Vlingo 1.1 Open Beta: reply, forward, better connections

By Kevin Michaluk on 3 Sep 2008 08:42 am EDT
vlingo Open Beta!

Vlingo 1.1 Open Beta: reply, forward, better connections

The vlingo 1.1 beta has been expanded to everyone who's interested! Anyone who wants to download can now do so from: http://www.vlingo.com/vlingo/go?r=10

The biggest advancements in vlingo 1.1 are the ability to forward & reply to emails and text messages, and better connection handling. Details of what's new after the jump!

New Features

  • Reply to and forward messages using voice
    • You can now "reply with vlingo," "reply all with vlingo" and "forward with vlingo" (simply access these options by hitting the menu button when viewing a message - these are currently not spoken commands).
  • Punctuation and automatic capitalization
    • Recently vlingo added automatic capitalization of proper nouns and the first letter after punctuation. Try speaking "period," "exclamation point," or "question mark, followed by another sentence.

Vlingo 1.1 Key Bug Fixes and Network Connection Improvements

  • This version should fix the problem where vlingo was unable to run because it thought it needed WiFi permissions on a non-WiFi device
  • If you have a WiFi device: Vlingo 1.1 no longer requires you to turn off WiFi when you are not connected via the WiFi network.
  • Vlingo 1.1 offers a more robust set of connection options. If you previously were unable to connect to vlingo or received frequent timeout errors, this update offers users additional options for establishing a successful connection. Please see below for additional options should connection problems still occur.
  • Improved permissions management.

Getting vlingo on Your BlackBerry

The 1.1 beta is available to all. You can find the beta software at:


I'm already using the 1.1 beta. Is this a new version?

Yes. If you are already using the 1.1 beta, you'll soon see an upgrade notice that will ask you to upgrade to this version. You don't need to click the link above, though you may do so if you'd like.

How do I provide feedback?

Once you download the beta and try it out, vlingo wants your feedback. You can do this in one of two ways:

  • Use the "Send Feedback" link in the vlingo software. You can access it on the vlingo home screen, or from the menu available from any vlingo screen.
  • If for some reason you can't use the Send Feedback link, email your comments to vlingosupport@vlingo.com.

Remember - specificity helps. Vlingo is looking for feedback so they can get ready for the general 1.1 release.

New Connections Options

Vlingo 1.1 offers some additional connection options. If you are receiving request timeout or connection failure messages, try changing the vlingo "Connection Type" setting. The different options are:

  • Auto. With this setting, vlingo will try to determine the best connection itself. Try this first and leave it here if it works. If you have errors or extremely long response times, then try the settings below.
  • Direct TCP. Typically this provides the fastest connection. If you have a GSM phone, make sure that your APN is set correctly. For instructions, see the FAQ "Request Timeout" question at http://www.vlingo.com/faq.html.
  • BIS. This tends to be slightly slower, but if Direct TCP doesn't work then this typically will.
  • MDS. This option is available for people whose phones are on a corporate BES server. If other connections are slow or unavailable, try this to see if it works better.

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Reader comments

Vlingo 1.1 Open Beta: reply, forward, better connections


Nice! I was just searching for this update because I remember reading about the September 2nd update coming. No OTA download, I suppose, though?


OTA files are there when you click the link. It's just a rather long url to type into your blackberry but all good.

It seems to be the only url you can download it from as I don't see it on their website.

Still no support for third party apps like facebook :( Only thing holding me back from using this.

Does this work over WiFi?

Why do soo many apps NOT work over wi-fi :S (like: Google Maps, Google Sync, Garmin Mobile, Gmail app...) It's annoying!

kind of hard to set this up now since there are data outages taking place on the east coast. downloaded and installed fine for 4.5 (using the 4.5 link) i can't wait to play with this and see how it works.

I downloaded the new vlingo beta on my 8830 and it works great! Actually much better than the previous version. It responds, connects and is more accurate than before. Thanks for the heads up on the new beta version CB!!

Yay!! It now has BIS support so I can play now too. Centennial Wireless doesn't allow tcp, so I was bummed until now.

It is just down right FUN to use.

BTW I tried "Beam me up Scotty"...didn't work. Maybe next version??

I love the new version. The enhancements are good... still need some work tho... the REPLY and FORWARD do not work if BBSMART is active. You have to switch to the regular view before you get the REPLY and FORWARD options on the menu. Still... I LOVE IT!!!

Working fine on my Sprint 8330. Auto capitalization is nice. Reply option for SMS texting does not thread conversation, it keeps only one response back...kinda makes sense. Overall the app seems to be getting better.

Do you want OTA support without typing in a long link? Do you have Bold and/or v4.5? Do you want longer messages & text-preview?
Just try out MyCaption.. I just used it for free trial.. and I feel addicted!

Just loaded it up on my T-Mobile 8820 with OS and am having no issues. We'll have to see over time how sensative it is and how accurate. Hey... its free... what the heck!!

Maybe I'm missing something or did something wrong, but when I tried to use this with my Jawbone 2 it don't pick up the bluetooth signal. It was still using the phone's speaker.

Since my main interest is to use this for those occassions where I need to text while driving, the lack of bluetooth makes it more or less useless.

This new version works great on Curve 8310 with 4.2 and BBSmart. (BBSmart does not have to be disabled as previously mentioned by someone else.) I needed a second battery pull for the "reply to email with Vlingo" to show up as an option, but it is there now and it works great. Punctuation and capitalization work perfectly and the voice recognition is as good, if not better than previous version. Downloaded OTA with no problem.

I have a device on a corporate BES and I think my companies IT policy doesn't allow me to set the permission to Allow for Keystroke Injection or Browser filtering. Very unfortunate because I would really like to try this out. If anyone happens to know a workaround, please let me know. I really don't think my company will relax the IT policy just for this third-party app. Crap!