Vodafone shows off the BlackBerry Bold 9900 in sneak peek video

By Adam Zeis on 7 Jun 2011 02:50 pm EDT

In case you were questioning if Vodafone would be picking up the upcoming BlackBerry Bold 9900, ask no more. They have just posted a short "sneak peek" video showing off the latest BlackBerry smartphone. The video is under a minute, however it gets right to the point and tells all about the Bold 9900 features including BlackBerry 7, full QWERTY keyboard, 2.8" touchscreen, 5MP camera and more. Still no official date on this or its CDMA counterpart, but we're hopeful that we'll hear something solid very soon. Check out the video above for more and bring on the Bold!!!

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Vodafone shows off the BlackBerry Bold 9900 in sneak peek video


Who out there owns a Curve?
Well I did ...until I got my hands on a BB Bold 9700 2 days ago. OMG ! That thing is amazing !!! I don't understand why I suffered so long (18 months) with that Curve, (But then again, I thought that my Curve was amazing as my previous phone was the Pearl)

If you are not with os 6 or later .... treat yourself .... and UPGRADE no matter what the cost!

My life is soooo much better now!

Thanks RIM, and keep bringing us those amazing phones!
I will be a BB user until the day I die !!!!

I have a Curve 8330 and have been waiting since last June to upgrade, well this is MY upgrade, the Sprint Bold 9930, I just hope Sprint gets this device out asap maybe in July?

from what im hearing sprint will be getting the bold 9900 AUGUST 21 which makes bgr lying a** rumor they put on the internet wrong again which doesnt phase me

It wouldn't surprise me if this phone got delayed until apple releases iOS 5, to lessen the blow RIM will take.

What?!? Since when do videos play on my Torch without having to click on the mobile link. Though I was using my PB for a moment.

Release has to be around the corner right? Why even put this up if the phone isn't coming out for another 3 to 4 weeks?

Someone had said september??? Or was that a different phone I'm thinking of? With the announcement of iMessages I may end up waiting till fall to upgrade anyway... See how this iMessages stacks up to bbm... If its as fast it'll be a tough choice...

I for one was gonna get this right away but looks like i'm gonna be holding off until fall to see how well iMessages.

Also, IF there is a new iPhone coming out like rumors say....I'm guessing it will have a notification light....if it does that's enough for me to jump the sinking RIM ship and board the Apple ship.

Notification light + iMessages (with tons more friends and family who will now join Apple) will be awesome.

Just stating the facts. All BB users are in denial cuz we're all holding onto something that we all think can be great but RIM refuses to get with the program and start doing something about it.

Releasing the 9900 late doesn't help.
An outdated OS isn't helping. OS7 is just OS6 with a minor facelift....as with all their previous OS updates.
Security? Yes it's important for the business man/company employees but for your avg person using a device as a communication tool and to live life...then security is not so much an issue.

Agree. iPhone 5 is very enticing but after carefully weighing the pros and cons. I'm going with 9900. For next phone. RIM should stretch the Bold screen from 2.8 to 3.0 - 3.1 and keep the width the same. I love larger keyboards.

yep iOS5 is looking great and I hate to say it but if the iPhone5 comes out in September along with the Bold 9900 and Torch 2 I dont know how RIM will fare. As a Blackberry enthusiast I swore I was going to get either the Bold 9900 or Torch 2 and then the iOS5 announcement came out and it even has me thinking twice....anyway we'll see.

What RIM needs is as follows:
Bring the next major update os 7.5 with a dual core proc and front camera so this device is future proof for QNX and competive with other handsets. Ad just a ltiny little more screensize to the bold 9900 and with this features RIM will get back on track.
My suggestion: Reinvent the bold 9900 with a dual core, frontface cam and just 0.2 inch screensize so it will be 3 inch or 2.9
Just like the improvements from the bold 9700 to 9780. Otherwise RIM is DEAD as you said

You're in denial! Apple's "Magical" and Revolutionary OTA updates will be through the carrier. QNX won't have to be, see you sucka's later! Boo Bye! By the way. Apple can't innovate, they just steal.

I love my 9700 but am looking forward to this and the full on touch screen BB coming. If I can't do without a keyboard this will be it.

I'm sorry, as much as I like the premise, that phone is unattractive. I didn't like the original Bold, and how many years later they used the exact same form factor? It looks like a fugly brick.

Thats just RIM "bold" confidence proving no matter what they release all the BB fanboys will be there mindlessly supporting. iOs5 here I come.

Really? Because Apple has been so dramatic in their phone design over the years.....for the longest time you couldn't even tell which iPhone was which.....and really, so what. Boring phone design. Try bluetoothing a file from your iPhone to another phone....oops, my bad.....

lol I've yet to meet an intelligent/logical Apple fanboi

"They come out with the same form factor after all these years?!"

The iPhone has never changed. I'm sorry but your comment is pure idiocy. The 9900 is 1 mm thicker than an iPhone 4 and packs the best mobile keyboard on earth, as well as a faster processor...essentially better specs in every facet.

This is why Apple's main target audience is children and university students - they're the only ones dumb enough to mindlessly consume their products. Sort it.

You are comparing the 9900 with a more than a year old phone when the 9900 will be released, IF released in 3 months from now.

Yeah, ever tried walking down a city block typing a message on an iPhone? Good luck not running into stuff. I can type 85 wpm on any BlackBerry without looking. Again, more efficient messaging tool.

Don't know what bricks you play with dude, but the bricks I've seen don't make phone calls, surf the net, take pics etc.

