Vivid Premium Storm Theme!

By Bla1ze on 30 May 2009 11:18 am EDT
Vivid Storm Theme!

Long goes my battle to find the perfect BlackBerry Storm theme and luckily I was able to get my hands on the above hotness from WJD Designs. Vivid looks great at that lovely Storm display and while the included background is amazing, any other background you wish to use looks great as well due to the icons used as they are not really "invasive" of the overall look of the theme.

With 2 hidden homescreen buttons that allows you to hide your icons when not in use and the "must have" spots that support quick launch and your favorite weather application Vivid is a nice addition to my Storms theme selection, but really me describing the theme does not do this one justice. In order to get a feel for the speed in this theme checking out the video is a must, that way you can see for yourself lag is not an issue here. Vivid is on sale for $5 right now till the 31st.

Grab Vivid For Your Storm From The Shop CrackBerry Store>>>

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Vivid Premium Storm Theme!


Wow thanks for the support? I hope free themes comes with customer support - its sad I even buy themes for my device... just to thank the developer for spending time on something... just like applications... I have done donations and no one donated and took and took...

You get what you pay for :)

I also wanted to extend my thanks to the people who arent like this person and trusted me and purchased this theme...

I so far see everyone happy with the theme :)

I have to agree, I tried the donate thing to and nobody would donate. I got maybe one donation per every few hundred downloads. People are cheap and lie about donating, so yea, there is nothing wrong with selling a sweet premium theme.

what themes do not have to pay for? cause i dont feel like paying 5 bucks for a theme or however much it is

I wish they had a version for the Bold. I tried watching the video but had to stop about 30 seconds in because the narrator is a total douche bag.

Well I paid for and got the theme and I do have to say I love it. Works great and looks even better. If $5 will break ya, you shouldn't have a Storm anyway :) But this is worth the price.

This looks EXACTLY like what I want - mad icons across the front w/ speed to boot! But I don't snag anything unless it's got a trial. I'd only need a little bit to check it out, is that possible? Just enough time to see if it leaks memory or will suit my needs.



PS. Rated your yt vid cause it did a pretty good job showcasing the theme.

Sorry - no theme trials... If this looks like what you want, then I would get it...its well worth it and haven't had one person who doesn't like it... I used to hate the lag and now I have virtually none (granted im running leaked .148) and this berry as you can see flies...the video is the best trial I can show...

If you ever have any questions or suggestions PM me or email me... I will try my best to get to anyone's issues...

Thanks for rating my YT video... and if you want check out my other theme videos or videos for many developers applications such as QuickLaunch or Accelodex!

The Battery And Status Meters have a slight grey Bevel to them to match the theme... wanted to not go crazy since whenever I do it doesn't allow the theme to move as quick as it does...

Its to big, over 900k.
Since I installed it (forget running it) always a spinning wheel.
BUT, I paid and well consider the $$$ a donation for future work.

Sorry but this theme is gay. Out of all the cool themes on this site they decide to blog about this one. Crackberry must own this company.

Bought this theme yesterday, used it for about an hour, and went back to the BB preloaded theme.

I am running the .148 OS, 38mb memory free, and this theme had a lot more lag than the preloaded theme. I don't really have a problem with the BB preloaded theme, I just wanted something different, and thought this one would be the best out of the themes I was debating on.

I was wrong.

The worst was when trying to browse through photos; no word of a lie, it took about 2 minutes for the photos to load up, and then every 3rd-4th swipe it would freeze for 15-20 seconds. I don't have many photos on my phone, 60 at the most.

Also, the icons look GREAT! That is, if you make sure your wallpaper is a darker image, like the one that comes with it. If you switch it to a lighter image, the icons become hard to see.

Sorry to the developer, I don't mean to dump on your hard work. I really believed it would be a great theme, but sadly this will instead be erased from my phone.

The Video Speaks for Itself... Everyone dont ignore the download because of these guys... even a trusted CB Staff member Bla1ze uses it and has no lag...

There are many people who experience no lag... If you have a problem send me an email or PM... which I havent got any so far :)... I always have time to help people and will work on fixing any issues and ALWAYS update my themes!

I like how someone said it shows a spinning wheel - lol I didnt use a spinning wheel for busy logo hmmmm

If you are referring to my post a few posts up no you dont use a spinning wheel but that is the term that is used when the systems goes into a waiting working status.
It was to articulate the delay going from one app to another.

Its still to big in respect to memory allocated for it.

I am digging this background, one of the few things I have paid for on my BB. However I really think the background is a bit girly. Wish you could change it. The homescreen looks cool with my custom wallpaper but the menu looks weak.

Over all good theme though, I think it runs the phone a bit slower..but worth the cool looks.

I have been looking for a theme - not too seriously. If one is reviewed here on Crackberry, I give it consideration. This one appeals to me. I like the visual size of the battery, connection availability, clock, etc. I am not in a good reception area so the larger display would be easier to read with a quick glance. But I do not like it's placement in the middle of the screen. It blocks the wallpaper image. All my wallpapers have the center of interest in the center. So, my question is: Can the display clock bar be moved to the bottom of the screen? Or is it permanently placed?

