Vodafone Storm Unboxing - 2nd Hilarious Attempt!

By Kevin Michaluk on 19 Nov 2008 09:10 am EST

This is just hilarious.... :-)

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Vodafone Storm Unboxing - 2nd Hilarious Attempt!


He is a real pro at this. I think the accent is what takes it from zero to hero status and really steps it up a notch.

Kevin I'd watch your back...I think this guy should be rocking all the pre release devices and doing all the videos... IT WOULD BE HILARIOUS!!!

This guy is ridiculous. I love how he has labored breathing while clicking the screen. And his frustration while exiting games was priceless.

I must say this is a great hands on. But the high point for me was the "fresh prince" theme song. All hands on vids should be done by people who have no real clue what they are doing. lol. Makes me want to do one Friday... well maybe not.

Well first of all... I'm nauseous after all the shaking and walking around he did durring the whole 6 min video. Give the brit some credit for wanting to show us the features of the phone cause he is as excited as we are but he gets 10 point taken off immediately for actually playing the fresh prince theme song.. wow. Well best of luck to him getting drunk on JD and watching re-runs of Fresh Price but please, please no more phone reviews from this guy... "It was the thought that counts"
Good Luck To Everyone On Friday At The Front Line!

I think he should do all the video's on the latest devices. To me, his review is a true users view, i.e. non-techy, and to the point.

Yes, a few point need to be fine tuned, like having a tripod, or head-camera, but still, I like it...

If you are reading this site then the chances are that you are a phone geek and most likely Blackberry flavour.

This guy does not seam to know that much about phones but thousands of Storms will be sold to people just like him, who will just the phone mainly for calls and text.

OK maybe not the best video in the world but he tells us what he thinks.

Good for him!


I hear some of you on these comments regarding that it wasn't professional or that great but he did the best he can i guess. He is acually famous, If you search on google and type "blackberry storm unboxing" his youtube video is on tons of pages. I just want to see an unboxing and review of some other people doing it. I defintly know that when its release here there are going to be tons of unboxing videos. well if anyone wants to see a countdown timer for storm visit my website here at http://storm.ces911hq.com

Is it just me or is the Verizon Storm looking a lot faster, I mean I know Vodafone has .65 and Verizon's getting .80 or something but shouldn't this update be available to them already?
Also... is it just me or are the people who already have the storm across the ocean not really that excited about it. There's not too many videos of it up anywhere, I'm assuming come Friday afternoon, youtube's going to be flooded with Storm videos from American users showing us how to do everything we possibly could want to

They have all returned their phones. "This phone is rubbish!" I love that word "rubbish" Best review yet. Entertaining as helll. The comment about them trying to be the iPhone and the game being surprisingly........shit. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Thats what I'm talking about. Real life review. Call it like it is. I cannot stop laughing. I watched it twice. That was awesome KEvin. Not as good as the mud wrestling but it's very entertaining.

Verizon and Voda are probobly freaking out over this video. Whatever can go wrong with the phone did go wrong in this guy's review. Surprised the end button didnt fall off.

Too funny that was.

On another site someone from Vodafone said that just because Verizon were getting firmware with a higher number it did not mean that it was a upgrade. The person from Vodafone said that it might just be that .65 has Vodafone Live and that .80 (or whatever) has the applications that Verizon want the Storm to ship with. I don't know if this is true.

I guess we will know on Friday. However if the above is true would Verizon not of held of on the launch?

I love this.

His best was "I know they're trying to be the the iPhone or somethin' but this game is surprisingly shit."


All the videos I've seen to date, the touchscreen seems to lag considerably and to be very unresponsive, taking several touches and clicks to get the desired application/item to activate. Scrolling also does not seem to work well at all.

I thought this was a good 'typical user' video showing the struggles to get the Storm to work efficiently (seems silly to have to rotate the unit back and forth several times to get landscape/portrait to finally be the correct orientation).

For the brits, is it true that a lot of storms are actually being returned due to interface issues and buttons falling off?

I'm more and more inclined to wait for V2 of the Storm.

More like the vodafone vids. The verizon ones have all shown way better response. These people doing the vodafone vids do everything is slow motion like the device can keep up, then they scroll like they are scared to pick up the speed. The recent verizon vids that have come out have been very impressive.

This is just what I expected. The phone is junk. NO ONE better put that thing up against an iPhone. It WILL get smoked. It is v e r y s l o w . It does not transition very well at all. Having to do numerous screen taps and swipes to make it move is dumb. On the iPhone, a swipe of the finger sets the screen "rolling". Not so on this thing. I have 300 pics on my iPhone and it is a bressze to scroll through them. I would not think about trying to that with this thing. And before the yelling starts, I carry a Curve. This phone is NO threat to the iPhone AT ALL. I see a lot of disappointed people in the future.

OMG you can totally view all your pictures... that is so awesome. And don't you just love sending MMS messages? OH WAIT YOU CAN'T... And try taking a picture in the dark with an iPhone... Not really gonna happen is it? OMG and video? Do you think it would work on your iPhone? OMG NO IT DOES NOT!


I love this video for the simple fact that he played the theme music for Fresh prince of Bell Air and SPIDER PIG!!!

And to the person that said he went from zero to hero because of his accent... I totally agree. It's cause it's shockingly shit. LOL

Wow, good eye. I wonder if that coincidence or if he was just like, "haha cunt." lol I love how he says the fresh price song is his personal favorite hahaha

LOL.....This whole video is great...I almost wet my pants laughing so hard and Your right the top row of letters do spell "CUNT"

Can someone please send this guy a tripod? Did he do the review before or after the bottle of jack daniels. Hilarious.

Is it just me, or did the phone seem to lag as he was using it? Switching from Portrait to Landscape seemed to take some effort to get it to recognize it. And the scrolling wasn't as smooth as I'd like it.

I'll have to get my hands on one of these before I seriously consider it. Too bad it's not coming out on Friday to Telus as well. >.<

I think he did fine, he was just having fun with his new phone. Wish I had one! The screen sure is clear and bright. The accelerometer was confused because he didn't hold the phone vertical and upright it was more tilted back (so you could see the screen clearly)...

People keep saying that its sluggish...well if you notice, noone accidentally clicks on anything mistakenly. If they want to go into a menu or open something they have to really push on it and then it goes...So I guess it's working correctly and all their selections are accurate. And most people who use the phone havn't gotten used to it yet...like they don't know how to scroll though menu icons correctly by pressing and flicking. Give it to me and I'll show you how it's done ;)

the best part is when is getting into you tube////...lol...for a second there i thought i was getting a call in because my phone was next to the monitor.....lol!!!!!!

These people need to understand how to use the phone before they do a demo. He doesn't even get the concept of first "SELECTING" the right application before you click concept....daaah....Geez!

Agreed! Word Mole SUCKS!! haha

I laughed at your first and your second one. I enjoyed when word mole apparently didn't want you to exit it. Nice!