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Virgin Mobile opens up BlackBerry 10 pre-registration page

Virgin Mobile Preorder
By Adam Zeis on 8 Jan 2013 11:27 am EST

Virgin Mobile is the latest carrier in Canada to open up their pre-registration page for BlackBerry 10. While signing up doesn't guarantee you a device, you will be entered to win 1 of 4 BlackBerry 10 phones. You'll get email updates with news and info leading up to the release date and be able to stay in the know along the way. If you're a Virgin Mobile customer, it's worth registering just for the chance to win a free device. You can check out more at Virgin Mobile from the link below. Thanks quicksilv3r

Pre-register for BlackBerry 10 at Virgin Mobile 



Us carries need to start doing the same thing soon. I'd like to pre order one.


Hmmm, I should get a job with Crackberry... I've been getting the scopes lately ;)

Adam Zeis

Scoops too I bet ;) We appreciate it!


hahaha oops. Quick typing and not paying attention to the spelling.

And you're welcome. Anything to help out Crackberry and get the word out about BlackBerry 10!

the brother

not to nit-pick but one of the Virgin screenshots shows 4G LTE and the others show simply 4G, will be interesting where the carriers land with branding. certainly, will be variations as there were on BB7, 3G+ vs 4G vs H+ and it will confuse the heck out of consumers. for instance if BB10 comes to Wind, what are they getting? there is no LTE quivalent in their spectrum, correct?


Virgin Mobile and Solo Mobile are subsidiaries of Bell, BCE (where I work) and all these three companies use 4G LTE networks.

4G is basically HSPA network (H+) and LTE is going to evolve slowly from 4G. LTE stands for Long Term Evolution.

4G and LTE are almost the same


They are the same, they're 3G+.


Your CSS is messed up - right align on title, article, comments...checked on multiple browsers and on my PB.


All the major Canadian carriers have BlackBerry 10 on their web home pages!


As they should ! I'm all signed up!


Wait has only the Canadian carriers released the pre orders thats crazy. Well for one would like to see on Jan 30th Thor say BlackBerry 10 will be in stores on Feb 4th go get it.


WHERE IS T-MOBILE IN THIS :( slacking T-MO you're slacking!


This Right-side justification on the site sucks. wth?


Not affecting me today but I did experience this about a month ago. They then fixed it.


The cool thing about this promo from Virgin, is that you don't even have to be a current Virgin customer. During the signup process, they ask which carrier you are on.


I wonder if and when the US carriers will get on board? I think this pre-order option may just be a Canadian thing.


At least we know that the Canadian carriers are fully behind BB10. That's a godd sign..


Great... Waiting for this since I am on virgin.


The first quarter is going to be the big one, the following quarters should be slow, carriers know it.


Wahoo. I was feeling left out not being able to pre-register.


Would be nice if I could use my free upgrade pass with VMC to get myself a BB10 :)


If only Virgin were doing this draw in the UK :(


If only Virgin in Australia actually provided Blackberry plans. They don't at all!


Virgin is awesome, i'm so glad they're picking up bb10. With virgin you get the benefit of using bells network, without having to actually deal with bell. I realize that they're majority owned by bell, but it's so refreshing to get decent service and awesome customer service. I recently upgraded my phone early on my contract and totally switched up my plan - entirely over email. it was so easy. They've got better plans than other major canadian carriers for less $$. don't see myself going anywhere anytime soon.


Virgin Rocks !
RIMM is going for a record. 15 Million BB10 sold the first full quarter !


anyone have ANY idea of reservation volume? Are they swamped it just "meh?"


I'm number 906 on the Rogers pre-registration. I registered a week ago.


it is not so simple to do it! We should follow some basic steps