Visafone Nigeria introduce BlackBerry Services on their CDMA network with three BlackBerry smartphones

By James Richardson on 24 Oct 2012 10:33 am EDT

The word on the street is that Visafone in Nigeria are introducing BlackBerry Services onto their CDMA network and they are kicking things off with three models - the BlackBerry Bold 9330, BlackBerry Curve 9310 and the BlackBerry Curve 9370 -- what a fine selection. As a special promotion Visafone are offering some incentives to the first 1000 people who sign up to a BlackBerry plan with free accessories and even a chance to win a trip to Dubai.

We have covered the BlackBerry news from West Africa frequently over the last few months. It is another region where the BlackBerry is the number one selling smartphone if my memory serves me correctly. The Visafone shops will start taking pre-orders of the three new BlackBerry smartphones on Friday this week, October 26th.

Waldi Wepener, Regional Director for RIM in East, Central and West Africa, said, "We are proud to support Visafone with the launch of the BlackBerry solution to their customers in Nigeria, and to bring CDMA-enabled BlackBerry smartphones to the region with Visafone for the first time. The BlackBerry solution from Visafone offers customers a strong selection of smartphones and a wide range of services that connects them to people and information around the country, across the continent, and throughout the world."

Mr. Jim Ovia, chairman of Visafone, stated, "This partnership represents a big step forward in Africa's mobile history and we are very excited to be at the forefront of such a ground-breaking development in the Nigerian market. We have responded to our customers' demands for BlackBerry services by being the first to provide them with a suite of CDMA-enabled BlackBerry smartphones that best meets the region's growing mobile needs. More broadly, this launch is a major boost to the NCC's efforts to achieve growth of data usage and quality voice services to the country's 100 million active mobile phone lines."

Customers can find more details regarding the BlackBerry offers here. Are you in Nigeria? Will you be joining team BlackBerry? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Reader comments

Visafone Nigeria introduce BlackBerry Services on their CDMA network with three BlackBerry smartphones


Nigeria doesnt seem to have that support for blackberry service on cdma networks, everyone is opting for gsm providers and dont recognize the cdma providers. would be checking them out soon and giving ya a review.

Shows how shallow minded you are. RIM and the people in Nigeria seeing how a major % of people there use RIM products


on a lighter note,YAY!!!!!! i never actually expected a CDMA network to offer BlackBerry services, this would be really nice as the network would not be as congested as that of the GSM providers

Very nice development, with most nigerians having @ least one gsm and one cdma phone . It opens up the cdma market for blackberry especially with the low end curves, also the cdma providers have cheaper tarriffs in Nigeria .
8310, 8520, 8900,9780,playbook

"We have covered the BlackBerry news from North Africa frequently over the last few months."

Erm....Nigeria is in WEST AFRICA, not North Africa :)

Interesting story. it is great to see BB growing in Nigeria. One minor point though, given Nigeria's importance in the region. It's in West Africa, not North Africa.

This is great news. Now I'll be able to get my emails about my long lost dead uncle and his millions that he left to me with the tag "Sent from my BlackBerry"!!

please you guyz need to use the blackberry from visafone, the speed is internet experience i have ever had on a blackberry game and video streaming very kool .....thumbz up blackberry and visafone......