Vlingo for BlackBerry Smartphones now Available!

By Kevin Michaluk on 25 Jun 2008 09:19 am EDT

Vlingo has now launched its FREE voice-controlled BlackBerry application today, and trust me, it is awesome! Vlingo's new BlackBerry application lets users send emails and text messages, search the Web, open applications (BlackBerry Calendar, BlackBerry Maps, etc.), dial their phones, look up contacts and even send notes to themselves – all with the power of voice. My words won't do it justice, so watch the demo video above, read the Press Release after the jump, and give it a try for yourself! To download, click here or visit m.vlingo.com on your BlackBerry. Let us know what you think in the comments! 


Vlingo Offers Total Voice Control of BlackBerry Smartphones

New Voice Powered User Interface Enhances Discoverability and Usability with Voice Control for Email, Text Messaging, Web Search, Dialing, Address Book, Launching Applications, and a New “Note2Self”

CAMBRIDGE, MASS. (June 25, 2008) – Vlingo Corporation today debuted a new application for BlackBerry smartphones from Research In Motion (RIM) (Nasdaq: RIMM; TSX: RIM), offering the industry’s first complete voice-powered interface based entirely on vlingo’s breakthrough speech recognition technology. Available free-of-charge*, vlingo’s BlackBerry application  lets users send emails and text messages, search the Web, open applications (BlackBerry® Calendar, BlackBerry® Maps, etc.), dial their phones, look up contacts and even send notes to themselves – all with the power of voice.

“Just a few months ago, vlingo was selected to voice-enable Yahoo! oneSearchTM, which showed the world just how quick and easy mobile Web search can be with the power of voice,” said Dave Grannan, CEO of vlingo. “Vlingo takes this technology beyond Web search into everyday applications that are now instantly more usable and easier to find because you only need to think about one button and a few spoken words. Vlingo believes that we can immediately improve the way every person interacts with their wireless device and the BlackBerry platform is the perfect place to start our aggressive expansion strategy here in the U.S. and abroad.”

Vlingo is easy to use. BlackBerry smartphone users can simply press the side “convenience” key on their handset, which lets them speak commands into the phone. Available beginning today, vlingo gives BlackBerry smartphone users voice control over the most commonly used applications, including:

  • Voice Dial. Initiate calls to anyone in your address book.
  • Text Message. Send text messages without typing.
  • Email. Simply speak “Email John Smith” to start an email on-the-go, and you can speak the body of the message as well.
  • Applications. Open calendar, maps, etc.
  • Address Book. Search for contacts without typing.
  • Web Search. Look up anything online in one step. Just say, “Web search: concert tickets in Boston,” and the results are displayed.
  • Note2Self. Send yourself a reminder in the form of an email, task or text message.

Vlingo gives BlackBerry smartphone users control over mobile information and tasks with the power of their voice. Users do not need to change how they speak or memorize a list of commands. They can say what they want, how they want, and vlingo captures the results – word for word. Vlingo’s voice-enabling technology provides users with a simple way to access almost anything on their handset. With the most accurate system on the market that gets even better as more users join the community, vlingo gives users the ability to freely mix typing and talking with no limits on what they can say.

Vlingo is currently supported on the BlackBerry® Pearl™, BlackBerry® Curve™ and BlackBerry® 8800 series smartphones. Vlingo will be adding additional devices and operating systems in the third and fourth quarters of 2008. A demo video of the new vlingo BlackBerry application is available at http://link.brightcove.com/services/player/bcpid1620628573. Vlingo is available for download, free-of-charge at http://www.vlingo.com/vlingo/download.jsp.

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Vlingo for BlackBerry Smartphones now Available!


I downloaded this app this morning, it looks so cool & wanted to start using it immediately,
however after having problems setting it up, I have now discovered it only works in USA / Canada Only.

It doesn't actually say that on their site but I've had confirmation its US/Canada only, shame :(

I keep getting "request timed out" every time I try to test the command in the initial setup.
My APN settings are correct. I'll try it again later.

