Vodafone UK set to offer 4G roaming at no extra cost - Great news for BlackBery users

By James Richardson on 18 Feb 2014 09:31 am EST

Vodafone may have only rolled out their 4G services in the UK six months ago, but the company have hit the headlines twice in the last 24 hours with both domestic and international news. Considering that Vodafone UK offer more BlackBerry 10 devices than any other network, I suspect that a reasonable proportion of their new 4G business to be BlackBerry users - both personal and business. 

First up is that here in Great Britain Vodafone have signed up half a million new 4G subscribers - more than EE upgraded in their first six months. I suppose that was to be expected though as more people are now aware of 4G LTE and the additional data speeds that it allows for. With all major networks in the UK now offering 4G (although in limited areas) it's pretty much common knowledge that 3G is old technology in comparison - yes, we have been lagging behind many other countries for some time. 

Vodafone are also going to be offering their 4G customers roaming services in 18 countries from this summer, at no extra cost compared with 3G - sweet. The company currently offers 4G roaming on its own network in Greece, Italy, Portugal, Romania and Spain, but the following countries are to be added to the list - Australia, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand, South Africa and the UK. In addition, Vodafone will be teaming up with other networks across the globe to offer the service in Austria, Belgium, France, Japan, Singapore, South Korea and Switzerland - a nice selection for starters. 

Vodafone Group chief commercial and operations officer Paolo Bertoluzzo said: “Much faster, simpler to use and often less expensive than typical, hotel wi-fi connections anywhere in Europe, 4G roaming will give our customers high-speed connections for video, music streaming, web surfing, working and much more anywhere, from the airport to the cafe.”

Could this make you switch your BlackBerry to Vodafone from another network? Let us know in the comments. Nice work Vodafone.

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Vodafone UK set to offer 4G roaming at no extra cost - Great news for BlackBery users


That's great but 4G is still not available on Q10 from Vodafone in Ireland ! Apparently they're still waiting for a piece of software to be approved

No 4G where I am and no prospect of it appearing before the end of my contract. But even if it does, Vodafone need to improve their piss poor customer service before I would consider renewing with them.

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"...at no extra cost compared with 3G"... seeming as the costs for 3G roaming are extortionate and you can burn through so much more data with 4G, I doubt this is an amazingly good deal.

Besides, isn't the European Commission in the midst of putting through regulation to curb (or eliminate) Europe wide roaming charges?


It will probably be several more years for those regulations to pass, and even more for 4G to be accessible Euro-wide.

But they are trying to eliminate the extra costs for roaming indeed, and it makes perfect sense to me. Data should cost the same anywhere.

BlackBerry 10 signed.

They mentioned the situation in the US. Oh no, don't do that. The mobile companies here have no love for BlackBerry.

Keep competition! That is what drive prices down, not huge company conglomerates like ATT T-Mobile, or Sprint. Creates better services.

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That article is no longer relevant EU commissioner Neelie Kroes (the one in charge for these things) has come out of the woodwork saying how in a unified market such as the EU roaming charges are ridiculous and she wants to kill roaming charges and I quote "realistically the plan for no roaming charges in the unified EU market will be completed by the end of 2016"

So Vodafone is taking a step ahead offering it already on their own networks, unfortunately they aren't present in every EU country.

4G networks are being deployed rapidly in the EU by carriers as we speak and connection spots will have dramatically increased by the end of 2014 and throughout 2015 so most subscribers will have 4G access by the time roaming charges are done with.

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I want to add that the linked article above is in fact relevant but not to this post. It details of roaming price caps for calls and not data which are in effect already.

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Its great news for many people. Myself I never see even 3G at home, despite being in an area where 20% of the UK population live (the countryside).
Use WiFi instead ? Yes ok, its about 700-800kB/s =D

Vodafone!! Always supported BlackBerry Users, was the only one which had BlackBerry Services enabled at no extra cost in their PrePaid Packages in Germany

Z10_STL100-2 _10.2.1.2041/2042 Vodafone DE

The article isn't about 3G, if you're only interest is 3G coverage then wait until o2 and Vodafone have completed their infrastructure merger in 2015.

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O2/vodaphone have terrible 3g 3 have 3g wherever you have a signal they don't even have 2g but EE/orange/t-mobile 3g is pretty reasonable even in countryside

The one and only Iphone wallpaper channel C001F26A0 no hate please I personally own a Q10 and 9900 :-)

So I'm wondering, with recent legislation, does that mean all of us that upgraded and paid more for the privilege of 4G, get a reduction back to our original price?

I read that if they alter prices mid contract, it's basically illegal.

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I haven't got any faith in Vodafone delivering a decent data signal. I've been with them for years and I can't get a decent data connection even stood in their store in the middle of Birmingham. They tried to demonstrate the advantages of 4G but couldn't get a signal themselves. Apparently the reason was because people were using the data services in the city centre so it meant they couldn't get a strong signal. True story.

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Slightly positive story for Vodafone 4G users.

To balance that positive tone out, do remember that many 3UK subscribers received a *free automatic upgrade* to 4G. Vodafone was not as generous with its own rollout of 4G. Luckily for VOD, many potential defectors to 3 were already locked into 24-month contracts when 3 announced their deal. That might mean that in a year to 2 years time, Vodafone might 'suddenly' announce its own free upgrade to 4G.

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Hey guys..i think there is something similar going on with O2 as well..

I received a text msg by O2 the other day saying that from the 18th of February my 4G will be activated for free..

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Yeah Three customers get the 4G upgrade for free too..... I pay £15 a month for unlimited data and, as mentioned you get free roaming in certain countries.

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So.... does that mean that Vodafone customers on the more expensive 4G contract (compared to 3G) get a tariff reduction. ...

I bet the answer starts with No.

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