Vodafone Germany looks to be preparing for the BlackBerry Passport

By Bla1ze on 12 Aug 2014 11:57 am EDT

While its all been rather hush-hush when it comes to carriers who might be offering the BlackBerry Passport, it's looking as though Vodafone Germany is among the first to break the silence on the matter. Over at the Vodafone Germany forums, when questioned whether or not the carrier would eventually be offering the Passport, a forums moderator looked into the matter and came with the reply that they would indeed be making the device available to customers with an expected release of October but no pricing details were noted.

We will take over the BlackBerry Passport in our range. : Smiley very-happy:planned to sell from the beginning of October, but this date has not yet been confirmed by the manufacturer.

Is it an official confirmation? I wouldn't go that far as things can change and mistakes can be made on customer forums. However, it's a good sign in any case for those looking to pick up the device in Germany. Now, we just have to wait for even more carrier news to trickle out as I'm sure many are wondering what other carriers will have the Passport as well.

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Vodafone Germany looks to be preparing for the BlackBerry Passport


Yup. Like me. Happy me :-P

....but not on Vodafone, so there's that. Good that T-Mobile Germany (Deutsche Telekom) is also inofficially confiirmed at this point.

Mostly good news for anyone on a Vodafone that still stocks blackberry really, they tend to make decision like that on a group basis.

Haha. Excessive perhaps. Passionate for sure.

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Yep. It'll probably be released first in Europe, then late October in Canada and other similar markets, then not in the US until mid-November if we go with what we have seen of BB10 so far.

We'll see how it goes though.

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Mid-Nov is being modest. I don't Sprint had the Q-10 until almost 3mths after first availability. Though I hope to get the Passport sooner than later.

Good news for our friends in Germany. I have no interest in BlackBerry passport because of the battery and keyboard. I am looking at HTC M8 for now

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Some comments aren't worth responding to. Don't know why that person even stated that they were even looking at an HTC... just my. 000012 worth.

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I'd suggest he's just trying to stir up a reaction. Why bother tossing something like that into the conversation otherwise?

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The guy is probably fixated on a removable battery. That's the most important thing about a smartphone - not the OS or the manufacturer, apparently.

It doesn't. Removable SD card storage though.

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And Canada? Has any stepped up to the plate and thrown in with BlackBerry and the Passport?

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The last time Rogers tried to drop Blackberry support was when they said they wouldn't sell the z30. They had so many complaints that they gave in and they started selling it. I would expect that Rogers has learned their lesson and will be carrying the Passport.

I see what you did there lol. I don't want BlackBerry to get sued for using 'Das' ;p

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My German is a bit rusty (some would say non-existent) but "das" = "the" I 'm pretty sure , thus making copyright a tough sell. Das Passport!

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

"Das" is the neutral article, it would rather be "der"... (masculine)

But the VW ad reference is great...

(Passport is Reisepass, drivers license is... we shouldn't go there... ;-) )

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

Too bad Vodafone NL has repeatedly stated they will not offer anymore BlackBerry hardware. At least they will still 'support the OS', whatever that means since their Apps are not even on it.

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It's a real shame when you have to wonder if any carrier will showcase a new device, BlackBerry or otherwise. Something is wrong here...SMH!!

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Blackberry needs to market there products. The passport needs to be cool suave. They need a spokesman. For example Daniel Craig James Bond a real phone for business men and women. Throw a commercial out there James Bond at a board meeting with a passport while the goofy guys. Our playing angry birds and star wars with there apple I phones at droids

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I like the idea but Daniel Craig as James Bond is not happening . That's a Sony brand machine with the C902 in QoS and the Xperia in Skyfall.

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They should be sending passports for product placement in any tv show with; bankers, lawyers, politicians and doctors.

There are tons of shows with those character types

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And its for this reason that I am leaving my current carrier (O2) and go with Vodaphone. I see Vodaphone in the UK as the ONLY carrier that truly support the future of BlackBerry via stocking their devices. Well done.

