Virtual Vault for BlackBerry backs up your emails - 10 pre-release copies to give away!

By Adam Zeis on 7 Jun 2010 12:12 pm EDT

Virtual Vault is a soon to be released app that simply backs up your emails to the micro SD card in your device. If you get many emails throughout the day, you know that some go missing from time to time or get deleted by mistake. With Virtual Vault you can be worry free, knowing that all of your sent and received emails are safe on your memory card. Use the app to archive emails or even move them to another device. A consumer edition will be available, as well as a planned Enterprise edition later this year.

Contest: Virtual Vault will be publicly available soon, but we have 10 pre-release copies so a lucky few can get in on the action early. Just leave a single comment with your device model and OS version, and we'll pick 10 winners to check out the app. Contest ends Sunday at midnight PDT. 

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Reader comments

Virtual Vault for BlackBerry backs up your emails - 10 pre-release copies to give away!


I would love a copy of this. It would make it easier to free up email storage on my curve. I have an 8330 running an hybrid os 5.0

Thanks to the developer and Crackberry for another great contest & good luck to all!!! I could really use this on my 8530 with OS

BB 9630

Great way to save memory on the phone. I would have a general concern if the emails would be protected in case the phone is stolen and the memory card removed. I would still like to try it though to see how well it performs.

Each time you open a new Virtual Vault File, the user would need to enter a password that you select, so your email messages are protected should you lose your BlackBerry.

Thanks Mike


Sounds like a sweet app!! and it's about time I win something in one of these contests. Shoot me a copy PLEASE!!


MY DEVICE: BOLD 9700 OS 5.0+

its all about android phones every other phone. i use to to have a lame bb but i am now a droid owner and happy about it. i'll put my droid up against your bb any time and watch me utterly destroy you lol.
i know this is but i don't give a, my only reason for coming here is to laugh at you dumb ass bb users and talk shit about how much better android phones are lol. i will continue to come here and preach the word of android simply because i can and because i know you all hate that lol.
but the truth is the truth, get a android and you'll forget all about a bb. the list of things androids can do that a bb can't is just shamefull, it use to be cool to have a bb now its just sad lol. i know some people have to have a bb, their job requires it but if you're not one of those persons and you have a bb then you're a clown.
the droid alone is better than every single bb out and lets not even talk about the nexus 1, droid incredible or the new evo 4g and the list is growing. just wait until you see the line up of phones that android are getting ready to release, its going to blow your mind.
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Your comment on grammar and spelling is interesting, I guess you only worry about looking and smelling good when your going on a date, if you can get one?

You need to focus on some positives, you've got way to much negative energy (it's contagious... or I never would have written the nasty comment above).

By the way, what happens if you lose your emails on your "droid"?

What happens when Google start to advertise on Gmail, every email you get will take 2 minutes?

What happens when there is an upgrade to one of the three or four Android OS's out there, you want it but it doesn't work with your particular "Droid"?

I'm glad you enjoy your phone, but the rest of us "clowns" here enjoy our BlackBerry's!

You're right on with this comment!

We designed the Virtual Vault for BlackBerry users that don't use Desktop Manager.

It's also great for BES users that are required to Archive emails by their employers, to improve network performance.

With BES, when emails are arcived, they are no longer available on a users BlackBerry.


I was being a little facetious with my DM comment above. And of course there are BB users without their own PC. (I'm assuming your app will cost less than a PC!)
I hope that users have the ability to edit their archive by deleting individual emails, utlize Search funtions to find that message in your haystack, and forward archived messages as well.
I'm sorry if this was stated, but is this only for email? Are SMS messages save-able? And what about emails' attachments?

Given that I pull all of my mail off the servers and do switch from one BlackBerry to another from time to time, this would be a perfect app for me. Bold 9700 running

It says Virtual Vault CE is available July 1, 2020 in the you tube video above..I guess will wait till then :-)

Bold 9700 currently with OS but upgrading to very soon.

I love testing new apps!

What an excellent idea. Does it allow you to create folders on you card to sort where you save your messages?

Hi, thanks for your interest in the Virtual Vault. When you import all your emails into the Virtual Vault for the first time, the application creates a folder (Virtual Vault). All Virtual Vault created files are stored in the Virtual Vault folder.

You can create different files, with different dates. In addition you can back your emails up on more than one Micro SD card, if you lose your phone, you will have the latest backed-up emails for your new phone.

I hope this answered your question. Mike

I would love to have and free up more space on my BB. I have a Storm 2 - 9550 and running software ver.

This app would sure be a great addition to my Bold 9650 and OS 5.0! And it would help me with those inadvertent deletes my un-nimble thumbs seem to cause sometimes.

I can definately put this to good use for all of my business, school, and personal life. Curve 8900 w/ OS v4.6

Good luck to everyone!

Don't know if I commented already, but if I did.. please count just this one. But yeah...................................


jst the app ive been waiting for.
sometimes i like to save some of my emails on my bold 9700 OS. jst so i can have them on hand. this has been a long awaited app for me. i hope i win.
please pick me i would love to try it out! :D

Virtual Vault is great to save e-mail messages without going through desktop manager.

Boy, could I use this for my Curve 8330 work phone - lots of email all day long. Will promise to write a review if you pick me as a pre-release check it out person.

This would be awesome since I have a tendency to delete emails I need all the time. This is great for any business owner who is always away from his desk.

I have a Blackberry Storm 2 (9520) and would love to receive a copy of Virtual Vault. I am currently running OS (Hybrid) which is great, but this app answers one of my greatest wants, to keep a record of sent e-mails on my Blackberry.