Virgin trade-in program coming January 29th - Trade up to a new BlackBerry 10 phone!

Virgin Mobile Trade In
By Adam Zeis on 18 Jan 2013 11:25 am EST

Virgin Mobile looks to be launching a new trade-in program in Canada starting January 29th. Through the program you'll be able to trade in any exisiting phone as long as it meets certain criteria such as turning on, being functional and having a working battery. There will be an online trade-in tool available that will let you estimate the value of the device and you can then take it to a retail store to receive credit towards a new phone or accessories. What better way to work up credit towards that new BlackBerry 10 phone, right?

Source: MobileSyrup 



I want this in the UK!


Oh my god this is awesome!
Go Virgin!


If it's anything like Bell's trade-in program, you get about $75 for a Bold 9900 in excellent condition. Still better off selling on kijiji or craigslist, but nevertheless a nice option!!


Hey, the old BB5, 6, 7 phones won't be worth much when BB10 devices are readily available. RIM has changed the game on all the vendors so slightly older Androids and iPhones, like the Samsung Galaxy SII and iPhone 4S will pale in comparison. Definitely, RIM has leapfrogged the competition, but it will be interesting to see how they respond. The competition has had more than 6 months to see what RIM is introducing on Jan 30th, and there have been many, many leaks. This will hurt RIM a bit because the competition is bound to copy what RIM has done. However, RIM had no choice but to expose some of the great things BlackBerry 10 will do to keep the interest in BlackBerry. Hopefully, RIM has patented every bit of BB10's uniqueness. Certainly now, the anticipation of BB10 is building and building all over the world. It may even reach frenzy levels on Jan 30th. I think we will certainly see line-ups for BlackBerry 10 devices. BlackBerry is boss again!

The RIMpire Rules!


I too went to the Bell site for a test run and my 9320 came in at $15 while my 9700 came in at $45. I don't understand that because the 9320 is much better then the 9700 but....


No way I'm trading in my mint condition 9900 for $75. I pay $400 for my brand new in the box unlocked and barely over a year. I doubt even Craig list or Kijiji can offer me any decent price. I rather give it to one of my family members.


I just hope TELUS gets their S**t together and offers a Trade Up Program as well.


Trade in starts on 29 January,Hhmmm. New phones on the 30th?


Seriously, these trade-in programs give such poor values, you'd do much better selling on Kijiji.
I guess it's good for people who just wants convenience...


luckily already got a buyer for my 9900 will miss it but not as much as me having a bb10 in my hands


You don't see this everyday! The Carriers know they are going to sell a shit load of BB10 phones.


No offense to my BlackBerry brethren here, but perhaps we are not the target audience for these offers? These may be a way to lure other platform users... and for the first time in many years actually be successful :)


I'll be trading in my iPhone and will let everyone know how much you get (also don't need to unlock).


I bought my 9900 outright and I'll be dammed if I'd give it up for $75 (I'll be keeping it as a backup) I may just get the phone because I'm due an upgrade anyway.


Oh how I hope AT&T will do this trade in program as well. It is a great way to encourage users of other platforms to over to the Berry-side.


Page pulled?. Can't find it anywhere.

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I looked on Virgin and couldn't find the trade in page anywhere either.