

After that bit of banter, I stopped watching. That's in itself is funny enough

not good. http://forums.crackberry.com/f86/storm-problems-96414/

click the link in that forum to be directed to a vodafone forum about problems with the storm and the case/pouch that comes with it. apparently this is not just a small number of people with the same problem either. Hope that's not the case for Verizon here in the states!

maybe that's why they only chose to show this ridiculous unboxing and not testing the software of the phone itself...

EDIT: did some brief research on this. apparently, the UK software is a version behind the OS shipping on the VZW storms, so hopefully that takes care of any issues those overseas are experiencing regarding glitches and lags.

Did anyone else notice the lack of USB Sync cable in the box? Or perhaps it was covered with something else

And the woman sounded like the thing was illegal to touch or something, like some man will tackle her as soon as her fingers touch it.

Oh god, this is painful! I wanted to rip the box out of his hands and open it myself. And I don't even want a Storm!

*runs and hides from the Storm crowd*