Visual Voicemail for BlackBerry Bold!

By Bla1ze on 19 Jan 2009 10:51 pm EST
Visual Voicemail for BlackBerry Bold

Now granted it's not the first time we have heard about visual voicemail being included in the BlackBerry Bold's latest OS (, leaked anyway!), heck even the application center loads onto the device with the .219 OS albeit you can't find it to utilize it. This IS however the first pictures we have seen of visual voicemail in action on the Bold, running on and AT&T Bold for those interested in the specifics. The Boy Genius posted a bunch of screenshots for us all to feast our eyes on today and states that while there is no confirmation on an official availablity date "we’re hearing it might become available sooner than you might think - at least for some customers". I'll assume that means AT&T customers given the screenshots, but that is just my opinion lol! Peep the shots below and let us know what ya think in the comments or in the forums.

[ Boy Genius Report ]

Visual Voicemail for BlackBerry Bold

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Visual Voicemail for BlackBerry Bold

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Visual Voicemail for BlackBerry Bold!


Ok, I now have visual VM on my BOLD!

I switched from an iPhone to a BOLD, so I have an iPhone handy to do this. I put my sim from the BB (.219 os) and put it into the iPhone. Then I went thru the activation process with iTunes. Once it was activated, I set up my voicemail with the iphone. Now, I took the sim out of the iPhone, and put it back in the BB. I clicked that VM icon, it asked me for my password, and voila... Visual Voicemail on my BOLD! SWEET!


Sometimes when people leave me Vm's I don't need to listen to them because I already know what they say...It gets irritating at times especially when I live in a house that gets little cell vm box is always full...

Hope to hear more about this soon

You must mean the jerks who call and leave a VM saying..

"Call me back ASAP it's really, really important"

Uhh..if it's so important why didn't ya just gimme a quick rundown of it's urgency on my VM.

Or.."Ya, it's me back"

Pshh! Needless to say, I can't see me using visual voicemail that much lol.

Call me a blackberry noob, but what are the rest of the icons in your downloads folder? I don't have like.. any of those other than the Google Sync one. Perhaps some of them are just AT&T automagic downloads?

(Rogers user with a new 8900)

It's just all AT&Ts sell you crap you don't need BS. Other then CV (Cellular Video) that's free on the Bolds!

Good to know. Thanks for filling me in.

I still don't get the big deal with visual voicemail though; PhoneTag, SpinVox, etc with transcription services are so much nicer overall. With the bberry now I can play the mp3 attachment if the caller was too quiet to transcribe. No voicemail hell, and no 'what did the person say' guessing.

1) I'm excited to see when this app drops and gets running on my Bold.

2) I'm leaving this post from my new Bolt browser and let me say it is very sweet.

I'm thinking about getting a Bold so I'm hyped to hear more about this....and by "hear" I mean see it in action. :D

This is sooooo cool. I have it on my iPhone, and it is a time saver. Come out of a meeting, and you can see your messages. Don't need to call and try to write down the info....on the iPhone, you can return the call from the message. And if it is junk, delete without having to listen to them. Or, see an important one and deal with that one first. It is one of those things that you find yourself using more and more. I'm glad to see that the Bold is being treated like the flagship device it is. No offense Strom guys, but that is more toy (like the iPhone) than a work horse. One more day and my upgrade kicks in, and the Bold will be mine!!!!!!

so I just upgraded to .219 from .167. I had previously upgraded to .215 but my device kept rebooting by itself so I switched back to .167. so far 219 is great. my device used to boot up with about 27MB free memory and I would have to do a battery pull atleast once a day cuz my memory would drop soooo fast. but on 219, my device loaded with 49MB of free memory!! and it doesnt seem to be dropping as fast as before.

the visual voicemail does not work. when I click on the icon it says "provisioning unsuccessful. to resolve this issue, contact your wireless service provider."

if anyone knows how to get the visual voicemail working please let me know!!

im not positive but im pretty sure you have to have your service provider set up your voicemail on a different system. ive used the iphone before and when switching back my voicemail would not work because the visual voicemail does not run the same system as normal voicemail. Im pretty sure you will not be able to use visual voicemail till your service provider allows you to do so. i wish it would work though, ive been waiting for this to come to blackberry for awhile.

about the visual voice mail working on a different VM system. When I switched over from the iphone to the BOLD, the peeps at ATT mobility 'forgot' to switch my account back to regular voicemail and I couldn't receive an VM's on my BOLD. So I had to go back to the store and they clicked a few times on the mouse and I was back on the regular VM system.

ATT needs to hurry up with this...I think it would be a great feature to have on the BOLD for sure!

Blackberry, from the research I've done appears to ONLY export visual voicemail in audio formats that are ALIEN to stand alone business machines.

Of the carriers who offer VMMM on Blackberry units not one of the test emails I got ( forwarded VVM from Blackberry units ) would play on my work computer.

The obvious answer when I called in was to intall another player.....
...Yeah, right! Like large companies allow you to DL and install programs OTHER then the OS and work related software.

Did RIM actually set up their business phones so that they export audio formats that MOST business computers couldn't play?

I can see VVM in a business application and after using it on my driod I can assure anyone it's the answer if a person gets voicemails stacked on-top of voicemails. Why does RIM not get a fix for this?

Okay I'm the dork....I HATE VVM because theres no option to Save or Delete. Also when someone calls me, and the thing pops up to say "You have a Visual Voice Mail", if I don't listen to it right away it's gone. I go to the list and theres nothing there. I have missed several messages this way. What am i missing? What was wrong with regular voice mail?