Virgin Mobile Canada To Offer BlackBerry Bold 9700 And BlackBerry Curve 8530

By Bla1ze on 18 Jan 2010 02:54 pm EST
Virgin Mobile To Offer BlackBerry Bold 9700 And BlackBerry Curve 8530

We here at CrackBerry love Virgin mobile. Ok, ok - maybe that's a slight bit over exaggerated - we actually love the ad's they have put out in the past. But here is some BlackBerry news to get excited over - if you are a Virgin mobile Canada user. As reported by MobileSyrup, they will be launching the BlackBerry Bold 9700 and BlackBerry Curve 8530 sometime in the near future.

Given that they are set to launch HSDPA in February, it's safe to assume that is when the BlackBerry Bold 9700 will show up, but since the BlackBerry Cuirve 8530 is CDMA that could drop at any moment. In all fairness, coming with that HSDPA launch will be the iPhone as well so add Virgin mobile to the list of carriers in Canada for that. All this information was posted on the Virgin website, but appears to have since been removed.

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Virgin Mobile Canada To Offer BlackBerry Bold 9700 And BlackBerry Curve 8530


Trust me, you won't lose much just for switching to Telus. Bell will not let Virgin cannibalize from bold 9700. If they do, who is gonna sign up with bell or Telus (the premium carriers)???

Anyone got any feedback? I was on the Virgin mobile site and saw their BB plan for $50 which had 200 minutes anytime, free weekend and weeknights at 7pm, 500MB of data and free voicemail and call display OR Unlimited text and picture.

I am paying Rogers $72 for all that....Feeling like I am getting f*cked and Rogers didn't even buy me dinner and movie first.

Virgin Mobile is just basically Bell...they are a MVNO with Bell owning 50% of the brand in Canada, they don't have their own network so technically speaking if you have Bell coverage you have Virgin Mobile coverage.

I have no complaints with Virgin. I pay 22 a month for a voice plan and 45 for a BB plan.

BB plan has unlimited data..

Voice plan only has 100 minutes but I added the early evenings starting at 5 so that's when I do my talking. Voice mail.. Call display.. Unlimited texts.. All included.

Yeah, you're right they acquired the other 50% back in May, 2009 for $142 million dollars. Do you fell better now? Having corrected a mistake but not clarifying the reason as to why it was wrong in the first place. lol :P

Well it's about time they come out with some new phones at all let alone the newest blackberry. And it's about time they r using the new network I'm actually shocked it was this fast I'd thought for sure not till the end of the year. But none the less good Job virgin

I thought the whole point of unlocking a phone is so you can use it on any network? I do believe Bell do have the sim card option too or am I mistaken?