Vision – A Nice Looking YouTube App!

By Bla1ze on 26 May 2009 08:39 am EDT
Vision – A Nice Looking YouTube App!

Youtube applications seem to be gaining popularity as of late. The newest one on the block is called Vision and is developed by Metova, who have helped design the upcoming Xobni application as well as Slacker.

After having seen this posted over at BerryReview I decided to give it a more detailed look because some of the functions built into the app rather interested me, specifically, the ability to choose what video format hosted by Youtube you are actually wanting to view. For the most part Youtube videos on BlackBerry devices look rather, well lets be honest, terrible. Youtube chose to use 3GP compression for the "mobile videos" and lets just say they are truly not optimized for quality. 3GP does have the ability to look good when it's done right, but to save on assumingly bandwidth costs Youtube converts the source video files very poorly.

One exception to the "mobile video" rule within Youtube is the iPhone, so for the most part you will often hear people say "does it look as good as the iPhone versions?" This application is a step toward being able to say "Yes it does." The application allows you to choose between the poorly encoded 3GP files or the somewhat higher quality MP4 versions hosted by Youtube and it does it all within a nice, functional UI that even works over WiFi. Vision has been tested working on my Storm, Bold and 8900 and claims to work on any device 4.3+ so if Youtube videos are your thing be sure to check this application out and share your thoughts on it in the comments. For now the application appears to be free, but screenshots on their site indicate it may eventually be a paid application.

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Vision – A Nice Looking YouTube App!


I downloaded it to my Bold. It looks good, but I get an exception error while trying to view a youtube clip. Maybe its just my device tho.

Videos still don't go full screen for me (on an 8330), but the mp4 quality is pretty good.
Might keep it...we'll see.

once it starts up i cant stop it. i also get an uncaught exception 184 after the video plays. looks like it has potential though. also didnt find an option to use wifi.

Xenuzu does the same thing as this app, the only thing now is who has the better UI.

What I don’t understand is why Google who owns Youtube cannot make an app for the other Blackberry phones. The screen is smaller for the other phones compared to the Storm, so why does this phone only get an official app from Google?

What’s going on? If the quality of the video is a bit blurry, who cares? I want to see a larger screen for my YouTube videos. We should have that option.

The first app to do this, will be the most popular.


same old crappy picture quality to me. i dont know what you guys are seeing. and can you even search for videos you want to see or can you only watch videos from tjeir feeds? seems pretty stupid

On my Storm, I found the Search function by clicking the top part of the screen. A Search thing expended down from the top. It worked, but it seemed to take a long time and I was never sure that it was working. Anyway, I was using Vision from home, where I don't get a strong signal, and it didn't seem to be any better than running YouTube straight from the browser. So I deleted the app. Maybe I'll try it again someday if I see that others find that it is better.

On the Storm, click on the top of the screen where to two top arrows are. I dont like this app as much as the YouTube App for the Storm. I'll stick with that.

Lousy quality, and it reset my storm even though I finally got it to play something the youtube app wouldn't play for me. Deleted.

Video quality was a bit better but couldn't control anything while video was playing. I couldn't even get the video to stop w/o doing a battery pull. Needs to be in landscape too for the Storm. Also, volume couldn't be adjusted once video started. I agree w/ others. Not sure why YouTube just can't get it right. There's only tens of millions of Blackberrys being used out there.

I loaded this on my Bold and it rendered my Bold useless until I did a battery pull. Before launching this program I'm sitting at about 25M of memory, after watching one clip I was down to 5.3M of memory. I tried it several times and the same thing happened over and over.

I had a huge memory leak as well. Plus, when I tried to delete it, I figured I'ld use the Desktop Manager -- didn't work :( I had to select the app and delete it from the Downloads folder.

It's a great looking app. To be realistic, how often do I really "use" YouTube on a given day? Not enough to justiy a memory leak that substantial. Still a valiant effort.

Its pretty good application, but not great. The video quality is the same as the youtube website for mobile and application. Vision application is not as user friendly as the youtube app's.

Okay, so it takes a tiny bit of getting used to. I could find the search option by scrolling up to the top of the screen, and it did seem to work fine (although a little slow to get resulst back at first).

The quality is definitely much better on my 8830 than using YouTube's mobile site. It would be great to see a full-screen app come along, though.

It works fine on my Storm. The search function is simple to use, but it would be nice if it allowed more than 25 search results.

Quality may be a bit better. Hard to tell for when its stuck in Portrait view on my Storm. Which is my major complaint. The Search function is a bit annoying, too, being hidden at the top. Otherwise its a nice interface that lets you do stuff pretty easily that the YouTube app can't... but its probably not worth it.

