Visa Certifies BlackBerry smartphones for use as Visa mobile payment devices

By Michelle Haag on 10 Jan 2012 05:01 pm EST
Visa Mobile Payments
Not long ago, the BlackBerry Bold 9900 and Curve 9360 were approved by MasterCard as the world's first SIM-based smartphones to be PayPass Certified. Today, Visa has joined in and approved not only the Bold 9900 and Curve 9360, but the Bold 9790 and Curve 9380 for use as Visa Mobile Payment devices. This is a great example of how NFC can be put to use in a way that will make life easier and more efficient.

Press Release

Visa Certifies Smartphones for Use as Visa Mobile Payment Devices

NFC-enabled smartphones from Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, and Research In Motion approved for use with Visa payWave, Visa’s mobile application for payments at the point-of-sale

SAN FRANCISCO - Visa Inc. (NYSE:V) and Visa Europe today announced that NFC-enabled smartphones from Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, Research In Motion (RIM) have been certified for use with Visa’s mobile application for payments at the point-of-sale, Visa payWave. The Samsung Galaxy SII, LG Optimus NET NFC, BlackBerry® Bold™ 9900, BlackBerry Bold 9790, BlackBerry® Curve™ 9360 and BlackBerry Curve 9380 have been added to the list of Visa compliant payment products available for commercial deployment by financial institutions.

All the new devices certified by Visa host the Visa payWave application on a secure SIM card and feature NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, the short range communications standard that enables mobile phones to securely transmit payment information to a contactless payment terminal.

“The players are now in place for mobile payments to become a reality,” said Sandra Alzetta, Head of Mobile Business Unit and Innovation, Strategy, at Visa Europe. “We are working with our member banks, mobile network operators and key handset partners to ensure that future payment technologies are as easy, intuitive and secure as card-based transactions are today. Today’s announcement plays a significant role in getting those new technologies into the hands of the consumer. It is a very exciting time for us all.”

Visa’s certification of these smartphones paves the way for mobile device manufacturers, mobile operators and retailers to partner with financial institutions to offer Visa mobile payment functionality to consumers globally.

Visa’s Certification Process
Visa has played a leadership role in establishing global standards for mobile payments, making sure that they are aligned with existing technology and security standards for chip payment cards and can easily be integrated into the existing payments ecosystem. For example: Visa payWave on mobile devices is compatible with existing contactless (NFC) payment terminals already installed at retail outlets worldwide, enabling Visa account holders to simply wave their enabled phone in front of a payment terminal in order to pay.

Visa has a compliance testing process for both mobile devices and the secure elements that host the Visa payWave mobile application. The process includes extensive technical, security and usability testing with respect to the Visa mobile payment functionality. This helps to ensure reliable and secure Visa transactions which are compatible with the global standard for chip-enabled payments, and establishes a required signal range for all mobile (NFC-enabled) Visa payment devices. Visa's compliance testing process helps to ensure the combination of the phone; secure chip and Visa’s mobile payment application will provide the level of security and user experience Visa accountholders have come to expect from Visa.

“Today’s announcement is another example of the momentum we are seeing behind NFC as an industry standard for mobile payments,” said Nick Holland, senior analyst Yankee Group. “Yankee Group predicts that the value of NFC-based transactions will grow significantly, from $27 million in 2010 to $40 billion in 2014.”
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Visa Certifies BlackBerry smartphones for use as Visa mobile payment devices


Once again, RIM leads the pack. For a company that's "hopelessly behind" the sure do seem to be ahead in an awful lot of places...

Not sure why but only the GSM phones have been approved. I read somewhere else a while back about why CDMA phones were not being approved, I forget what the reason was

The article says something about saving the information on the SIM card...the 9930 has a SIM card though...hopefully CDMA networks will support the NFC.

So I guess that being certified by Visa is the first step. Next, "mobile device manufacturers, mobile operators and retailers" have to make deals with your financial institution. In other words, it's just waiting on your bank.

Exactly. Banks will be the next step and then the retailers that would accept such payments. That will take a while, I guess.

Don't get to excited crackberries. A VISA is still a VISA account no matter if you use plastic or a phone. At the end of the day you still need to pay the bill :(

What good is this? It's been 6 months and I don't see any apps that will allow me to use my BB to make VISA card payments.