Vodafone BlackBerry Storm Commercial!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 6 Oct 2008 09:10 pm EDT

* Update: We have it on good word that Vodafone will officially announce the Storm tomorrow (5am UK time according to ElectricPig). *

A new BlackBerry Storm video! I told ya this week would bring more touchscreen BlackBerry goodness. Word has it that BlackBerry Storm commercials are airing on primetime tonight. This baby is going mainstream and fast. Try not to drool on your keyboard :-)

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Vodafone BlackBerry Storm Commercial!!


Simian Mobile Disco singing "Believe"- perfect for the 9500.

Hope Vz's commercial is just as hyped as Vodaphone's

so the vzw storm seems to have a silver trim to it and every vodafone commercial seems to show it all black. imo i like the all black storm look! will vzw be getting an all black option?

how come vodaphone is pushing advertising so much more than verizon? I have to say I am getting this phone despite this commercial. This commercial just wasnt a panty dropper. The crap techno in the back with whatever the heck they were doing wasnt all that great. Hopefully we can leave it to verizon to make a good commercial.

I saw the Verizon commercial that 'davemathbn' mentioned, but it was nothing like the Vodaphone's commercial. It was a big teaser with a quick shot of the back and then faded away as the front was coming into view. I had to rewind it and watch it again! HOT!!

According to the above youTube video the Blackberry Strom has the capability to support up to a 16GB microSD card. Is there any possibility that VZW will offer a package that includes a 16GB memory card for $299.99 to keep the price inline with Apple’s 16GB iPhone. Further more some blogs are indicating a 8GB card come free with the device, I sure enough would not mind spending a few extra dollars to have the 16GB instead.

Why Verizon and not AT&T? I mean, wow! This phone is AMAZING!! I've been waiting FOREVER for the Bold, and now THIS comes out!!! I just wish AT&T would have gotten the Storm and Verizon could have gotten the Bold. Bummer :(

because RIM's being smart and giving iphone direct competition by getting the customers that want one but won't switch away from the cdma carriers.. brillian IMO

*drools more* :) Can't wait for the Storm...The Bold is good but this is going to be AWESOME ! I want I want I want.

Not a gripe but an observation ;)
Has anyone else noticed the casing is all black & doesn't have the chrome edge to it. This is virtually the same video Kevin posted on Oct 2 that was leaked from the Voda conference but that showed the Storm as we are used to seeing it with chrome edge, this TV commercial shows it in black (unless the computer generation is wrong). Could this be to show distinction between the 9500 & the 9530 ?

Oh my gosh, I want one of these! Love that it's touch screen, and the design! The "take to the streets" video, I laughed, because everyone was like, "Can I hold it?" That's what I'd be like...I want to play with it!

Look at 1:21 - 1:25 where it shows the GPS. I see a button to zoom in and a button to zoom out on the UI.. Not a deal breaker, but I was really hoping to see a similar concept to the IPHONE for zooming on this device. I'm not jumping to any conclusions, and maybe the Storm will have some really cool way to zoom in / out, but this segment doesn't look promising...

Me + touch phones don't go over so well but if anyone can make it work for me it'll be RIM!

I may have to wait for this phone to rock the TELUS network. *Wipes drool off desk*

I agree, the device does look a bit thick and I noticed the edge's were all black, but I don't think it take away from the overall looks.

A friend of mine got to handle one of these for about 5 minutes at a conference just a few weeks ago and he said the device will most likely change the game. He is not a huge touchscreen fan, but was thoroughly impressed. His verdict; easy to use and the keyboard responding back to you is light years ahead of any other touchscreen he has ever dealt with.

Bottom line, I want one now!

Well, I really hope that the Verizon version will be shipping earlier than the Vodafone one. I really don't think I can live without a Blackberry for almost another 2 months !!!

