Challenge your mind with Visual Connection for BlackBerry 10

Give your brain a workout with this addicting picture puzzle game for BlackBerry 10 and PlayBook

By Alicia Erlich on 10 May 2013 08:22 am EDT

When it comes to gaming on my BlackBerry Z10, I prefer brain teasers, puzzles, or strategy ones. I find they are the perfect stress reliever after a long day’s work on the train home. One such game that caught my eye in the forums involves an old concept whereby users must determine the commonality between four distinct images called Visual Connection. 

As a joint effort by popular developers Brian Scheirer (creator of Combo Pics) and SCrApps (author of Z Theme), it is not only challenging but one that cannot be put down. I admit, there were moments I was so swept up in it that I went over my allotted lunch hour at work.

Players are presented with four images bound together by a common thread. Using the field below, players must try and determine exactly what that word is in order to advance to the next round. As a guide, it does offer the total number of letters in the hidden word at the top.


  • 400 Levels
  • Addictive
  • Hours of entertainment
  • Fun for all ages
  • Earn/Buy coins for hints and level skips
  • Extra challenging without a letter bank, so you can't just unscramble the letters
  • Guest mode option to allow others to play on your device without affecting your progress/coins
  • Specifically for BlackBerry, optimized for PlayBook, Z10 and Q10
  • All updates will be free and all updates will be added to this application

For those who are utterly stumped, and trust me while some are quickly solved others are extremely difficult, coins are available for hints or to skip a challenging level. Three coins are awarded for each correct answer or available as in-app purchases. While the urge to use hints is overpowering at times the point of the game is to give your mind a workout.

If you are familiar with other versions of this game on other platforms, you may be wondering where the word bank is. Fret not, as it was purposely left out for compatibility with the Q10 and for offering a beautiful typing experience on BlackBerry 10. The developer also wishes to point out that their decision was also based on increasing the level of difficulty of each puzzle (not just unscrambling the letters). I do agree that having the letters at the bottom is not necessary. For me I found them to be a hindrance. Instead of discovering the connection that binds all of the images, I would instead be trying to figure out what words could be formed.

One feature I should point out is the guest mode. If you let friends, family, or even small children use your device then this mode is for you. Skips and hints are disabled which means no accidental charges to your account with unauthorized in app purchases. This also means your progress within the game remains unaffected.

The only issue I have is with the stock images. Many of the photos repeat across different levels which led me to misconstrue the exact word it was looking for. For example, the image of a knotted piece of thread appears in two different levels. Although again, this does make the puzzles harder to solve.

  • Challenging, entertaining, and filled with hundreds of levels to keep you busy
  • Offers a smooth experience on both your device and tablet
  • Hints can be just as difficult as the images
The Bad
  • Some may not like the lack of a word bank
The Bottom Line

There are plenty of levels to keep you occupied for hours and some will drive you crazy as you try to figure out the correct answer. I'm sure fans will be clamoring for more once they've conquered the 400 included. Visual Connection is coded natively for BlackBerry 10 while the PlayBook version is in WebWorks. For only $0.99 you get an ad free version that requires no additional permissions or internet access. If you love puzzle games then this one is worth the price tag and a great way to pass the time.

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Challenge your mind with Visual Connection for BlackBerry 10


aww you mad bro? I post up all the time and get to be the first to comment on the article, not some retarded "first" or "1st" or "Meins" LMFAO

You are the party pooper here!!! This place used to NOT be filled with people vying to be "First" because we didn't do that here!

Now that Bla1ze bans you if you post that magic word... the world is a better place! :D

You enjoy the challenge,I on the other hand enjoy, the opportunity,as I pop in now and are in a constant battle with other people,you make the world a bitter place not a better place.God be with you.

Thanks for the great write up! And always taking feedback on my games/apps so feel free to contact me with suggestions/questions/complaints/rants :)

I'm not discrediting your work at all, but what's the difference between this and 4 pics 1 word on iPhone and android devices? It seems like developers these day are just taking each other's ideas. With that being said, I think both of you are great developers and contributing members to making blackberry amazing.

Posted via CB10

Please don't think I am being defensive here... The difference is this version is on BlackBerry. I understand where you are coming from and I'm sure if there was some "original" new game that became popular on BlackBerry first, then Android and iOS developers would "take" it too. It is one of those, give the people what they want scenarios. Just like when Angry Farm came to BB when Rovio said they wouldn't make AB for BBOS devices. And from a developer's point of view, you see a game that is popular on another device and you think you can make a similar version (possibly better version, subjective) on a not supported device, why not?

As mentioned in the article, there is NO letter bank, hence a vast difference, you have to think as opposed to playing a game of scrabble.

I've had this game for over a month now, on level 302 and still enjoying it, some of them are so simple and others give a good challenge. But I'm nearly done so hope there will be another update soon.
Game works really well, haven't had any issues at all with it, touch is responsive and smooth.
Would recommend it to anyone that likes this sort of thing.
Sidebar to the Devs I think it would be really cool if you could send challenges to other players with the game, maybe if there was Scoreloop integration?

Posted via CB10 from my Z10

I have 4 pic word challenge on my z10 straight from BlackBerry world... I don't see how this is any different...

Posted via CB10

After using visual connection for a while I also downloaded 4 pic word challenge hd, because I knew I was running out of levels on visual connection, I played maybe 3 levels on 4 pic word challenge and the proceeded to delete it shortly after.
The game was laggy, jittery and not smooth at all, pushing letters up from the letter bank only occasionally made the letters appear in the blocks, although the block looked empty you had to tap it repeatedly just to return the letters to the letterbank.
Personally for me that is a major difference

Posted via CB10 from my Z10