Vodacom brings integrated carrier billing to their customers

Vodacom brings integrated carrier billing to their customers
By DJ Reyes on 18 Jun 2012 12:05 pm EDT

More and more carriers are joining the carrier billing campaign. Whlie many would still prefer to keep to the separate way of paying for app purchases there are many who welcome the addition of carrier billing. Vodacom is the latest carrier to offer its customers integrated billing for purchasing apps through App World. It extends to both prepaid and contract customers. With the payment being deducted from prepaid top-ups and charges being added to monthly contract bills. 

Data demand in the country is increasing and carriers want to make sure they maintain their customers amid stiff competition between them. With BlackBerry owing to 65% of the market share in South Africa, carriers and as well as RIM would want to make sure they keep their customers happy as they Android market is slowly growing.

Do you use carrier billing to make App World payments or do you prefer paying for those separately? Let us know in the comments. Personally, I like paying through Paypal, although I do welcome carrier billing. It's how UK networks used to charge for things before apps became the 'in' thing.

Source: News24 

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Vodacom brings integrated carrier billing to their customers


This sounds good. Here's hoping for the other carriers here in South Africa to hop on board. I currently use my bank card but this will be a good option to have.

Saw this the other day pop up in my AppWorld Settings - well done Vodacom & RIM. In a market where there is NO iTunes Store, this ROCKS!!

A Blackberry Lover & User of a Playbook & Torch9800!!