This is the first theme that I have paid for...I really like it and have no lag issues...I also like that this app works great with my own wallpapers...The icon set-up is nice - Thanks for the work on this...

Worth the $5

Dude paying 5 bucks is nothing to pay for a great premium theme. So Wayne thanx for the great job bro. Keep me informed about more software you make. To all the haters stop being cheap.

Lol Haterz thats funny... I dunno man I think its well wroth it... the video speaks for itself if people are mad about this theme then they did not watch the video... then they have themselves to blame... it shows the theme as Im using it..I dont have any magical OS or special device - no cam tricks... people now a days complain about everything and we developers will have to get use to it...

For all of you that thank us and dont complain ( suggest is better :) ) we do this for you guys are our gasoline and im friends with a lot of themers and devs... they all like to hear good things which fuels them to achieve higher things... hate never gets anywhere...

I have had people send me some good emails so far on how much it works for them and how it is... The video clearly displays the theme... Thanks for everyone that lives the positive side of life :) Thanks Fans (speaking from all themers and DEVs)

What up bro do you know that your number is in one of your screen shots? Just wanted to let you know. Good work on the theme.

So I just created an account after sitting back and reading comments for, well, what I would consider the better part of a year. Here is my reasoning: All of you in general society have a knack for jumping on the "I'm gonna bitch about something" band wagon.

Have you not learned pretty early on that if you have nothing nice to say than keep your mouth shut? (preferably with duct tape)

A lot of you DO NOT understand the time nor the effort that comes along with creating these themes. Like it or not, WayneD is probably a very creative individual who wants his work published and paid for. Themes take time and time=money for most of us. If you don't want to pay, go snag a free one that sucks the life out of your phone and looks half-way decent.

As far as this theme goes; I too am running .148 (official) and I have plenty of other paid themes and apps taking me to 17MB of space. This theme works perfectly and as quick as the video shows. WELL WORTH $6 FOR THE DEVELOPER'S TIME AND EFFORTS!

So I want to thank WayneD and all the others who continually bring us innovative (and non-invasive) themes to work with. I hope you all have enough common sense wo look past all the B_llsh_t people are spewing because they are jealous they can't accomplish one of their own themes; instead they count on you and bash it when it is not 100% how they would have done it.


Perfect explanation - Thank you so much - I notice the new .152 leak has new zoom in and zoom out transitions :) i hope the new plamzmic lets us change some transitions - im testing this theme to see if it works with the new leak FYI people....

BTW thank you so much for your post...this is the fuest for the fire to creat bigger and better things - I will be showing this post to many people that create things that we use on our blackberry...

Glad there are still people like you in this community WITH a voice!


I paid six dollars for the theme today, it looks very nice. However, I did get some serious lag after the install. From the tilt screen taking longer than usual to it taking an inordinate amount of time to scroll between photos. Should I do a battery pull after loading the theme to make it run quicker?

Also, if I delete it, can I re-install it using the link that was sent after purchase?

There are a few things with Blackberry devices that make them somewhat of a tricky device.

You may have background apps running; the best way to end these is to every once in a while, from the main screen hold down the Blackberry key for about 3 seconds then open up each app one at a time and press the escape arrow until you are back at the main screen.

Of course the alternative to this process is to pull the battery or install a little program called quick pull; this will obviously end all programs.

It always helps to remove themes you are no longer using as well.

And as a mobihand (the merchant you bought the theme from) customer, save the email and you will be able to use the link over and over again which is helpful if you have to restore your device at any point in time.

Hope this helps.

yes there shouldnt be you see my device i am running the theme with nothing special added... do a battery pull on every theme you download no matter what.. clears things up...and my theme will always stay in your app list at or crackberry store...sign in and go to my apps :)

get back with me on PM or support email and I will help you with any other issues!

I bought the theme yesterday and I have a lag. I also noticed that my theme changed back to the BB theme without me making the change. This happened about three times!


Sounds like some device might want to redownload then battery pull... this happens if you downloaded it wrong or downloaded not all the right cod files... Try re downloading via you mobihand or crackberry store "my app" center...then always do a battery pull with every theme...

See if that helps :)

I bought the theme and love it but have a question. I want to move the icons around to my choosing including the hotkey in the top right. How do I do that? I Know how to do it when you are on the application screen but I don't want MESSAGES as my first icon when I press the left and right hidden buttons, how do I rearrange everything? Thanks. If you can, can you email me at I don't know how much I'll be able to check this site.

I guess WJD designs needs a lesson in plagiarism. This theme (and I suspect there are many more) was stolen from

See the link here that was posted on September 18, 2008 and has almost 80,000 downloads:
I guess when you can't create your own unique content you just steal it from other people and then charge money for it.

They could have at least changed the name.