Vodafone Preparing For BlackBerry Storm 2 Launch As Promo Material Appears

Storm 2 Shows In Vodafone
By Bla1ze on 7 Oct 2009 03:02 pm EDT

We just got this photo of a Storm 2 display backing sent into us from Dave (Thanks Dave!) that was caught at a Car Phone warehouse location and posted on the Official Vodafone forums. Seems as though some employees were a little over zealous in having put promo material on display and one savvy BlackBerry user happened to catch a pic of it. Now that we know promo material is showing up launch cannot be that far off.

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Vodafone Preparing For BlackBerry Storm 2 Launch As Promo Material Appears


Hurts to say this, but i think i might leave the crackberry nation to go with one of the new android phones on verizon, either the Hero/Desire(not sure launch name) or the Droid/Sholes because the storm 2 just looks like a fixed storm 1, nothing really added, i mean if it had 30 fps wvga video recording i might stay but at this moment it looks boring, but theres always hope nation! :)

Very cool! just hope its better than the last one. from what i have read and seen it looks like they have made some decent improvements over the past one.

picky cry babies need to stop whining! I have had the Storm 1 since launch... 7th person to get one at my location, and still have... I have dropped it, slept on it, stepped on it, and threw it.. yet it still works just fine... so thank you RIM for making only one Storm that works and allowing me to get it... also, Oct launch for Vodafone.... Nov launch for Verizon...

that's what i'm saying! I've been refreshing this site all day in hopes that it would have been released.

Considering the bad press around the first phone (which I use and like btw) I can't imagine that they are really going to call the next version the "Storm 2". Has there been any history of RIM doing this? I'm calling out this photo as a FAKE (i.e. this is not official marketing material from RIM)! Wouldn't be surprised if they went back to "Thunder" or something similar.

BUT, I can't justify spending $500(guessing at the retail price here) to get a new phone. i have well over a year left till i can upgrade and i just don't see enough new or different things in this new version. The Storm 1 works just fine(running .148). I have never had a problem with it. I am assuming it will get even better when 5.0 comes out. Maybe it's just me, but having the absolute newest tech out there is just dumb because there is ALWAYS a newer version of something on it's way. Once the storm 2 comes out, i wonder how long before someone says they want the next version. It's enough to drive ya crazy sometimes. Just my opinion though.

I talked to a rep today because I was complaining about how my screen is acting crazy on the storm 1 and he said something very interesting to me about the storm 2 for verizon. I was shocked by far when he told me that they had pushed it back to next year and my jaw dropped. I am so confused right now because everyone is setting dates and when I heard this one I had to ask him was he serious so now idk. Sorry if this comes out to be true but I am a BBstorm addict so idk not tryin to spread any rumors but hey we gotta compare notes right?

Reps don't know anything, especially about phones that aren't released yet. Never take what they say regarding pre-releases seriously.

thanks for that i knew not to believe it and i mean he sounded so stong to push me to try the htc imagio so i dont know i guess all the dates hittin the forums i lost faith sorry fellow bb users

Anticipation is becoming a reality! All the Storm 2 haters need not reply.

BTW, I'm still keeping my Bold 9000. Love it.