Vlingo Survey: UK BlackBerry Users Wanted!

By Kevin Michaluk on 17 Sep 2008 10:14 pm EDT

Take the VLingo UK Survey!

Erin from Vlingo just sent me an email. She needs some help. If you're from the UK and a BlackBerry User (or Abuser!), keep on reading and fill out the survey below...

Hi CrackBerry Nation!

vlingo, a US-based speech recognition company, needs your help identifying what commands UK users would expect to say to activate speech for various mobile phone applications.

If you have a BlackBerry or other smart phone and are living in and originally from the UK, we have a short (10-15 minute) survey for you to tell us what words you would use to ask your phone to perform various commands. You will receive a £5 Amazon.co.uk gift certificate within a week of completing the survey and will be entered in a raffle to win one of three additional £50 Amazon.co.uk gift certificates.

Thanks for the help! so much for your help as we learn how to make our product work well for users in the UK!

The survey is limited in participation to 50 users, so be sure respond QUICK if you are interested in participating. Thanks for helping Vlingo out!!

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Reader comments

Vlingo Survey: UK BlackBerry Users Wanted!


I'm glad to hear that they have realised not everyone in the world speaks with an American accent.

I'm in Australia and tried vlingo and it was hopeless, unless I masked with a really bad version of a yankee accent.

How about some Aussie love Vlingo...????

Yes. It's nice to see there is some interest in the UK Blackberry crowd. Things sometimes feel a little US orientated sometimes.