Visiting or live in Indonesia? Be sure to download the Love Indonesia app for BlackBerry!

By Kevin Michaluk on 17 Jan 2011 05:19 am EST
Love IndonesiaLove Indonesia

DevCon Asia is now over, but we still have a lot of CrackBerry Kevin Goes to Indonesia posts left to come over the days ahead (the hotel internet seems to hate me uploading HD movies so I have a backlog of posts to get up - thx for the patience!).

While at Devcon Asia, I had the chance to get a briefing from the folks behind Love Indonesia. Roll back to November 2010 and you'll remember that Love Indonesia was named the Supers Apps Challenge regional winner for the Asia Pacific. A web portal -- -- with a companion BlackBerry app for on the go location-based access, I've definitely found the Love Indonesia app to be extremely handy while touring around.

One of the big messages at DevCon Asia this year was the opportunity in the localization of apps, and Love Indonesia is a great example of this. It really is a full-featured app covering everyhing from restaurant and shopping directories to news, info and traffic. Love Indonesia's newsest feature is Love Coupons, and you can guess what that's about! Click on over to App World at the link below for more info and to download. If you live in or are visiting Indonesia, you'll definitely want to download this app!

Download Love Indonesia for BlackBerry



Tried this app, live in Indonesia, yet my 8520 has no GPS wich made it hard to search location within 5 metres its quite a troublesome but I agree it's a great app when you need location (still can't defeat a Google Android Places feature since it has A-GPS)