Vodafone set to boom in the UK with 1400 jobs being created via 150 new retail stores

By James Richardson on 3 Apr 2014 03:39 am EDT

If you're currently a Vodafone customer in Europe it seems the network are striving to compete against their rivals in a big way. Things are kicking off in the UK with 1400 jobs being created via 150 new stores opening up. This new boost is part of a £1 billion investment which to cut a long story short is to try and get Vodafone's market share back to where it was - as they are now sitting behind the likes of EE and O2. This will involve improved services across the 2G, 3G and 4G spectrums to help give 98% coverage to the UK.

In addition to the UK news, Vodafone plans to spend £250 billion on it's other key European markets. This huge amount of cash has come from last years sale of its stakes in US carrier Verizon. By 2017 Vodafone hope to have 98% 4G coverage in five of its key EU markets.

With all BlackBerry 10 devices being 4G ready this is only good news for us folk on Team BlackBerry. BlackBerry 7 users will also benefit too though from the improved 2G & 3G coverage across the UK.

The kind of carrier news we like to see.

Source: BBC News

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Vodafone set to boom in the UK with 1400 jobs being created via 150 new retail stores


more scumbags on the street, more misleading offers and paying through the nose.

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I've just moved to O2 from VF after 20+ years - gruelling in the latter stages - and have to say that I have a much better deal with them (contract). Customer Service is miles better and, I felt, all the O2 stores I spoke to before making the final decision were far more supportive of the BlackBerry brand than the VF stores (who were even given the heads up that I was thinking of leaving!).

O2's coverage is no worse - though neither SP currently offers wide-ranging 4G service in the UK.

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If you are living in England your o2 service will be run by Vodafone from 2015, this is part of their restructuring.

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They closed my local store end of last year. Now another hair dressers .. only one of them because we have all the charity shops you can have now ... #talesoftheukhighstreet

Vodafone Germany is the only vendor where you find Blackberry devices almost in every store. T-Mobile is the biggest carrier over here and you have to ask almost every time to see Blackberry devices - if the have them at all in their stores. Same with o2 Germany (2nd biggest carrier here).

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Vodafone/Verizon has a "special" relationship with BlackBerry. This relationship will only tighten as other carriers stop support BlackBerry. It will be quite interesting to watch how these "new circumstances" will affect (globally) cartelistic telecom market.

o2 and Vodafone are merging their networks and this will be completed in 2015.

The 4G network should be well on the way then.

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I don't understand why everyone is pushing 4g so much. 3g is fine, I was pulling in 3-7mbs on my bold 9900.

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Why you ask..? Well let me say this: I've been on KPN's (Dutch Provider) 4G network for the past year and I never ever log into a WiFi - Hotspot anymore. 4G is waaaaay too fast. Downloads, Uploads & Synchronisation.

Plus: 3G & WiFi drains a lot quicker (IMHO) versus running on 4G only.

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Also with 4G your phone can get both voice and data simultaneously I think. 3G, data stops when you're on a call.

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Vodafone Netherlands can tweak, upgrade, buy or do whatever they feel like.
But since they gave BlackBerry the finger by not selling ANY BlackBerry devices anymore they can kiss my fuzzy butt.
Their 4G sucks more than One Direction.

What a waste of money.

Offer better plans , coverage and services and then open more stores.

It goes to show people in authority think backwards.

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Vodafone treat you like shit once they have you as a customer. They can invest everything, and have the best network in the world, but I still wouldn't piss on them if they were on fire, never mind give them my custom.

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This is good news in that their going to focus more floor space to BlackBerry yeah?

Just seems broad that it's allowing vodafone to offer devices of all brands to their potential customers...

This type of news just isn't BlackBerry Centric enough.

Vodafone UK offers better price plans compared to Vodafone Ireland, I pay €55 a month for my Q10, at the time I was getting it the people in the store said they didn't like the new BlackBerry and were negative about them, they'd rather push the iPhone on everyone as they probably get commission for it, the plan I'm on should be really no more than €35-€40 unlimited calls and texts are great to have, but only 2GB of data.

If I had waited until christmas I would have been able to buy the Q10 outright at a cheaper price and not be locked into a very expensive contract, I'd pay €55 for unlimited data or 5GB, vodafone have a long way to go here, however I have found their coverage to be really good, the 4G roll out has been pretty slow but their 3G is fine so I'm not complaining about that.

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£250 billion? "Billion"?

I'll go with whatever network supports BlackBerry 10, within reason.

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They'd be better off improving 3G coverage in rural areas and bandwidth in urban areas. Outside bigger towns the system is only useful for basic calls & sms

Z10 from Day One

Vodafone Netherlands is the only carrier still offering BlackBerry devices as far as I can tell.

Second my last two employers used Vodafone for corporate plans...

So maybe this combination (corporate focus and BlackBerry friendly) might be a good thing for us BlackBerry fans?

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