Virgin Mobile drops monthly BlackBerry fees in new pricing plans

By Adam Zeis on 13 Jul 2011 12:51 pm EDT

Virgin Mobile Pricing Plans

Virgin Mobile has confirmed their new pricing plans (which are still some of the cheapest among BlackBerry plans) and will be dropping the monthly fee for BlackBerry users. The new plans change things up a bit, but those who use the carrier's BlackBerry service will be happy to know the $10 monthly fee will be no more. The new plans feature a 300 minute plan for $35, 1200 minute plan for $45 and unlimited plan for $55. As before, all plans still include unlimited data, text and web. So if you are a Virgin Mobile customer - what say you about the new plans? Drop a comment and let us know!

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Virgin Mobile drops monthly BlackBerry fees in new pricing plans


While it's true that they are dropping the $10 BB plan, they are increasing the lower two pricing tiers. The $25 plan is now $35 and the $40 plan is now $45.

It's a good deal if you have the unlimited everything plan as they are dropping that from $60 to $55. So, in the past you would've paid $70 ($60 + $10 BB data), but now you just pay $55 ($55 + $0 BB data).

Virgin's pricing in America is fantastic. If you can handle the coverage (I think it's just the 3g part of sprint network? can someone confirm?), it's really a great deal. hope they get the 9900 like Virgin canada will!

(I mean, $35 for unlimited data and text and 300min? Verizon charges $30 just for the smartphone data. Voice/text are way more.)

Yeah, I love it for the price. The only down side is that it does not roam, so it's a little annoying outside of big cities, but that's not a big deal for me. Yeah, they only offer 3G phones so far.

The ONLY reason I don't switch even though its cheaper is because:

1. They're not GSM and I can't travel with it and simply switch out the SIM card
2. You can't call and surf at the same time because they run on CDMA, AND
3. They don't have UMA

I wonder if their sister company Boost Mobile will drop the ten dollar fee as well. Boost is getting the 9650 soon, which is more powerful than any of the Blackberry's on Virgin. Of course, Boost doesn't have conference calling or call waiting, which Virgin does, so its a slight trade off. After eighteen months of on time payments with Boost, the price of standard service is 35 (plus the 10 dollar Blackberry upgrade)

I have them for my wife and daughter. Cheapest BB plan by far! Yes, they do not have coverage of AT&T or Verizon, but in most of those cases we are traveling, I have the coverage on my phone.
The so call 'drop' of $10 BB service is BS! It is now just 'included' (25+10 previously = 35 new). Only BIG problem is they ONLY offer the Curve 8530.

I don't like this unless they grandfather in the ones already on the $25/month plan. I dropped AT&T (and my BB) for Virgin Mobile solely on the fact they have uber cheap plans. I don't want to pay another $10/month as I didn't get the crappy 8530 they offer simply because of the $10 fee. So now instead of making only the ones that used it pay they are making all pay. Yeah that makes sense. Sounds like the way AT&T does to me.

Although $35/month is still alot less than I was paying with AT&T ($75+/line). I almost want to just jump to Boost Mobile since it rides on the same network (Sprint) and they have the $50/month unlimited that drops to $35/month unlimited after 18 months.

Three Ireland dropped the 9.99 euro charge for their BIS services. So now I get 250mins, 200sms, 15GB data, free unlimited landline calls, 3000mins 3 to 3 calls and inclusive roaming of units in 7 different countries when roaming with Three (incl. UK, and Australia) per month for 30 euro :) sim only plan. 40 euro if I was in contract with a subsidised phone.

Dunno. Says on their website that they don't want BB business and thus don't sell it. The other carriers do provide BB services though.

I'm happy to see my phone bill drop, even if it is only by $5. and i really can't complain about virgin service in my area, just as fast and reliable as the major carriers here.

My first BB was the 8330 on Boost. While the $60 Unlimited BB Plan is hard to beat, the coverage in my area and especially my apartment is crap. I was happy when they released the 8530, I just wish that the service was more reliable. Every single call I received in my apt. would fuzz out or be dropped. Now I am experitmenting with ATT and their $90 monthly bill. The service is better than Boost, but the Torch is what has me now.