This may be trivial, but has anyone noticed that this commercial shows the landscape position with the permanent "hard" buttons on the right? The PowerPoint released a few days ago (as well as other photos) show the buttons on the left. I believe that I would prefer the rotation 90 degrees counter clockwise from the portrait position (buttons on right), but I won't know until I get one in my grubby hands. I guess it's a moot point since I have to live with whatever decision RIM has made.

From what I recall, the video that BREWninja sent out in what seems like eons ago, the accelerometer will adjust to whatever position you have the STORM situated (in other words, he rotated the phone 360 degrees, and the screen adjusted each time).

So....you CAN have your cake and eat it too!

On another note, my company has a corporate account with VZW, and our sales rep says we would get our phones 2 weeks before public release....so, here's looking forward to getting one of these in the next couple of weeks (assuming a release date of 1st week of November)....

That will depend on the sensitivity of the accelerometer. You can turn it 360, but you have to stop at intervals for the screen to decide how to present. It won't spin endlessly if you do.

The Verizon storm will not have wifi, I think the reason is because its on their 3G network. Since the Vodaphone storm will be GSM they put Wifi on it.

i dont think you know for sure. no one does that can say.

even up until just today, it was thought that the 9500 didnt have it either. so you cant say the 9530 doesnt have it, based soely on past vzw phones

While I don't believe that VZW would allow WiFi on their phone....The TIME article does say it has WiFi.... Just wishful thinking...

Vodafone to release November 28? I hope Verizon will be out much sooner than that! Or better yet maybe that was a typo and he meant October 28!!

This is nothing. Its a model of the phone rotating to ridiculous music and people dancing on it. I want this phone to be awesome, but i'd hardly consider this like news. Show me a video of the phone working for one solid minute. Put any music you want to it, but this isnt anything to explode about.

I have a question about the blackberry storm and the wireless modem feature. What exactly will that enable someone to do with their computer and how will that work? Any thoughts?

you plug in your blackberry to ur computer via USB... use the VZAccess software and it will enable a data connection using your blackberry's data plan... it's like using an aircard or a built in EV-DO card, but without the need to carry extra equipment or sign up for a separate data plan. VZW usually charges $15 a month to be able to do it... probably to make up for the higher ammounts of data that you're likely to consume on a comp than a phone.

You don't even need to use the USB port if you have bluetooth on your laptop. I don't even have to take my phone out of my pocket to get my laptop on the internet (provided I'm within the coverage area).

November 28th?

I'm going to hope you mistyped and it should have said October 28th.

If the Verizon release of this phone isn't until November 28th, then fuck you assholes, I'm getting an iPhone. The date continues to get later and later... this is some stupid bullshit. Verizon always manages to fuck up the greatest opportunities.

Your argument is missing one operative fact - Verizon has never made an official release date announcement on this phone. Had they done so, and then subsequently delayed the phone, then I would share your frustration.

People that visit this blog, or other blogs such as boygeniusreport are ahead of the general curve. The leaks, rumors, and other inside rumors have gotten all of us anxious for the phone. However, there is an enormous percentage of BB users who don't visit these sites and are just starting to learn about the touchscreen BB for the first time. For this dominant group of BB users, the announcement of the phone this week and then waiting 6 weeks is entirely different than people who have been following this phone in the blogs/forums since the summer.

Caaaalm down.... Typo or not, this is vodafone we are talking about. Also, neither RIM, Verizon, NOR Vodafone have made any mention of a release date official yet.

agreed. I have a feeling this device is going to underwhelm. This might pass the time until that mysterious verizon iphone.

Ok, I am thinkin that just because this thing won't be out in Europe until the 29th of frickin November isn't an indication of when our Storm will be available. I realize that they have not even officially announced... WAIT A SEC...

They did frickin officially announce the Storm on VZW's own frickin website. Ok lets try this again, they have not in fact given us any indication of when this phone may be released. They have however soaked up every bit of free advertising that they could from our beloved Crackberry, BG and engadget, and Frickin Time Magazine.com. Now a commercial has been spotted on PRIME FRICKIN TIME no less. If they make us wait until nearly December for this phone, I will be very displeased.

