Vodafone Italy now selling the BlackBerry Q5, TIM Italy taking registrations

By Bla1ze on 12 Jul 2013 01:21 am EDT

Live in Italy and looking to get your hands on a BlackBerry Q5? If so, Vodafone will gladly hook you up with one right now starting at €0 with tariffs and going up to €399 without. The only catch is you won't have many color options to choose from and by that I mean you only get the choice of black. 

If you're willing to wait a bit though, you can grab the white version from TIM who is now taking registrations for when the device will be available on their network. Unfortunately, TIM isn't saying any prices right now but I suspect they'll be in line with those of Vodafone. Side note: The Vodafone translated description is a bit, shall we say, interesting. I'll leave it for you folks to discover.

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Vodafone Italy now selling the BlackBerry Q5, TIM Italy taking registrations


The problem is that the price is to high.You can have or almost have the same features on a lower cost android phone.

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BlackBerry should really sell this at loss to gain market share. Better than doing poor marketing. At least a bigger user base.

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I'm from Italy and I see what people buy here.
I'm not making predictions but there will always be an android phone with lower price and that's what people who's looking for an entry-level devicecare about right now: low price!
It the Q5 only costed 299/350 €s it'd be a different story. Anyway, let's hope for the best.

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Bruno, sai bene che i prezzi di listino servono solo a "classificare" il dispositivo, online lo troverai sui 320€ il giorno dopo, e dopo un mese a 300€. È la stessa cosa che è accaduta col Curve 9360: costava 350€ a listino, ma io l'ho acquistato dopo un paio di settimane dal suo rilascio a 270€. Come ho già scritto in inglese, comprare dai gestori è semplicemente stupido.
E Heins ha comunque detto più volte che gli OS 7 copriranno la fascia bassa: pensa che un 9220 costa 99€ da Tim (non ha il 3G, cosa più che accettabile... almeno nel 2009).

why can't Italy not offer the multicolor Q5 .......talked to my cousins in Italy they would love the multi color Q5 .....marketing Vodophone ....marketing !!

crazy price for that phone...just check out the Lumia 800, really nicely built device,costs 200eur..ok,it is not qwerty, but anyway,it has better specs, better camera, great display,tons of apps etc. You can buy 2 for a price of one Q5... it's madness

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Lumia 800 is rubbish. I would know, I have one. It doesn't compare at all in hardware or software experience.

While the Q may be expensive, it isn't an entry level experience. Try getting an entry level android phone. I've had that experience before and you get what you pay for.

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You're right Blaze, really interesting and particular (it should be a good translation):

"The BlackBerry Q5 it's RIM's new smartphone which inaugurates a turnaround for the Canadian company in smartphone developing.
The Q5 with the new BB 10 operating system incorporates BlackBerry's usual quality and efficiency with the practicality and the technology of most diffused touchscreen smartphones."

Well, jic999, usually colored phones are not so requested in Italy: I've never seen a colored BlackBerry as far as I remember (maybe a violet 8520 one time). Yet I don't care about carriers because I think that is better buying online, because contracts in Europe and especially in Italy are different from American ones: if you want a Q5 from Vodafone (and don't want to take it as it is for 400€), you have to pay at least 35€ monthly (you have of course lot of traffic, but not unlimited) for 2,5 years. It means about 1050€ for a phone that you can buy online for 500€.
Oh, it's a crime, but the dollars-euros exchange applied in Europe is 1:1, so that if a cellphone in USA costs 400$ we don't pay for it 306,5€ but 400€: you're lucky!

I got mine in San Sebastian, Spain for €389 unlocked, not available in Biarritz France where I live. Very good OS and phone.

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