Vodafone UK offers up a BlackBerry Torch 9860 sneak peek

By Bla1ze on 4 Aug 2011 04:02 pm EDT

With the BlackBerry Torch 9860 having been given its official welcoming to the BlackBerry line up, more carriers are coming forth and sharing their info about the device. Vodafone UK, having already signed on to take the BlackBerry Bold 9900 in inventory now walks us through the BlackBerry Torch 9860 that will soon be hitting UK.

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Vodafone UK offers up a BlackBerry Torch 9860 sneak peek


1st, Cool video. She mentioned that the pages load "45%" faster than BB6. If I am not mistaken the previous claim was 40%. Any increase is good, so long as it lives up to our expectations :o)

if tmo doesn't' get this phone i will get an AT&T and unlock it.. I still want to know if UMA will work on this since I do use it a lot..

That's what I'm doing too. Paying full price (or eBay/Craigslist) and unlocking this bad boy to use on Tmo.

AT&T is taking over anyway, so eventually we'll be able to use AT&T's 3G.

I doubt UMA will work if it is not a T-mo phone. But, if you figure out how to make it work, let us know!

Hi @tcseacliff,

Alex from RIM here. The Torch 9860 rocks a 3.7-inch display, which is ideal for showing off web pages, videos, photos and games – all brought to life by the new BlackBerry 7 OS for a quicker and more fluid user experience.

Stop by our Inside BlackBerry Blog to read some early reviews from #TeamBlackBerry on the Torch: http://bbry.lv/qINY3c.

Alex, RIM Social Media Team

Too bad it won't be available until fall, which is in RIM language, like November! Now that's what I call " the largest launch in RIM's history". If they can't get all three (it's not 5, it's 3) of these devices out within 30 days to all of the carriers, it's not a real launch. It's once again all talk and no product, and the iPhone 5, windows Mango and oncoming dual-core Androids will eat these for lunch - because they'll all end up becoming available BEFORE the 9850/9860, and the other two in A LOT of markets.

1. some carriers say that the phones will be available from 15th of augest so im not worried about fall
2. even if they do come out at fall the android ip5 wont be as good because they just ain't blackberrys period

Really? You think WP7 is going to eat a BlackBerry for lunch? I keep hearing Windows Phone will be a success someday, and I keep saying to those people it's been around for 10 months and it has LOST market share compared to Windows Mobile 6.5 in that time.

But then these people are probably the same people who said the Zune was much better then the iPod and was destined for success. Well Zune is dead, long live Metro on Windows Phone 7.... Oh wait..... Zune was "great" yet it flopped..... and Windows Phone IS Zune OS repackaged with a phone slapped on for good measure..... and just like Zune it's "great" but no one is buying it. I just don't have high hopes for Windows Phone. RIM and Nokia both whopped Microsoft's ass in smartphones for years and years. Nokia is dead no may they rest in peace, but RIM will continue to be the undisputed champ in enterprise for the foreseeable future and beyond.

Android is eating everyone's lunch in the consumer market but it will peak, RIM just needs to hold on to their existing customers and keep growing sales until next year and they need to get QNX on phones right the first time and they'll be just fine.

Apple will continue to be Apple and they have their core market segment which is about the same size as RIM's core customer base and both will continue to sell tens of millions of phones a year.

That's a lot of if's. I hope you're right. But the Mango update for windows is getting a lot of buzz, and the iOS base is only growing. And android isn't going to peak anytime soon.

RIM needs to make these available ASAP! Nothing short of that will do, I'm confident of that.

I totally agree that they won't top the 9850/9860, but A LOT of people disagree. And the August 15th date is for the 9900 and/or 9810, and for a very select few. Sprint and AT&T already said either fall or "later this year", which is a BAD sign. AT&T will only have the 9810 in August, but that's the least anticipated one, frankly.

i'll take her instead of that phone...she's adorable omg. and that accent...oy vey...she can recite to me my captain crunch cereal ingredients, and i'd find it sexy lol.

nice fone though. can't wait! thanx Bla1ze. :)