Vodafone's BlackBerry Boys are back for round two

By Adam Zeis on 19 Mar 2012 11:45 am EDT

Remember this catchy Vodafone ad from last year featuring the BlackBerry Boys? Well they are back this time for another round, only they aren't so happy as they were before. No, it's not what you think -- the BlackBerry Boys are sad because they are no longer alone in their exclusive love and use of BlackBerry. The younger generation is taking over, using things like BBM for dating, "sending pictures on the move" and more. If you feel like having yet another BlackBerry tune stuck in your head all day, check out the video above to see the Boys in their reprise.

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Vodafone's BlackBerry Boys are back for round two


HAHAHA, (cough), (cough) HA, (cough), **sips water, HAHA!!

What's even funnier is that They're better than "BlackBerry Bold - Be Bold"!

RIMs marketing? isnt this a Vodafone ad? i think its great and catchy!

I want bell to get more CDMA phones!!!!!

It's a simple and refreshing ad, the problem is that the advertised featured can be on any smart phone these days, and probably much more.

RIM is the core problem.

I love the ad!! Its a great way to give the idea that BlackBerry is NOT just a business phone and implies that BB is alive and well. It also creatively shows how a BlackBerry meets the social and communication needs of non-business consumers.

It took an Indian company to get the message across (Oglivey and Mather). Maybe RIM should hire them for their North American ads.

The ad is a bit cry babyish but if it gets the message across....

I watched some of the other commercials that were apart of this series, and they are quite good, not to mention catchy (I've still got that song in my head). RIM should definitely be doing something along the those lines here in North America and else where for that matter. BBM is one of their best assets, they should really pedal it to the people.

Ugh this is HORRIBLE. I could not make it past the first 30 seconds. PLEASE for the love of god keep this in India. Where it seems like it is OK to have no taste.

commercials are meant to target certain customer groups based on their culture,age,gender,and many oth factors. u seem to b confusing urself with targeted marketing and ur own stupid personal taste no one cares abt.
by the way the add is a big hit here in India.

Yeah RIM out here is going after the masses. One of their first ads in recent times had them speaking to the working youth and a year later they started going after the college kids and high school kids. Now they have BBM only plans without data/mail to get more money conscious college going kids into the BBM world.

BBs sell out here and i'm sorry if we Indians lack taste but what we lack in we make up for in sheer numbers :p

@devinthomas: before u even start vodafone and BB are huge in India there is no contract system here its all outright payment for new phones and for the sake of god they are over a billion ppl here ready to shell out money and yeah we give secound chance to a company when we love some product we will support them not b*tch like u *no offence to my fellow BB addicts over the atlantic

I'm Canadian. I like these ads -- a lot -- because they're so different from the usual crap ads we see for everything on this continent. They have a sweet simplicity, & make a good clear point.

Honestly, who in this crowd doesn't click the channel clicker the very second yet another stupid American/Canadian ad comes on? Why are PVR's and TiVo's all the rage?