For UK BlackBerry users running OS 10.2.1 - check out the Virgin TV Guide app

Virgin TV Guide
By James Richardson on 12 Feb 2014 07:05 am EST

For BlackBerry 10 users in the UK who subscribe to Virgin Media as their television provider you may well want to hit up the Android version of their application if you are running BlackBerry 10.2.1. It looks like the app only works on all touch BlackBerry 10 devices so you hardware keyboard users will have to miss out on this one I'm afraid. 

The application essentially lets you see what's on and when. You can tap each program for a bit more information and when you load up the app for the first time you'll be prompted to select which package you have - therefore supplying you with only the shows you have access to. 

Tapping a TV channel icon will allow you to view even further in advance - up to a week, so there's no excuse for missing you favorite shows. 

The application on Android does allow for remote recording if you have a TiVo box, however I'm unable to test if this feature will work on BlackBerry 10. If you can, feel free to hit up the comments and let us know? 

It may not be native BlackBerry 10 but it does a great job. If you're a Virgin Media subscriber I'd highly recommend giving this one a shot.

If you've not yet installed Android apps on your BlackBerry you can follow our 'how to' guide below. 

How to install Android apps on BlackBerry 10 using Snap

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For UK BlackBerry users running OS 10.2.1 - check out the Virgin TV Guide app


The Sky + app also works if you are a sky+ subscriber. It will let you remotely record programs and control your Sky+ from your phone. I use a Z10 and the app works great.

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I'm at work at the minute but have just set it to record Pointless on BBC 1. Will let you know if it works when I get home!

Hmm. We have Sky. I will have to look into their bb10 app. I guess they couldn't afford not to have one after being one of the few UK media companies which had a proper campaign for the Z10. In fact I would even go so far as to suggest that Sky knew by snooping on my IP addresses that our home had a couple of BBOS phones. I swear as soon as I got a Z10, the ads stopped.
Yes, 'they' also know what I am thinking, and yes, they tell me what to do...

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system

Exciting! So many new things for BB10. Hope Vodafone UK are not last to release the software worldwide. :p

Works fine. First app I snapped. You can set recordings fine. Not quite like the iPad app.

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Try just downloading the amazon app directly to your phone, you can get 99% of the app.

Snap is good but you have to side load it?

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What about the Virgin TV Anywhere app, anyone tried that? I have too many devices registered ATM to try

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The app installs fine, you can sign in but you wont be able to use the streaming functions or the remote function son your home network unfortunately. Its due to restrictions with "rooted" devices, the same reason why Sky Go doesnt work on rooted devices im afraid. App is nice to play with but the TV guide app has more functionality at the moment.

Download the Snap App and search for 'Virgin TV Guide' where you'll be able to download it to your phone straight from there!

Mine seems to work. It has saved my username and password and I've set a recording, which looks like it has set to record. I can't verify that it has worked yet as it's 3am and the programme set to record is on at 10am! lol

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Call for help... Now running 10.2.1 and wishing to install snap. Have tried following the instructions here on cb but being the technofobe I have got stuck.

Would love for someone to send me an idiot guide. Email address:

Please help!!

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Hi there. I just installed virgin media anywhere on my Z30. I run software. I can't seem to be able to log in with the regular log in and also the device isn't detected to be added to the available device slot. Where did I go wrong? Any help much appreciated.