No Vodafone signal in the countryside where I live, that's a little bit more important to me than what phone I have

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Great news for the BlackBerry fan in Germany. Can't wait to hear about the availability in my side of the world. And of cause the 10.3.1 update

Would like to see vodafone czech republic offering passport too so the people here would know that the blackberry still exists because the majority of them have no idea....

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More or less one month to wait.... all together ready to empty your pocket... and fill it with the Passport!!!!!

Are you sure they didn't mean a passport, but a Passport? Lol.

My local WalMart mobile department employees are utterly useless.

You can forget about James Bond, he is locked to Sony.

What we really need is for BlackBerry's legal department to lock those carriers down to an agreement to stock and promote the Passport .

BlackBerry also needs to start own promoting and advertising. Guerrilla style.

The question is whose products are they?

BlackBerry's or the carriers? Carriers are too unreliable, just look at the Z10 and Q10?

Time to take ownership of your products.

BlackBerry...Get it done!!! ©

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T-Mobile rep. Just walked into my organization trying to sell me an executive plan for my personal use and get me off my Verizon plan. His deals sounded real sweet until I told him I am BlackBerry user for life. He kind of muddled around and said, do they even still make phones? I pulled out the old Z30 and placed it next to his POS galaxy 4. Yeah they do much better than anything you are carrying...Just goes to show you BlackBerry needs to come out guns blazing advertising this thing. otherwise there is no chance this device will take off...

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Haha nice one! I'm on T-Mobile because it's cheap and I milk my unlimited limited to 10 GB plan.

Carbon Fiber Z10 w/Leather Holster

I'm on t-mobile too, but I already planned on getting my Passport through BlackBerry or possibly Amazon...... don't have time to wait on them to decide what they are going to do.
Now let's hope this device is under $600

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TMO and BlackBerry are done. TMO will not carry and BlackBerry devices in US Anymore

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It would be nice for carriers to have some genuine excitement about BlackBerries. They are great and have sold well in the past. Here's to hoping BBLimited is creating some stronger relationships.

Nice! Vaderfone still rocks! I'm looking forward 4 october to get one via contract extension!

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That forums moderator is about to be paid a visit by the Stasi.

Frosty white Q10/

Carrier support in Canada is not promising...
Since Canada has started "regulating" the carriers it hasn't had all positive results for the average consumer. Contracts have been limited to 2-years and that directly affects what kind of subsidizing they can do on their phones. This means that carriers tend to push the lower end cheaper phones because it means they can offer "cheaper plans" at higher profits for them.
If you live in Canada, you are better off to buy the Passport directly from BlackBerry (or at least not subsidized by a carrier) and stay on your old contract. You'll save money in the end.
∴ BlackBerry needs to market this thing themselves in North America!

I live in Canada and respectfully disagree with your assessment. If you do the math, the carrier amortizes the subsidy over two years. They can either reduce the subsidy or increase you monthly fee. The consumer decides if they want to pay more for a better phone, as they always have. There's no need to go looking for a conspiracy that doesn’t exist. When you think about it, the carrier probably makes a better profit on the same markup of an expensive phone than a cheap phone. Food for thought.

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BlackBerry Passport will have superior sound. Unlike anything with a 3450 Mah battery. This beast is built for professionals.

For Work

Ex. Superior sound will help Voice conference in meeting. And still enough hours left on it. I hear BlackBerry Passport will last almost 2 full day of use on one charge.

For Play

After work, you can relax to music with superior sound of BlackBerry Passport.

And then play games on it with enough juice remaining.

Perfect Balance of work and play.

BlackBerry Lead
Do Not Follow

Looper Back Make Corleone Offer for TrackPad on BB10

I left Vodafone NL for T-Mobile NL because they didn't release the Torch 9800 fast enough. Now they stopped carrying BlackBerry also. Thank goodness there is the amazing the Coolblue shops that carries everything! There are only a handful of networks.... so I'd eventually run out of networks to go to. Blackberry should start selling the handsets themselves.