I am getting the same results. I have been through all of the help items that apply and all setting are correct. I am not having network connection issues, so I am not sure why it is happening, but I can't test it fully until I can get it to work.

Anytime an application is free, I ask myself what's in it for the developer. Of concerns, an excerpt of the Terms & Conditions below:

"When you use our voice services within any application incorporating our voice technology, whether the application was developed by vlingo or by someone else, we may collect:

* Your phone number, your device’s make, model and unique identification number, and/or the name of your mobile service provider.
* Any voice utterance you speak to a vlingo text box, along with the transcribed text that we returned to your mobile phone in response and any changes or corrections you make to that text.
* Any text, commands, corrections, or other keystrokes that you enter while working in or with a vlingo text box."


Wow, thanks for pointing that out. That is completely crazy. One of the chief selling points for Blackberry is security, and this application makes you basically sign it all away in the licensing agreement. It's a shame. I would pay for this application if it did not have those rights to vlingo, but there is no way I will install it on my device when it does have those rights, free or not.

How are they supposed to improve the product if they don't know what mistakes and corrections you made? Also, they can see which providers have more issues that others. Although the information potentially could be used to "invade" your privacy it has legitimate development/refinement purposes. However, I think users should have the option to opt out of the product improvement by not providing information.

how cool is this...i'm always in memo pad making notes to remember stuff and this is sooooo much easier. even texting is a breeze. can't wait to use it all

I downloaded the Vlingo for my BB 8130. I like it, but have found that I can't really use it inside. MOst of the time the connecxtion times out. And if by chance it does go through it doesn't get all of what I say. But I stepped outside of the office and wham it worked like a charm. I was text talking and emaileing just cause. It's great.

I just recently deleted all my voice dialing files from the OS to free up some internal memory. Do I need those files to run this app?

I get the request timed out error message too. The website says to use Desktop Manager to download the app from your computer. Unfortunately, I have a Mac, and PocketMac doesnt allow you to download software. Anyone else having this problem?

just downloaded for my curve and install was flawless. works great and as they said on thier site, it learns overtime and will learn your patterns. this will make driving so much easier....

Yeah, I deleted it. It kept saying "request timed out". If and when someone posts the solution to this problem I might download it again. In the meantime, I will get rid of it to save the space on my BB.

Has anyone tried this with a Bluetooth headset yet? I left mine at home today, so I can't test it. It does work with a regular wired headset. Sweet!!! Amazing application that'll be great for when I'm on the road...


Where is the link or how can i download this program to my desktop? Ive only seen OTA download links and when I downloaded it that way, I keep getting the "timeout error". So I want to try and load it through the desktop manager.

I'm havin the same request time out issue. I called vlingo and she told me that blackberry users have to email any problems to the website. I will post the response on here when I get one

Yep, I can't get it set up on my Curve 8310. It keeps asking to set my connection settings, which are all already set to Allow. It won't go any further than that first screen.

Neat program but it is having a hard time with my voice. I know I am country but some of the translations are hilarious. LOL

I know this is about Vilingo, but I have a question. I had no problem downloading Vilingo, but I have been unable to d/l Viigo. I have tried OTA and Direct with no luck. I am running OS 4.5. Could this be the problem? Help, anyone?

I just got done downloading the program and I LOVE IT! So far, I haven't had any problems, but if I do, I will be sure to let you know.


The terms and conditions mentiones earlier are just catastrophic, i would use it for just for the terms. Anyway i can´t use it because i'm all the way down in Panama (Central America) and the software is only for US and Canada. For these two reasons: WHAT A SHAME!

After NOT getting the SMS, I went to m.vlingo.com through my Curve 8320 Browser. Downloaded, rebooted, and now getting this error:
Sorry, the following required permissions are still not set:
Connections: Phone
Connections: Carrier Internet
Connections: Carrier Network.

All Connections are set to ALLOW.

After digging on the vlingo.com site, you can click:
For You, Check out Vlingo
I then realized this would be just for the Find BETA feature.

