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Vodafone launches WorldTraveller to eliminate international roaming costs

By Harish Jonnalagadda on 7 Jul 2014 07:09 am EDT

After slashing roaming costs earlier this year, Vodafone is now rolling out a new deal that allows customers to continue using their plan while abroad for £5 a day.

Dubbed WorldTraveller, the deal lets you use our current allowance of texts, voice and data when you travel to the USA, India, Australia, New Zealand, Egypt, Ghana, Qatar and South Africa. Should you exceed your quota while roaming, you will be charged the standard overage UK rates.

The deal is valid on monthly as well as certain business plans, but does not extend to pay-as-you-go subscribers. If you're visiting countries within the EU, a EuroTraveller deal offers the same benefits for £2 a day.

Vodafone's move is part of a broader push by carriers to reduce roaming charges for customers traveling abroad. Earlier this year, Three rolled out a similar initiative called Feel At Home that allows customers to use their UK allowance in 16 international destinations for free.

Interested in Vodafone's offer? Check out all the pertinent details at the link below.

Source: Vodafone

Reader comments

Vodafone launches WorldTraveller to eliminate international roaming costs


I will be first to reply to this post and last to benefit since I can't use them around here..

Posted via CB10

I am also on Vodafone DE.

But Guys 5 Pounds A DAY! That's ridiculous in my opinion. Anyone really thinking this is a deal?

Posted via CB10

I used to pay £5 per day to get just 20mb. No minutes, no text. Now, I would happily pay £5 per day, although Three UK's deal is looking pretty good nowadays..

Posted via CB10

Ok, but this is apparently aimed at business travellers. They have been totally ripped off so far, for them it's a huge relief being able to use their phone as normal for a calculable fee.

Puts an end to those massive bills for pulling up a few websites when leaving the plane, or if you forget to leave data turned off when you exit the airport. Bang, a few emails at the roaming price and you'd have your £70.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

I am reading the Dutch version of these two plans I was recently informed of:

Euro daily travel: 2 euro per day for 20 min/sms and 35 Mb data.
(or 4 euro for 100 mins/sms, 100 Mb)

World daily travel: 5 euro per day for ONLY 30 Mb data, no mins/sms at all.

With roaming costs being more and more regulated, I do not understand why these providers do not just offer the same plans across countries. Especially when they have to follow the same European guidelines anyway.
Now these Dutch plans just seem outrageously overpriced.

On another note, if a Vodafone customer goes abroad and uses the local Vodafone network, why would that be considered roaming in the first place? Get with the times already! You cannot push for a global economy on the one hand, but still operate so independently on the other.

BlackBerry 10 signed.

I can just buy a new sim card for 5-10 euros and just use that. A hell of a lot cheaper than 5 euro per day.

And here in the US no one is offering international roaming for free, not even to Canada or Mexico.

Posted via CB using my Q10

I can see why Verizon bought themselves out of Vodafone... so they can keep charging $20/MB for international data.

: /

Posted via CB10

Toooooooo little too late... eat as much as you can of data on "three" mobile for £5.00 a day, which can be used for BBM, FB messenger, viber...etc etc... and it has been there for years! Three now offers using your own allowance in 16 countries for freeeeeee!

Posted via CB10

Well neither Euro Traveller nor World Traveller cover Israel

So I'll use a local phone + the pretty extensive free wifi when I visit :)

Posted via CB10

The only trouble I have found in the past is that it can often turn into £5 a call, as I tend not to make that many calls when abroad:-(

Posted via CB10

I'm sorry, but I don't see the benefit of it, unless you are on business trip and the company is paying for it.

For me it is useless.
1, I don't use Vodafone in the UK
2, if I go home (Hungary) I put my Vodafone SIM into my Z10, recharge the PAYG account by 10 £ and I got 1GB net and approx 300 minutes worth of credit.
This set up is good enough for me, but this is a unique situation, BUT if you travel for more than 3 days I think you could find better local deals.

Posted via CB10

I just spent the month of June in Europe. I bought a Vodafone International sim in Greece for 5 euro's and added 10 Euros to that for data and talk and stuck it into my Z30. I used this for 10 days all over Greece and Southern Turkey, it finally ran out in Naples, Italy. I went to a Vodafone store, they told me I had to buy a whole new sim, not sure why as the one I had was working perfectly. But I did for 5 euros ans added another 10 euros. This lasted me the rest of the trip, through, Italy, Monaco, France and Germany. I was always in touch with work and home. I was uploading pictures constantly, doing BBM talk and video calls and my sim ran out as I was waiting for my flight home from Germany all for a total cost of 30 euros($42) for the whole month. So this 5 pounds or $7.50/day is not such a great deal to me.

The 3 deal is much better (i.e. free) if you're traveling to one of the increasing list of countries on their Feel at Home service. Switched from Vodafone to 3 earlier this year for this reason and because 3 don't charge for 4G.

Posted via CB10

Typical rip off from vodafone, just another way to extort more money off you. I will be changing to 3 when my contract ends.

Posted via CB10

Agree with other comments. 3 have a much better deal and they are rolling it out to more and more countries. I went to Australia last year and was able to use my allowance to call and text home and use data, it was brilliant! Off to Finland at the end of this month and sellers be able to do the same!

Posted via CB10