Vodafone shows off white BlackBerry Bold 9900 in sneak peek video

By Adam Zeis on 24 Oct 2011 10:02 am EDT

Everyone loves white devices, perhaps no one more than Kevin. While we've all been super happy with our BlackBerry Bold 9900 and 9930's in black, there is just something about the white version that makes it look oh so awesome. We've seen a few images of the device here and there, but until now no solid info was known as to where or when the device would actually surface. Vodafone has helped us out in posting a sneak peek video of the BlackBerry Bold 9900 in white. The device in the video is still unbranded, but it's a great sign to see that it will indeed be hitting carriers at some point. Check out the video above for more and be ready to get your white on.

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Kevin Michaluk

Soooo hawt!!! Must buy. Saw one at BlackBerry DevCon last week.


The team here is quick. I didn't think there was a video posted yet : )


...buying the white hard shell case instead.

world traveler and former ceo

So Gorgeous!!! ..... have the Bold 9900 .. but want this too!!!


Looks like it has 2 led notification lights, any idea what the second one is?
Front facing camera??


proximity sensor, the black one has it as well.


ok thanks, still haven't gotten a 9900 yet :(


The sensor for turning the screen off when you put the phone up to your face when on a call.


i was having problems deciding between the 9900 and the 9850 but i think i will go with the 9900. Now I have to decide between white and black smh. I hope ATT releases both models on the 6th!


so glad I was able to resist buying a 9900... I am forsure getting the white version when it comes out



why cant the 9930 be in white as well? its always the GSM BBs that come out in white. why?


Is there a way to shed off the black cover and swap it for a white one? The white bold 9900 should be branded "whiteberry" instead of blackberry.


Thats exactly what I want to do
I like the black one a little more, but I would love to trade someone for a white battery cover, or buy one to switch back and forth every once in a while.


gimmeh gimmeh gimmeh gimmeh GEIF NAO! D: I've already got a buddy ready to buy my black (ewww lol) 9900 the second the white one becomes available :D
also i second the "white playbook" idea so hard. cept ... we'll never see it unless they actually start selling the black ones :(


We CDMA users never get any love from RIM with regards to white devices. I want, I want.


Am I the only one who thinks that thing is HIDEOUS?! They have created a Sarah Jessica Parker of the new Bolds.


That's the point! Just wait till the next celebrity round up, heheh.


Whats the deal with the black trackpad on a white device?


Would be like a white iPhone with a black home button....

lovely white 9900 though, except for the black trackpad...


I'm not thrilled about white phones in general, but this white Bold 9900 iteration is tempting...

But why is the touchpad black??
(The black "mouse" touchpad in the center)

Can't they make the touchpad white instead?


No matter what the trachpad have to be black or else u would be able to see the sensor and it won't work properly.. As much as the front of the phone looks nice and the side with the stainless steel band around it.. Am I the only one that thinks the back of this phone looks so ugly compare to the black one.. Does it still have the rubber grip and is the battery door fiberglass or whatever like the black one and not some cheap plastic.. I hope the official release of the white bold the back don't look like that


Hoping CDMA carriers get whiteberry love!


Don't hold your breath.


Think that looks horrible


Wow that looks great..


It looks good, minus the trackpad. On another note, it's ironic that people like BlackBerries in white lol.


what is this a WhiteBerry !!!! XD is cool but i prefer the black version!!!


Want. Well... actually i just want a 9900. Wish the camera was auto focus though. *kicks RIM in the nuts*


Black still loooks more beautiful


Oh mannnn been waiting for this one! Sweet!