@Restless Soul spoken from the mouth of someone under Steve Jobs magical innovation spell. RIM has been doing what iOS5 is repackaging for years now.

What RIM needs is as follows:
Bring the next major update os 7.5 with a dual core proc and front camera so this device is future proof for QNX and competive with other handsets. Ad just a ltiny little more screensize to the bold 9900 and with this features RIM will get back on track.
My suggestion: Reinvent the bold 9900 with a dual core, frontface cam and just 0.2 inch screensize so it will be 3 inch or 2.9
Just like the improvements from the bold 9700 to 9780. Otherwise RIM is DEAD

What you're describing is the specs for an upcoming QNX phone.

I know a ton of people who will upgrade to the 9900 as soon as it's available, off-contract. Not everyone wants the latest iToy.

RIM is hardly dead. Long live RIM!

Yes, that's what I describe. The Bold 9900 is a good phone and I like it. But to be competitive in the near future this bold 9900 cannot compete with others, even when it is a very good phone, I agree. But to me to bye a phone with a risk that I cannot upgrade the OS to QNX, I and many others feel screwd!

exactly...we dont even know for sure if these upcoming Blackberry phones are future-proof OS-wise(though they probably will be), but QNX will probably debut on new phones with hardware that will be optimized to use it, like how Torch did with OS6. With iOS5 and all the new features especially the Twitter integration and iMessage(which I'm guessing will be done through the internet like BBM), I'm tempted to skip this OS7 generation altogether and wait for the QNX-powered Blackberry phones to come out before considering getting one. RIM needs to start bringing the heat and fast!

If you stayed up on your news and stay off crackberry you would know that they are having meeting at RIM about pushing these devices to the market faster and throwing QNX into these devices as fast as possible but they are making so many changes right now its not funny they have room for error but not to much room when i mean room i mean a week work of error that can be fixed in that time span but i do agree they need the things that attract ppl to iphones & androids

I think that's because they are using the test model for this ad and she is covering the RIM sticker that reads: "Property of Research in Motion. For field testing ONLY. Not for sale." I have seen those stickers before....

If you look close, you can see she is covering something for sure. You can see that between her fingers, there is something on the back of the phone.

I think one of the biggest problem with RIM and RIM carriers is that their commercials are sooo boring.... If i weren't a Blackberry fan already this commercial would not make want to buy the phone... at all..

I'm curious: will the 9900 have a virtual keyboard, like the Torch 9800? Or would that just be overkill with the physical keyboard being right there and all. I'm asking because, although I mostly use the physical keyboard on my Torch 9800, I like to use the virtual keyboard when I'm in situations where I need to be quiet. Clacking away on a noisy keyboard is frowned upon during some meetings.

I highly doubt there'll be enough room on the display to show the actual content plus a full QWERTY keyboard. My guess is unlike typing virtually on the Torch, when you touch a space to enter text it'll just activate the cursor to be used with the physical keyboard.

Seening this video has made me excited now, I'm sure this means it's very near release?
Why else would they let out the video and that Bold must be there test unit...when I rang Vodafone-UK a few days back they said there's nothing on it at all. Liars!
Think I'm going to call them up tomorrow and see what's going on!
I still want this phone like I did when it first leaked out, iOS 5 doesn't really wow me and iMessage to me is just another IM client, not another BBM.

While we're on the topic of vodafone, does anybody know if the Vodafone UK BIS is currently down ?

It's been working fine all day long for me.
I know some people are having issues but there on Orange or O2.
Vodafone are working fine and I'm able to send/ receive BBM's emails, Fb, Twitter and so on perfectly fine.

It's giant man. She can barely put her hand around it and if you look closely, it covers half of her face. Now way man. Too fat. Like my ex.

RIM needs to push these phones to the product line asap and fix the software ass it goes along like google and apple does god forbid the way we been working at linux how the new webOS is going to be but i would never use one the thing RIM has to do is virtualize the BlackBerry OS on top of QNX the same way google did to the 30 year old linux kernal they are running under that outdated android os

On the other hand im glad this device is coming to market they need to knock that trash droid pro off the verizon list asap

i like but in the video it looks huge.i hope the thinness lives up to expectations. give me this,torch 2,monza, and apollo to fondle with. then i will pick one from the group and buy it.

wow that thing looks really bulky in her hands...if this is a promo video RIMs partners come out with then id be worried...after seeing all the great things android and IOS5 have coming im just not intrigued...i've waited 3 years, no progress

its easy for you to leave suck on apple rod since you havent seen nun but a set of rumors on bgr and nun about android

Most people will miss that the 9900 has a touch screen! She zipped by that significant feature. I think that's way more important feature than an HD camera.


i like his phone a lot, but im not waiting another 12 weeks to get my hands on it, my upgrade is due now and im just gonna try Andriod right now, if i hate it, then ill come back to RIM

It is funny how people think an upgrade is like a coupon.. if you don't use it, it will expire. I've been eligible for an upgrade for the past year... but I haven't picked some crap device just to "use up my upgrade"... I'm waiting for this sweet beauty to come out.

Frankly, with the marketing material out there for this phone, I'm kinda surprised it hasn't been released yet. If the carriers are holding it up, they should think twice about it.. considering the # of crackberry addicts waiting for this puppy to drop. The first carrier that releases this phone might get a fair amount of either 1. people converting to pick up the phone. or 2. people staying with their current carrier but buying it to unlock (i.e. those with AT&T buying it from Tmob @ full retail price). Bottom line, RIM and CARRIERS...stop sitting around with your thumbs up your arses and get this phone to market.