Virgin Mobile Canada now offering the BlackBerry Pearl 3G for $150 with no contract required

BlackBerry Pearl 3G
By Bla1ze on 9 Jul 2011 01:43 pm EDT

Although the BlackBerry Pearl 3G may not have gained the same consumer love the original BlackBerry Pearl 8100 did in its day, it's still a great device especially if you're looking to get a new BlackBerry without breaking the bank. Right now, Virgin Mobile Canada is offering the BlackBerry Pearl 3G for only $150 and that is with no contract required. Even if Virgin Mobile isn't your carrrier -- you can have the device unlocked for a few dollars and use it on any GSM carrier you wish.

More info on the Virgin Mobile site

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Virgin Mobile Canada now offering the BlackBerry Pearl 3G for $150 with no contract required


I tried the Pearl for a month and was really impressed.
For someone looking for a small phone that fits nicely in your pocket, I would highly recommend it.
I also think it would make a nice companion for the PlayBook.

dang. I just picked up an oldschool 8130 off eBay. The only thing stopping me from grabbing one is Virgin has been a bit slow in rolling out the HSPA in my province (my ONLY complaint with Virgin. I'm serious!) and the 9100 won't run off their "old" CDMA network. I figure by the time the new network is rolling the new BB's will be out too!

(then I'll have to decide if I want to stay with BB or switch to Android. But I'll figure that out later haha)

Before to buy my Torch i always wanted to try this Pearl :) but at that time it was 289$ so i fig i will buy my torch and later on the day maybe just maybe this little fancy device will go low on price and one day i will buy it :) SO in conclusion now i have 2 BB's Torch and Pearl 3G. What a good #TeamBlackBerry !!

If you want AWS (which is what runs in 1700), the Canadian providers that use it are Mobilicity and Wind. The rest of the carriers don't have phones that support the 1700 frequency (AWS).

So in other words, this BB as well as any other one that's not sold by Wind/Mobilicity in Canada will only work on 2G on T-mo.