Demobigen (Powered by Blackberry® Z3)

Not sure where you are located but you can buy directly online @ shopblackberry.ca or shopblackberry.com in Canada and the US respectively.

Best option would probably be the uk or german amazon, you'd expect them to stock this with it being the first device that is going to benefit from that appstore deal.

Yes yes yes
On vodafone Germany via my company.
Used to be the first non-IT tester for the bb10 devices, already announced I want this baby....let's wait and see ;)

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I can be in Germany :) But I'll wait for the Z50.

I really want a premium all-touch device. Chen, are you listening? I noticed many of the screen shots at BlackBerry.com are featuring keyboard devices. I suppose Chen sees this as a uniquely defining characteristic of what it means to be BlackBerry. It doesn't mean that BlackBerry can't have premium uniquely defining all-touch devices. The Z10 proved they could have an all-touch device that has a powerfully unique virtual keyboard. It was good but it can still be perfected!

Steve Jobs was a genius in marketing, you don't need the best products. Make your product trendy,cool, people will follow,even adults want to fit in its human nature. That's why apple exploded. There phone is no better then the next in fact it is becoming inferior however sales climb.the passport looks amazing without marketing it might not take off. Time to invest aggressively!

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That's good for Germany, but leaves those of us in the USA still not knowing even if we will have it available, as we are at the mercy of three carriers that have not to date been friendly to BlackBerry or BlackBerry users. I'm willing to switch to Verizon, although that will be a hard sell to my wife, who still likes Sprint.

Off topic, the photo with this article gives one of the better senses of scale that I have seen. The Passport looks to be a tad smaller than my Kindle Paperwhite. It will fit in the front pocket of my trousers, but just barely. As the photo indicates, a jacket pocket will be the easier choice.

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Blackberry is on the right track z 30. Is an amazing phone battery life superb phone is solid speakers incredible.however Blackberry cannot just be slightly better or they will lose, because there stereotyped as a inferior product, people are comfortable with, apple Samsung, droids. Blackberry needs to break that mold,come out with something unique, create buzz, a phone people will talk about and buy. For the one unique quality the other companies don't have. Hopefully the passport will be it

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That's not the problem. People want what masses have. The few remaining BlackBerry fans are the people that like being different.

I think people used to want BlackBerry because it meant you were a big shot. Apple came along charging 700.00 for a phone and everyone had to have that. Status symbols.

the problem is the business world has changed, more companies are mobile now, they're not going to spend 700 on phones for everyone. BlackBerry needs phones for executives, like the passport, classics for middle management types and weird as it is cheap secure flip phones types for field people. Where I work we have thousands of Samsung rugby 3's. Tough little military specs phone (probably should sell these under the name rim)

BlackBerry should be selling complete services. BES + phones + apps + cloud services + accessories in one place.

Sorry pretty far off topic there

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A great device isn't anything without a great eco-system! BlackBerry get you're stuff together because I'm becoming disappointed again.

No More Music!!!!! No More Videos!!!

Seriously, can't wait to get my hands on that phone. Im from the Netherlands, but ill pick it up by plane if necesarry from London or germany. Want to have it!

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Must be nice right now to live in Germany :). I hope that BlackBerry plans on selling the phone directly. That way those of us who are not on a carrier who will be selling them can buy directly. No matter what country. I wouldnt want to buy a passport branded with Verizon and use it on Tmo. (thanks to the new unlocking law in the US)

Amazing! Germany ahead as usual. They know great phones for sure! Can't wait for the Passport but not sure if I want to replace my #Q10 so soon :( long live #BlackBerry!

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Shouldn't there be a 10.3.1 leak for z10 or z30, as compared to last year we are not getting anything from the new OS.

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Well Sprint seems to only like BlackBerry phones with keyboards so HOPEFULLY they will be caring a CDMA version of the Passport.

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So I've you guys had to predict when the passport will come out in the US when would you say it will?

