Vlingo for BlackBerry Status Update

By Kevin Michaluk on 27 Jun 2008 09:45 pm EDT

Vlingo News Update

Earlier this week we posted on the release of Vlingo for BlackBerry. For those who have been able to set up the application successfully, the feedback has been very postive (many are absolutely LOVING IT).

On the other hand, many BlackBerry users have been frustrated to date with the Vlingo experience, or lack of experience as it were... as there have been issues for some in setting up the Vlingo service (see comments; read rant).

Earlier today I contacted Vlingo and asked for a status update. Here's the word back:

Most people who have downloaded the software have been able to install and use it successfully. Unfortunately, we do realize that a group, many of whom are on the T-Mobile network, remain unable to use vlingo due to connection and “request timed out” errors. Fixing this issue is our engineering team’s top priority. As we investigate, we are finding that the problem is more complex than originally hoped. It may take some time for us to find and verify the solution, but we are actively working on this and pursuing all avenues to get T-Mobile users up and running.

It does appear that T-Mobile users whose BlackBerrys are WiFi enabled are able to use vlingo over the WiFi connection; the problem appears to be limited to the mobile network. Some users on the Rogers network are also having similar connection problems.

If anyone is experiencing connection issues with vlingo and they have not yet contacted us, we ask that they submit a support request here: http://www.vlingo.com/vlingo/contact_support.jsp

We will be issuing updates when we have new information and/or new versions of the software for users to try. Finally, we have seen some users’ concerns about the privacy policy and will be sending you some info on that soon, too. 

I know it's tough, but if you're one of those experiencing issues, try and have patience! The good folks at Vlingo are tackling the issues and hopefully will have them resolved soon.

Looking back over the past few months of BB software releases, I think there's a lesson to be learned here for all developers... when releasing a new app, go the safe route (also known as the Google route) and throw a "Beta" tag on your 1.0 release. It'll make the launch a little less stressful and the public will be a little more forgiving if things go less smooth than planned.

Or better yet, do what MiuTunes did and Viigo is doing and actually use the BlackBerry Community to help perfect your apps. It builds loyalty, works out the kinks, and when you make your "full release" you'll hit the ground not only running, but sprinting. And if you need beta testers, just shoot me an email (kevin at crackberry.com). We'll be happy to run a blog post making the call for beta testers, or better yet, we're now offering dedicated Software Developer forums within the CrackBerry.com forums. Free of charge, we'll set your company up with a dedicated forum where you can post your products and communicate directly with the CrackBerry.com community (we've been piloting this for a couple of weeks, will announce this more formally next week here on the blogs).

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Reader comments

Vlingo for BlackBerry Status Update


After I read this, i tried to download it again(for the 4th time)...AND IT WORKED!!! =) I've only used it once so we'll see!! =)

I also have an 8320 using tmobile with the 4.5 os and i get time out error on step 4 i have changed all the settings and turned the wifi off and still nothing. Now did u have to do somthin special to get ur phone to work with vlingo or did u just get lucky thanks.

That is not the only widespread issue going on. Myself (Curve 8310) and two of my friends (different 8800 series phones) , are having the same problem as I am. All three phones are on AT&T. We can't get through the setup screen as the app is telling us it needs to change our permissions, which are already set to how they want them. My original email and their response to me is below.


Dear Jack,

Thank you for contacting vlingo. You are receiving this email because you recently contacted vlingo support with an issue involving permissions settings. Our engineering team is actively looking into this problem. We wish we had a more complete answer for you at this point, but troubleshooting this issue and providing a solution for it is taking time. Rest assured that we are continuing to work hard on getting you up and running, and will keep you posted on our progress.

Thank you again for your interest in vlingo! We hope to be in touch soon with more information. You do not need to respond to this message; we will email you as soon as we have further information.

-vlingo Support Team

My original email:

When I launch the app it goes to the set permissions screen. After the permission screen opens, and I set all Connections to Allow, and hit Save, it goes back to the first set up screen and states "Sorry, the following required permissions are still not set:"

* Connections: Phone
* Connections: Carrier Internet
* Connections: Company Network

Although these permissions ARE ALREADY set to Allow, I tell it to "Try Again" and it goes through all of the above again.

Any idea how to resolve this?


>>> Any idea how to resolve this? <<<

How I solved this issue, was I installed the app, allowed the permissions then after it said "could not set". I pulled the battery and recycled the phone. It worked for me, just some insight... maybe it will work for you too.

Chris from PA

Have t-mobile an have and had to say exactly what it says to say to set it up and it should work, did not say exactly what it said and always failed until i did, hope this helps.

What an incredible program for the Blackberry community.
I entered Vlingo's web page from my Verizon Blackberry 8130 Pearl, downloaded the program, set it up, and had it up and running with in 5-7 minutes. I sent a text message, searched the web for weather, sent an email and opened my calendar with no problems. It sure pays to read the blogs on Crackberry.
Thanks for the heads up!

I have a Blackberry Bold with the os of

I have tried to download vlingo several times. I get it downloaded and then go to start it and it says error starting vlingoForBlackBerry_en:Module'vlingoForBlackberry_en-7' attemps to access a secure API.

I have no idea what this means. Can someone help me out?