Vodafone flick on the 4G switch in Tasmania

Vodafone 4G
By James Richardson on 21 Mar 2014 04:36 am EDT

Just a quick slice of news from down under. For those of you living in Tasmania who are on the Vodafone network you'll now be able to access 4G on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone in certain cities. Vodafone Australia have been trialing 4G for some time but it's only this week that sees the service go officially live in Tasmania. 

As far as I can see - Vodafone Australia only sell the BlackBerry Z10 and have a choice of 4G plans ranging from $46 per month up to $100 and clearly, the more you pay - the more you get for your money. 

Of course, many folk may well already have gone down the SIM only route which will allow you to use Vodafone 4G on other BlackBerry 10 devices. 

In a statement issued this morning, Vodafone Chief Technology Officer, Benoit Hanssen, said customers in Tasmania now had greater choice when it came to choosing 4G networks, as his team prepared for an accelerated rollout in the coming months.

“Vodafone’s 4G network continues to expand around the country and we are pleased to announce the launch of our fast, reliable 4G network in Tasmania,” said Hanssen. “We have a long history in this state where our customer-care centre has been based for more 15 years. Late last year we also opened a second call centre in the Hobart CBD.”

“This is a launch I am especially proud of as our excellent Tassie team call me regularly to ask when we’re going to switch it on! Following our very successful testing, I am pleased to report we are offering fast, reliable 4G coverage in West Moonah, Cambridge, New Norfolk, Warrane and Hobart Airport.”

Hanssen said Vodafone has focused on creating a fast, reliable network in Tasmania. “A few weeks ago we announced our first million 4G customers on our network, a major milestone less than a year after we first switched on our first 4G site. Customers are telling us they are enjoying using their devices on our newest network.”

The CTO added the challenge for all mobile telecommunications engineers was ‘future-proofing’ networks to keep up with the ever-growing demand for data.

“One of the little-discussed benefits of switching on 4G networks is that as customers with 4G devices automatically move over onto the 4G network, it means there is greater capacity on our 3G and 3G+ networks. So that means all of our customers notice the difference and are able to access faster data speeds,” said Hanssen.

It may have taken some time to hit Tasmania but 4G is slowly getting around the globe - great news. Are you in Tasmania? How's BlackBerry 10 doing over there? 

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Vodafone flick on the 4G switch in Tasmania


I've seen lots of "Maps of Tassie" on my Vodafone 4G lately! Vodafone's 4G Network is super quick! It is much faster than my Telstra home broadband.

Posted with the brilliance of my Z10

Hey, that's my old home state! I used to be with Vodafone there, but I'm with Telstra where I live now... remote NT mining town, had to ditch them when I came here.. but the choice has gotta be good for Tassie! :-D

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Just a shame that the device saturation in this country is so poor. Selling the Z10 openly to consumers puts Vodafone ahead in BlackBerry offerings. You have to be a business customer with Telstra to get any better. It is great that Tassie is getting 4G, but it would be good to have the devices to use with it.

Yeah but the Z10 is all they sell. I've been trying to get a Z30 since release as my contract has been up for renewal for a while now. I have sent Vodafone several emails and rang them plenty of times requesting theZ30, but they say they don't know when or even if they will ever carry it. It's also near impossible to find even a Z10 in store, and all the sales people I spoke to hadn't even seen one. Telstra has the Z30, Z10 and Q10 but their plans aren't anywhere near as good. Just a shame that BlackBerry does very little marketing in Australia and most people just don't know how good these phones are. Everyone I know has either an iPhone or Samsung.
BlackBerry Australia needs to push these phones more, especially to Vodafone.

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Good for Tassie!

They are about as different as it gets with their European style temperate climate from where I live in Tropical North Queensland, but anything BlackBerry is better than no BlackBerry.

Vodafone's service was next to unusable up here up until a while ago, if you intend to go bush, you'll loose signal pretty quick. Cairns and Townsville work fine now, but when you leave the city, service gets pretty ordinary. Maybe they change that some time down the track. Optus apparently hasn't installed any 4G in Cairns yet. Telstra only services a few kms around the City square. Not even all City suburbs are covered. At the Airport turnoff you'll lose 4G.

Same in Tassie? Only Launceston and Hobart? Any usable reception in the countryside?

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Yeah, the marketing is really letting BlackBerry down in Oz. Everyone just thinks a BlackBerry is a business device. If half of the market knew the connectivity of the bb10 system, ie the hub and the awesomeness of BBM it would be a different story.

Compared to Asia the Australian market is small but the ratio of population to mobile device is very much in Australia’s favour.

Bring on the Z3 I say.

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Waah!! Vodafone India has no such plans in 2014. As it is they are in bad shape for 3G network speed.

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Glad to hear our friends down under are getting better service...this is why I say BlackBerry needs to start opening little stores again!!! AT&T TMO aren't carrying ANY BB'S in store anymore.............................. do you hear me? If one can't even see the phone in store&play with it, how the hell is BlackBerry supposed to come back? It's easier to get a new phone user than a user already on another platform. I don't get it, BlackBerry needs to be more visual to customers.

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I'm in Tassie but can't say I've seen or used vodafone I'm with Telstra. Good to see New Norfolk get 4g

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