Vodafone Storm 101: Set Up Your Email on BIS

By Kevin Michaluk on 15 Nov 2008 07:57 pm EST

Here's a Vodafone Help Center video that'll bring you up to speed on setting up email on your Vodafone BlackBerry Storm.

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Vodafone Storm 101: Set Up Your Email on BIS


I will be new to Blackberry next week when I buy the Storm in the US. Is it possible to set up my work e-mail on the BES and also use my optonline.net e-mail?


I do it already with a WORK provided unit... but WILL they allow you to connect a privately purchased BB to THEIR net??
i'm just sayin'....

Yes. At my company, we purchase our own devices and they hook us up to their enterprise server. They pay for the data plan. I pay for the phone service (since it's my personal phone number).

I have a very large question....

I know in one of the earlier posts you said something about this... but I didn't want to take the time to try and find it!

I these videos this guy always highlight the app, lifts his finger off and then presses to carry out the option he wants.

Can this be carried out as one motion?
i.e. can I just click on the icon I want with having to highlight it first?

Ugh I just annoyingly switched ALL of my e-mails from Hotmail to Gmail thinking Hotmail wasn't compatible with any Blackberrys in preparation for the Storm when I get it on Friday. Now I see that it IS compatible. Dammit!

For some reason I stopped getting E-mails and Facebook messages on my Storm. Any Idea what may have happened?