Now I found the support page for Vlingo and it's saying the same thing the phone is saying, permissions need to be set to ALLOW for all.
I did that. 6 times. STILL not working after 3 Reboots.
Sending in a Support Question.

this is amazin. a little hit and miss but the potential is awesome. i wish i could train it to recognise my english accent...wait, it does adapt to my voice...my new fav app hands down or shud i say free! (i kno bad joke)

Not able ot get it working on a T-Mobile branded 8320, and probably a good thing after reading the TOS, what a shame

I also got the request timeout trying to get a connection. But I assume my problem is because I have Centennial Wireless. They do not allow BB plan users access to their APN/TCP network. A real roadblock for the coolest of applications such as this one.

If they end up creating a BIS version, I would sure enjoy giving it a try, even with the Big Brother TOS.

I downloaded it earlier and everything has worked great. How can they figure this out and yet we still don't have flying cars

I have a flying car.
It gets 400 MPG on a fifth of Whiskey
when installed in the driver - HA!

I installed vlingo on my BB8310,took a few minutes to set up,so far it is working excellent!The more I use vlingo the easier it gets,this ap.is staying on my BB!

I installed vlingo on my BB8310,took a few minutes to set up,so far it is working excellent!The more I use vlingo the easier it gets,this ap.is staying on my BB!

I tried this and it was cool, but limited. It would do all things it said it could except open my email. When I would use the "Open, Launch, or Start Email" command it thought I was trying to send an email. So I couldn't get that one part to work right.

Another shortcoming I saw was the lack of Bluetooth support. If I have to pick the phone up and press a button to get it to "listen" then it doesn't really help me in the car. With voice dialer now you can just hit a button on your headset...but this program makes you have handle the device.

Nice app, especially for free, but needs more development and functionality. You should still try it and see for yourselves.

Downloaded it immediately, it's a great concept. I always thought I spoke very clearly, but apparently this program disagrees. I had to repeat myself several times to get a SMS typed. If the text is more than a sentence, it takes about 25 seconds to translate.

Deleted it...

I'm trying to load the software and i get stuck on step 7 when loading the address book. I'm on a BES would taht be the issues, our address book is huge. Help please.

bwahahahahahahahahahaahahah i've been having a blast using this to send text messages out! i love it! there is also an option to turn the filtering off! i was able to send the word bee otch! spelled in its proper form of course, lol. this is great!

The download was simple and fast. The application is pretty cool but it seems to have a hard time understanding me. Sometimes it gets it right on...other times it is totally off in left field. I guess, as it says, it gets better with use, but I'm not sure how useful something like this will really be for me... I'll keep it on my BB for a while....

Has anybody figured out a way to go back a few steps in the "setup wizard?" I'm stuck on Step 4 and would like to go back to Step 2 or 3.

Made for Blackberry but no pin support?? Very strange but otherwise an excellent program, would like to see it interface with live search as well

WFT? I never got the SMS from VLingo. So I went back a couple hours later and registered for email. Never got the email. Sigh. Just do the OTA installation, I guess, by going to the site via BB.

it sounds good but i think i will wait a while before i try it out.from reading some of the post it seams that it is buggy but that is expected with a product this new and with me just getting started with BlackBerry i don't want to screw up my pearl 8130.

Anyone on Tmo is SOLO? That's a shame, I was about to download it thinking it would be nice when I'm driving and I think of something I was supposed to do.

Ah well.

Errmmm...it's not working very well on my VZW Curve 8330. Everything I say triggers an incorrect action -- even in quiet environments. I certainly give props for the developers for heading in the right direction, but I don't see how this software is ready for prime time.

Doesn't seem to work on Alltel?? Has anyone else tried? On the website it says Alltel isn't supported yet. Downloaded through OTA, and wouldn't set up right. Sounds like a good app though.

I don't need voice commanding, can I just have vlingo to type for me only when I'm in a input field, like message body, but don't dail or execute anything for me? I'm the decision maker not vlingo, and I can launch applications better than vlingo. But if vlingo can help us typing, that'll be what most users really need. Maybe vlingo can make the voice commanding part optional and for those who drives.