The search box can be accessed by scrolling up or down. The easiest way is to scroll up with a trackball -- or on a Storm, touch the up arrow.

Also, on the video screen (at least), press the BB (menu) button to access options such as repeat, WiFi, and fullscreen. Once "enable fullscreen" is selected, it disappears from the menu (but you can always back out if you no longer want fullscreen).

Haven't found the option to change format types yet, but I've only been playing with it a few seconds and it works great. I honestly don't know why people don't take a look around the app first before complaining on here.

Seems like an okay app, once I found the Search (thanks, poster above whose name doesn't appear on the Reply page). I haven't had the crash problems outlined by others here. Vid quality doesn't seem any better than the standard YouTube app. I'll probably use this for as long as it's free, but as soon as they start charging, it's getting deleted.

This isn't worth money. After playing around a little more, it's a nice app, but the if video quality is meant to be the main selling point then it wouldn't get a penny for me.

Keeping it while it's free, also.

I'm guessing H.263 is lower quality than MPEG4?

First it wouldn't work until I loaded it a few times. Second, it runs 5 times slower than the YouTube app. I actually never watched a video because it took to long to bring up. I'm all about quality but that's way to high a price to pay. (Storm)

It seems the app has some orientation issues. If you start the app in landscape, it will stay in landscape. Conversely, if you start in portrait, it remains in portrait. They are not thinking about changing this anytime soon as they don't see it as an important issue.

The search function is not present in the menu. In order to access that, you need to click at the top of the screen or on the side. It does take some time for it to show up though.

Thanks for the post, I had no idea how to get it into landscape, kinda lame though but at least its solved for now. Still dunno who would pay for this though.

After installing this on my 8900 i did a battery pull and it caused the reload software error 552 on it. Am I the only one?

and had no errors or anything. Pre-battery pull it slowed my phone down like hell. Afterwards, it loads up within about 3 seconds.

Loading the feeds does take about 20 seconds after it's loaded, but you can scroll up straight away to get the search box up, so you don't have to wait.

Methinks you storm users got shafted. The search loads up instantly on my curve, and obviously, is always in landscape.

Another reason you should all upgrade to the tour or something.

I keep getting download failed: 907 invalid COD local connection timed out after ~ 120000, whenever i try to get it.

How does it fare to Xenozu? I like th epart about converting videos to mp4...but what about speed? Because I find Xenozu slow.

its a nice looking app really love the ui but the only problem is it takes a while for videos load from a search and you cant load up your account to view your favorites,playlist etc......

I got my hopes up for this app seeing as how I feel youtube is bias toward the iphone(I mean come on why not give us the same high quality app as the iphone?).Well the video quality didnt seem much better in my opinion and once the video started playing i had to do a battery pull to get it to stop! guess we ll keep waiting for a real quality youtube app

it may be me but it doesn't want to play videos on my native media player or the player with thwe program ?

i see no difference in quality. also, on the storm, it stays in portrait mode and wont go to landscape mold.

The app loads and the UI works, but it won't play videos unless you go into options and switch to the old crappy format. Deleted.

I don't know why everyone is complaining so much. I like it. I see a slight difference in quality and that is a step in the right direction for me. Searching is easy. The only complaint I have is it takes a while to scroll left and right through the results, but I had a lot of problems with the YouTube app. I deleted YouTube and am keeping this.

Lol I love how you say "I don't know why everyone is complaining" followed by "the only complaint that I have"...too funny.

The UI is a bit slow and the app is huge... Those are the major problems (the higher quality is never going to happen unless someone does a .flv conversion or something similar).

For those two reasons I'll stick with Xenozu...

This app is working great for me on a Bold. I mostly use YouTube for music and don't worry much about quality, but Xenuzu never worked for me.

actually this app has been around for some time now,
so i already used it, to the limit :P
and made some comments about it to the maker.. and they kindly replied so maybe this info is useful to some, next to info that they will look into it, so they will update it eventually.

If my English below sucks deal with it (A) not and Englishmen :P


Hi :) bold 9000
Os platform
Provider tmobile (Bis)

Btw all of the sudden it started to work,
- The only thing is in the middle of a video it crashes alot the program stops
- videos don't seem to buffer very well it skips parts of the video (not on wifi)
- when u press the red quit button to return from app to blackberry menu and switch back to the app it does not store what was there before (so the sort of minimize,multitask does that blackberry does not work with the app.
- sometimes in the middle of the video it says wanna use the blackberry mediaplayer en when it switches it fails.
- i played a video it was this one: badr hari vs sem schilt (when i searched it) then i scrolled 2 videos to the left, it was about 6min. It played perfectly, stopped once and started to play again, the only weird thing was it played so good it did not wan't to stop playing , i wasnt able to do anything, couldnt stop , quit, type, switch do anything, when i tryed to shut down it would not let me, then i tryed standby and it worked , but it would not let me exit standby anymore.
I had this with a app with o.s with nobex radio once it seemed that it ate all my memory and the blackberry wasnt able to function normally anymore, but thats just a guess.