Now to the Wifi cause it keeps rearing it's ugly head.

I HATE WIFI. With a dedicated data plan, I was able to get a good data connection in the middle of BFE in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. If you can think of a more remote place than that for a data signal let me know. Wifi is an EXTRA!!! It is a PERK. If this is what is holding up our Storm then I say F*ck the damn WiFi.

easy on the wifi dude... that's only in the 9500 (non ev-do one)... the 9530 is the ev-do one on verizon in the US... there's not gonna be any wi-fi on that one... nor is there a need...

Correction. There is a valid need for WiFi for a large demographic, and it's beyond your comprehension. Stick with what you know please...

what I know is that the storm is on verizon's huge ev-do network... the one that i am currently on with my BB 7130e... the one that i get a good ev-do signal practically everywhere i get a signal... even those places that do not have wi-fi available... and with the huge widespead availabilty of the most reliable 3G broadband data network... why would anyone need wi-fi? where are you gonna go that you're gonna need wi-fi but won't get a verizon ev-do signal.. or any data signal at all? Not to mention, there is no way to get one of these without a data plan, so you can't be like someone on t-mobile that only buys the phone without a data plan and uses wi-fi for data at home...

Isn't wifi useful for plane travel? Aren't most of the airlines planning to provide in-flight wifi? It would be nice if the storm had wifi for that purpose.

Well the Storm on VZW wont have wifi because its on their EVDO network the one for Voda will have WIFI. Can't wait to by an unlocked one.

Don't drink and Blog LOL. Valace2 take a happy pill bro and do some research. You will find your answers. As someone else stated, those of us on the these types of blogs are ahead of the general population. I just cane from my local Verizon store (hoping to find a demo there) but I bumped into a guy who was looking at BB's as well as web enabled phones. I enlightened him about the Storm as well as CB.com. He is holding off on making a purchase today. Sry Verizon Rep LOL.

As much as I like to see all of these promo vids and images, the hype surrounding the Storm will be much better once RIM finally announces/introduces the device to the world. We knew it was coming; now its here, but all of this hype means little until RIM makes it official.

All of the critiques and speculation makes it easy for us to forget that RIM ultimitely holds all the cards regarding what this phone can really do. Personally, I knew the device would have wifi! Why wouldn't it in todays market and once the device ends up on Sprint and TMO there is no telling what it will offer that VZW doesn't.

Note To Selves; the second generation Iphone made the first iphone generation bandwagoners angry and we all know why!!!!!

I am only saying that the 9500 and 9530 are so closely related that the inclusion of wifi in the 9500 could in some way muck up the whole process.Then to hell with the wifi. I might be completely wrong about what is holding it up. I just don't see what the damn deal is with wifi. With VZW's network you don't need it.

I like this phone but am nervous about it being too much hype and maybe once I get it I will not like it as much. But I am still waiting to see does anyone have any idea guessing whatever of when it will hit Canada?

1.) Wi-Fi is a huge benefit over EVDO, EVDO can't touch the speed of a good Wi-Fi signal.
2.) Using Wi-Fi for data would free up the EVDO network from handling this data, why would Verizon be opposed to this?
3.) Why does VZ allow other phones on their network to have Wi-Fi?
4.) VZW will probably disable the GPS as well, if you want GPS navigation you are forced to pay for VZnav, which still doesn't unlock the GPS for any other apps except VZnav.

The only thing that is RIDICULOUS is not being able to spell RIDICULOUS. If you're going to whine and complain, please spell your complaint correctly.

Are you the CrackBerry spellchecker? Or do you have something at all pertinent to say about this news post? Oh I forgot, you’re too busy spellchecking the internet, this must take up your whole life.

I am an English teacher and I HATE spelling and grammatical errors !! I am slightly OCD when it comes to this. Check your spelling before posting