VLC Remote Control for BlackBerry Now Available

By Bla1ze on 29 Jul 2009 04:42 pm EDT
VLC Remote Control for BlackBerry Now Available!

Ahh, finally! A BlackBerry application that helps me control my VLC media player. Not sure what VLC media player is? Then you'll want to check it out before you dive in here. In short, it's a one stop shop media player for every computer OS including Mac OS X, Windows and pretty much any Linux distro you can imagine. Now, after a painful wait for me personally, an app to control VLC from my BlackBerry device is here and works quite well.

VLC Remote Control turns your BlackBerry into a fully functional remote control for VLC media player using a WiFi connection.


  • All standard media player controls (play/pause, next/previous, Fast-Forward/Rewind etc)
  • Scan through media using the BlackBerry trackball.
  • Change the volume using volume keys on side of device.
  • Browse PC/Mac file system and add to playlist
  • Save multiple VLC connections (home, office etc)

The only downfall for this application is that so far it's only available for the Bold, so everyone else is left in the dark. It works using WiFi and is currently compatible on Mac and PC. Check it out for only $9.99 in the Shop CrackBerry Store.

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VLC Remote Control for BlackBerry Now Available


IMO VLC is a FREE App and so shouldn't this. Yes it's a nice app if it works correctly but it won't sell at all with that huge price and no free trial.

there is an ipod touch app that conrols my itunes for FREE..... I dont know why anyone would pay for an app to control a free application

9.99$ to sit at your computer and control an app that you can control with a wireless keyboard or MOUSE.

I never got why wifi was such a big deal but as boston tour says it's a deal-breaker. It'd be nice if this worked via Bluetooth though.

All of you cheap pricks suck though. Waaaah waaaah no free trial and it's $10, waaaaah!

If its a good app, people will pay $10 for it, example: PodTrapper(AMAZING APP, Thanks Marcus). People aren't going to pay for a piece of crap app that took all of 5 minutes to code and uses no graphics. It seems the only thing this app is good for is music and IDK anyone that uses VLC for music. I only use it for video. iTunes rules the music market as far as playlists and shuffle and whatnot. Take away the $10 pricetag, put an effort into the app and maybe some people will buy it. Theres a saying round here. Sell 10 at $10 or sell 1000 at $0.99. Your choice.

Developers don't see it but by making an app a lower price, more people are going to buy it even if it sucks because it cheap and people don't get super mad at throwing a dollar away vs spending $10 on something.

IMO, Crackberry needs to smarten up with putting crap on the front page, seriously, how much did this developer have to pay Blaize to blog about this? You won't see this app on the front page of any other BB site cuz they don't sell out.

Not necessarily cheap pricks, the corresponding iPod/iTunes app is FREE, and in the Crackberry store most other apps are cheaper than this. $10 is a bit steep, especially with NO TRIAL period. I know I'd like to try it before I fork out.

As for Wifi, the moment I got my Bold I realised I'd never get another smartphone without it. That's the main reason I dodged the Storm..

What i would like is vlc player app now that would rock..since to be honest the media player for the berry isnt all that... now vlc player for blackberry now that i would pay for :D

there is NO reason why this kind of thing isn't free

there's NO graphics involved

the coding for this is VERY basic

basically every time an app like this comes out and then they try and charge you $10 for it, I just sigh and think about my partner and her iPhone and her FREE version of the app I just bought....oh wait - no I didn't just buy it because the Storm doesnt have wifi


*F*LI*C*K*!!! I thought this app would allow me to control the VLC client on my desktop from my BlackBerry, have it open .flv's either stored locally or on, say, PBS.org, and stream it (transcoded to .mp4 or .3gp) over rtsp:// to my 9530.

I imagine there is already some way to configure VLC to perform that way but I would pay $9.99 to have it auto-config'd (with a glossy GUI to boot). Call me a hypocrite--I'm still snobby for apps that let you tweak detailed user controls for optimum results, but trial-and-error'ing all day just to get something to work isn't fun any more.

Guess there's still Orb--unless there's something going on on the MPlayer side of the street?

Regardless, I'd like to thank Bla1ze for all those months of v4bb.info...if it weren't for the opportunity to OTA all that content (IMHO the only thing that Opera does better) from wherever, I might have gone back to my XV6800 and WinMo(!). If we can PayPal you some token to speed your progress in relocating, please let us know in this thread. To me, the Storm's media capabilities are the most enjoyable part of the ownership experience, and that makes you my MVP among all BB dramatis personae.