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US is gonna be tough. Guessing VZW for sure and possibly ATT but other than that don't think anyone else will jump on the Passport train. Probably buy direct from BBRY

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Looks like another Super Bowl ad if it comes to the States.


Will BlackBerry be offering the phone Directly from Shop BlackBerry on opening day?

Posted on my Z30

I could ask my cousin to get me one... but..no! i'm keeping my Z10.. for the passport... maybe never...

I an waiting to see what my Z10 will have as "children" :) a physical keyboard on my cell is not a very interesting choice for me. Prefer having a better screen...

Should I wait for the x64 bit phones they gave been "unofficialy" planned or my Z10s grandkids... will see..

Ssswiped with my Z10

You not sure what I am talking about? Then you haven't been following the many articles. The battery is non removable and in case you dropped it in water, you will understand much better.

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I think after Germany, either the UK or the Middle East, especially Dubai will have it before USA. Remember your experience with Z10. For me, I got tired of waiting for it and got it from UK and it was months before USA got it at many phone companies

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Interesting to think I may need to update my actual Passport to fly over and get one from an awesome BlackBerry supporting carrier. Lol. As if. Thank god for the Internet. VERIZON. Get going. Take my MONEY!

 Swiped off my Z10 

Vodafone Germany isnt carrying BlackBerry products anymore as strong as they did until Maybe 2011. If you want to have or even see a BlackBerry device in their stores you need to ask for them. They might have one in their backoffice storage. There are close to none BlackBerry devices to be found on their front shelves though, its a shame!

I heard that att will not carry any blackberry phones either. Witch is why i stated that no us carriers will carry any BlackBerry phones. Except maybe Verizon, but on line only like z30 was. You can pretty much count on that.

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2 Carriers that will carry the Passport is Verizon and AT&T.
Screw the other carriers. They will eventually BEG BBRY to feed them Classic's and Passport's.

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I know people are wanting the classic and passport to hit windmobile in canada and elsewhere. Lol

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The Passport will hopefully be released in September. An early September launch would be ideal. This device should have come out yesterday.
So hopefully John Chen pushes this device out the door as soon as possible, before the lack luster and hyped up iPhone 6 comes out.

I don't want to hear the Passport is not in competition with the iPhone 6, because it's a matter of Fact IT IS.

Posted on my Q5

Unfortunately, for Blackberry historically when they say "September launch" that usually means having some sort of launch event on September 30th and then the device actually available by December.

It also will be avaliable in AUSTRIA(we have the mountains not the kangaroos :-P ) on the carrier A1...
Sooo excited!

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@KlausW's post: That is unfortunately correct. Vodafone Germany listed all available phones (even 9900 without camera) and had them ready to order. As a shop manager back then I literally had to beg to have a few Z10 and Q10 on stock. Getting Q5 on stock was easier.

Trouble is that even the "Vertriebsbeauftragten"/"Filialbetreuer" (Salesrepresentatives/PoS-Mangers) ceased using Blackberrys as well.

There were no product trainings, before the BB10-device Z10 was about to get started.

In my town there was a "kickoff" in a stylish restaurant and every invited participant got a free Z10.

But there was no support in marketing and whatsoever. Everyone was just saying "these are the last rites" before Blackberry ends.

I am happy and glad, that it didn't happen, "we're still standing". *lol*

What they really need is good marketing and devices, which are not buggy. I still remember the Vodafone fiasco with the Blackberry Storm, following the same strong returns, like the Samsung Qbowl, which didn't sell much, just because it was so expensive.

Anyway, even that we'll have the new Blackberry devices earlier, does not neccessarily mean, that we will have them ready in stores.

As of now there is a strong movement in selling Sony phones, because direct stores and franchisers make extra money, once they sold a certain number of devices.

The kind folks from Blackberry tried to start campaigns such like that, to no avail... because either no executive, salesmen cared and because there were other campaigns from other companies (such as Samsung, Sony and you may laugh but also very good campaigns from Nokia).

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