I have a curve with T-Mobile, Never got the email or txt message to download, so I manually downloaded it with my browser. I could never get passed step 4 of the wizard. I went through all the network suggestions. I finally got it to work when I turned WIFI on, but that's lame, I guess I cant use it outside my home. I am deleting it until they get the bugs worked out,, will try again in a month or so

Stuck on step 4. Using a BlackBerry 8800 on T-Mobile. Seems to be the common problem for T-Mobile BB's. I've searched on the Vlingo site, the crackberry forums, Googled it, and looked at a couple other BB sites, nobody has a solution to the "timed out issue". I sent a feedback report to Vlingo from the program, as I saw quite a few more people did as well. We'll see what happens. Sounds like a great program!

Vlingo loaded very easy on my Curve 8310 thru AT&T. I have used it for 2 days sending "dummy" e-mails to myself and the voice recognition is not very good. Most words are confused with names in my address book. There is also NO capitalization but the website says it is coming soon. I will try it for a few more days and hopefully it will pick up on my vocabulary. At the moment though it is completely unusable as the corrections needed take as much time as writing out the e-mail from scratch.
Very cool concept and I am hopeful that they get it better with future updates.

I downloaded the vlingo software to my pearl but when I click on it, it takes me to the channel page but I don't know how to set it up so that I can use the voice command services. hope someone can help cause I really want to use it.

I downloaded this sucker last night cost me a whole free dollars. Anyway it said it had not been tested on my OS but it works great. Kind of sucks losing a convenience key but it's worth it. it adapts quickly to the way you speak and seems to take multiple commands that they don't even list. the only issue I found was setting a task I could not seem to find were it set it or if it did.

i got the error, "Error Starting vlingoforBlackberry_en module vlingoforblackberry_en_2 attempts to access a secure API" just like some other people have been talking about. well i finally got it to work on my blackberry 8110 from AT&T. go to "http://www.vlingo.com/vlingo/download.jsp" and click on FAQ on the left side of the screen and you'll see that one of them is regarding the error. click on it, and it gives you a link to a file that finally worked for me. just download and use the desktop manager... i say what the heck, give it a try, worked for me.

Initially I got the timeout request error check network. I installed by OTA method. After a soft reset I was able to complete the install. Tested it out 1st impression is good. Read the tos agreement!

Im on Rogers network and it has timed out for me as well in Step 4. Tried 10 times, all the network options and still nothing. I have deleted the app and will try the desktop dload as opposed to OTA. Will keep all posted...

same here, rogers 8310
stuck on step 4
ota wouldnt load app
used bb desktop loader and got it to step 4
keep me posted bud.

I installed vlingo OTA on my Sprint Curve 8330 with no issues. It seems to work fairly well with SMS texting, getting the recipient correct most of the time and depending on the complexity/length of the words or names spoken, it picks them up pretty well - the same is true for emailing. It launches the address book, calendar, tasks, memopad, browser, and blackberry maps applications accurately. I see this app being most useful for texting while driving, picking up most of what's said and allowing for correction of mistakes - definitely better than trying to type while careening down the roadway...

It Doesent work, unable to connect to server error. were the hell are these Vligo people to help No support, And as for the TOS, All cell phone companies have the ability to retrieve your text messages, phone call logs, and e-mails .What is the difference ? none.

How do i convert the Vlingo program which is a .jad file to alx.file so I can load it on2 my phone I have a Pearl

I had this program for months now, I was a Beta Tester.I use it on a regular basic. Love it. A must have app!

I downloaded it several times both unzipping the desktop files for the .alx as well as the OTA version.

I "ALLOW" all permissions yet it keeps saying: Sorry the connection for WiFi must be set to ALLOW then tells me to try again or exit.

The 8110 has no WiFi! What the F!!!!!!!

I emailed the support and if anyone else is having this problem I'll post their solution.

To all of you retards who keep saying this will make driving better... no, it will NOT. Only putting down the damn device and concentrating on the road will make driving "better".

Just performed my download and it works great. However, I read something that someone complained that there is a cost factor attached to this reported "free application"?

No offenses but what is the use of posting something when you see that so many postings are not answered despite their woes! I am already disheartened.