Anyways i switch alot between O.S just to see what it can do, if there is a O.S where it works flawless please let me know, but i heared 266 was best.

Well thats about it:)

Ps next to this, this is the best youtube app for blackberry out there, beautifull graphics and functionality, i found this app when i was searching for info about slackers! (Double thumbs up) also loved what u peeps did with that app , great gui.

-its all free! So im not complaining not at all. Just sharing my experience maybe it would be usefull to u peeps.

- is it possible to use the app over BIS instead of wap, (tmobile charges extra for wap, cause BIS is unlimited it would be free (a)

Thanks for the quick feedback.


That is a lot of details, thank you. I will look into the issues when I get a chance.

As for operating systems, last night we found out that won't play the videos at all on a Bold because the native APIs lock up... so stay away from that one. I currently run on my Bold and it runs near flawlessly. I have not noticed any significant playback issues, so you could try that OS if it is available to you.

Currently the application will not stream videos over the BIS because it takes up a lot of bandwidth and the BIS is somewhat limited which would affect other BlackBerry users. RIM prefers developers to stream content over WAP/TCP or WiFi. Other users have asked about streaming over the BIS, and I can check if that would be acceptable with RIM, but I cannot guarantee anything.

Doesnt work on my storm...the video plays a bit then it pauses and then plays some more and pauses again....

I think I may know the problem some are having with this app. It is starving for bandwidth. When the Storm 2 comes out, hook up your Wi-Fi and watch how this app works then.

Installed and deleted..Could not find search, or any way to enter my credentials to watch my favorites.

I don't mind it. I use it on my Storm. Took a bit to figure out how to switch it from portrait and how to search etc.. but it works better than others youtube apps for me. Doesn't cut out 20 times a video. Quality isn't much better, but watchable.

Which one is the higher quality?? Mpeg4??

anyone knows how to turn on the sound on this application?

mine works well on storm but no sound at all!

It defaulted in the Preferences to full-screen video, m4v (aka mp4) video format and AAC audio. Picture looked much better than a 3gp compressed file. Sound was much improved as well. Search a bit slow, can't log into my YouTube account to see favorites but those are very small complaints compared to much better quality viewing IMHO.

When I wanted to stop a feed I just hit my Back button which made the video smaller and presented the Pause and Stop buttons no problem.

I can definitely see where one might want to set Preference to 3gp media type if you are in a bad reception area though. I have not seen that issue but it makes sense to keep in mind you have that option. I'm going to keep it for a while and see how it does with memory.

I am looking for a YouTube app that you can upload to the site in your account...the normal youtube berry app doesnt let you do that...does this one?

You can MMS videos to your youtube account. I think you have to link your cell number in to your account in your preferences.

I just got this for my storm lastnight and compared it to my girls youtube app for her storm everything looks the same they are both terriable there is no difference between the two except for mine seems to load a second faster. I would recommend this over the original youtube app which i have alot of problems with. I love my storm but i hate that fact that there is no wifi.....I pitty the foo.....

I don't see how this is any better than the youtube app, except I can't log in to see my favorites and streams and it takes much longer to load. I can see it in landscape on my storm though. It's not good enough to waste precious space when the google app IMO offers the same functionality

Ok so the one thing it does better is it has more consistent quality. The youtube app displays some pixelation every 15 seconds or so. This one never shows pixelation.

Everytime I do a search and after I don't want to watch the video anymore it FREEZES! ALL THE TIME! To the point where I can't do nothing and I would have to reset it. UNINSTALLED!

But it's very slow, and doesn't like loading long videos... I have only managed to get it to play a video of 8 sec long!

Xenozu is slow too, but at least it will eventually play the vids I select.

It would also be nice if they incorporated a function to save and playback like when viewing youtube vids via Bolt browser.

This application does not work completely. I DLed it to my storm (os.141) and searched for something I usually look up as a general search on youtube and it gave me 0 results. I tried it in other searches using the same word with others to try and get something but it came up with 0 results everytime. If it was using all of youtube to search then it should have showed thousands of videos. I'll stick with the Actually YouTube Application I have!

YouTube Application (Vendor: YouTube)

It is always searching ....

The status bar display " loading: xxxxxx " if u do not close it.

Any suggestion will be appraciated